Earth Day

Every day, we hear about climate change and how human actions can impact our planet. Every year, on April 22nd, we celebrate Earth Day to celebrate and protect the environment. Drug, alcohol, and substance abuse can hurt the Earth. For one, using the substances creates waste. After people drink alcohol or use inhalants or drugs, the empty containers used to hold these items remain. Of course, if people don’t finish the substances they’re using, that could be a huge problem as well, since the substances can pollute the environment. And people can also contract diseases from used drug paraphernalia such as needles, so that poses a problem as well. To counter these problems, government agencies and municipalities hold drug take-back programs that encourage people to being unused drugs to designated areas for proper disposal. They sometimes help people exchange needles they used to inject drugs for clean ones. People under the influence of drugs and alcohol may only be concerned with using or hiding their substance use. They may not care about responsible disposal programs or finding clean needles. If people have addictions, they may not want to recycle alcohol bottles or drug paraphernalia or packaging. They might be embarrassed because they fear that others will think they have alcohol or drug problems. Drugs and alcohol hurt the people who use them but can also harm the environment. Treating addiction can help heal people and heal the planet in the process. Sources – Earth Day 2020 – How to Dispose of Medicines Properly

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