Marijuana Addiction and Abuse

 Is one of the most common drugs in America. In fact, 44% of the U.S. population has tried marijuana at least once.



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Signs of Marijuana Use: 

Distorted perceptions

Lack of coordination

Learning and memory issues

Difficulties with logic & problem solving

Mucus-filled cough


Slow reaction time

Signs of Marijuana Use: 

Short-term Effects of Marijuana 

Poor memory

Difficulty learning

Difficulty solving problems

Short attention span


Lowered reaction time

Slow reaction time

Weaker immune system

Growth disorders

Long-term Effects of Marijuana 

Reduction in male sex hormones

Reduced learning ability

Apathy and lack of motivation

Personality and mood changes

 If you plan on quitting marijuana, you will likely need the help of a rehab center. 

Quitting Marijuana

withdrawal symptoms  


Stomach pain





Is a chance to start fresh; you will be under the good care and will receive outstanding treatment.

Marijuana Treatment

someone who has a marijuana abuse, you are doing a brave deed. Helping an addict is one of the noblest things you can do for a friend or family member. 

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The hardest part is finding a rehab center that offers the treatment you need. 

Most insurance providers will fund part or all your rehab attendance.  

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