Drug rehab in Arriba, Colorado, is easily accessible to most patients, helping them deal with their addiction in various ways. Finding the best solution for your problem is available to those willing to do a little research and know what they need when it comes to healing helps. 30-Day Rehab Program in Arriba, Colorado - Sunshine Behavioral Health

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30-Day Rehab Program in Arriba, Colorado

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30-Day Rehab Program in Arriba, Colorado

Asking for help isn’t always easy. But, if you have taken this first step to battle your addiction, then you may be asking yourself what’s next.  In most cases, it is finding a recovery program that works for you.

If you’ve tried an outpatient program in the past and still find yourself struggling with addiction, then it may be time to look at an inpatient facility. In many cases, a 30-day rehab program is all that is necessary to get yourself on the right road to recovery.

Addiction Statistics in Arriba Colorado

It’s sad but true: addiction is on the rise.  While Arriba, Colorado, may be spared much of the devastation of drug addiction due to its relatively small population (only about 200 people live here), statics show that drug deaths throughout Colorado continue to rise. In 2015, about 16 people for every 100,000 died from a drug-related cause. In 2002, that number had increased to 26.  Many reasons, including overdose, caused these drug-related deaths, car accidents, suicide, and medical conditions induced by drug use.   

30-Day Drug Rehab in Arriba, Colorado

You will soon discover that not every facility offers the same service or treatment when seeking drug rehab. So, what should you be seeking? First, you will have to figure out the most effective rehab type. 

Traditional 12-Step Programs

The 12-step program is the most well-known, offering clients a step-by-step guide to beating their addiction.

Usually done within a group setting that offers guidance and support, 12-step programs require addicts to finish one step before moving on to the next.  Often, when completing steps, we must delve deep into the reasons behind the addiction and learn specific tools to help get through triggering events without using alcohol or drugs.

Non-12-Step Programs

Non-12-step programs are an excellent fit for those who aren’t sure they are religious or who don’t want to let go of their power in favor of building faith and belief in something beyond oneself. This treatment offers ways to be more present in the moment and mindful of reactions to stressful situations. It offers alternative ways of viewing them so that clients can be more in control of their recovery journey. 

Holistic Rehab

For those looking for a whole-body approach to healing their addiction, a holistically based rehab program may offer the extra help you crave. 

Offering a variety of treatment options, the holistic approach to addiction recovery uses a combination of traditional methods such as one-on-one counseling and group support as well as things like acupuncture, massage, biofeedback, nutritional support, herbal medicines, and more.

What to Look for in 30-Day Drug Rehab at Arriba Colorado

It’s time to find a 30 Day drug rehab facility in Arriba, Colorado. Where to start?  Plenty of free resources can help you find a qualified 30 Day Drug Rehab. Just be sure that you ask about these important factors when considering a treatment facility:

Accreditation: It’s important to know that the treatment facility you’re considering has the proper accreditations. Sites like LegitScript can help you understand that the rehab you want to attend has what it takes to ensure you get the most out of your recovery journey with them.

Programs:  The types of 30-day drug rehab programs can vary widely from place to place. Some concentrate mainly on a spiritual path to healing, while others rely solely on holistic helps in treating addiction. Look closely at the programs offered and see what best matches your personality and level of addiction. For many, a combination approach that utilizes traditional and nontraditional treatment works well, while others need a very structured treatment plan to heal.

Facilities:  You need to feel comfortable to get the most out of any treatment facility. So be sure to look for a facility that meets your standards and offers the creature comforts you need.  For some people, that may mean finding a 30-day rehab that feels like home. While for others, it may mean finding a place that feels more like a spa or vacation. Still, others may prefer a more sterile hospital-like setting that allows them to concentrate more on their healing than anything else.   

Services:  While the look and feel of the facility are essential, so are its direct and indirect services. Here is a list of services you may find helpful:

Professional Medical Staff: licensed doctors and nurses must be on staff to handle any excessive withdrawal symptoms or other medical issues that may arise during your 30-day rehab stay.

Massage and Acupuncture: these offer good relaxation and stress reduction.. massage can also help to lessen withdrawal symptoms.

Meals and Nutritional Training: addiction often causes some level of malnutrition, so having a nutritionist available to teach you what foods your body needs to heal during and after treatment is vital to long-term health and success.

Meditation: is a great way to focus, increase concentration, and relieve stress.

Arts and Crafts: many people become creative during treatment, finding new ways to relax and enjoy life more.

Recreational Opportunities: exercise is a great way to build immunity and strengthen your physical and emotional self. Horseback riding, swimming, walking, and even gym work can help heal.

Group Therapy: support groups are a great way to connect with other addicts and share your experiences, so you don’t feel alone in your struggle.

What to Expect During 30-Day Drug Rehab at Arriba Colorado

A lot is going to happen in the next 30 days. While a month may seem like a long time to be away from home, it isn’t a long time when it comes to healing from drug addiction. A 30-day drug rehab plan is usually quite intense. It encompasses many different aspects of your drug use, showing you ways to deal with the reasons for your addiction s well as the physical addiction itself. So, what can you expect?


During your intake, you will complete a physical exam and answer questions to determine your level of addiction, plus any medical conditions that may be present. Your mental wellbeing will also be examined, determining whether you suffer from additional mental health issues like anxiety and depression.

Your initial assessment will include a detailed physical, where you will have to answer many personal and medical questions. Please be as thorough and honest as possible. The information you provide here will help your medical team devise the perfect treatment plan for you.


Once you have completed your evaluation, your team will plan your treatment for the next 30 days. Generally, it will begin with detox. Depending on your level of addiction, you may experience withdrawal for 3-10 days. During this time, you may receive a variety of help to ease your discomfort.

Once you complete detox, you’ll begin treatment proper. It looks different for every client and may include a combination approach for one-on-one talk therapy, biofeedback, group support, nutritional guidance, medical intervention, and more.

If you aren’t sure why you’re directed toward a specific treatment, ask. Understanding your therapy plan is essential to success. Being willing to cooperate will make the difference in beating your addiction and changing those destructive behaviors.


Completing your 30-day drug rehab is just the beginning of your healing journey. A good aftercare program is essential to long-term success. But, how does aftercare look? In most cases, you can expect to see a therapist either in person or via Zoom 1-3 times a week at first, coupled with group therapy or a support group.

Working on the emotional issues that created the addictive behavior will make your addiction treatment easier to handle.  Adding any help, you found compelling during your 30-day drug rehab is also essential. This may include a monthly massage or working out regularly at the gym. Speak with your therapist to decide what works when it comes to altering your lifestyle and learning how to live without the use of drugs or alcohol

Paying for 30-Day Drug Rehab at Arriba Colorado

Money may seem a big obstacle, but it doesn’t have to be. There are services and help available. But first, you must find out what your insurance will cover and what will be left for you to pay. 

Once you know how much you will owe,  you will better know where to turn for financial help. Here are a few places to start: 

  • Ask for a Payment Plan
  • Take out a Medical Loan
  • Take a Personal Loan
  • Consider a HELOC: Home Equity Lines of Credit
  • Grants
  • Social Services Help
  • Sponsorship/Enhanced Employer Help

Traveling to Arriba Colorado

Arriba Colorado is a quaint rural town located in an agricultural center of the eastern Plains. About 100 miles from Denver, it is accessible by plane and car. A closer airport is located about 85 miles away in Colorado Springs Airport, but you will need a car to get from there to Arriba.




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