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Mission & Values

We’re committed to providing the highest quality substance use disorder treatment, delivered with compassion, integrity and professionalism.


Our mission at Sunshine Behavioral Health is to provide the highest quality substance use disorder rehabilitation services available. We do everything with compassion, integrity and a sense of community.

We aim to inspire hope by contributing to the health and well-being of the communities we serve. Sunshine Behavioral Health strives to provide the best in substance use disorder treatment through our shared values and continuous pursuit of improvement.

Vision Statement

We firmly believe that addiction and co-occurring disorders are treatable diseases. Through our programs, individuals gain the tools needed to overcome their alcohol/drug dependencies and learn to manage their co-occurring disorders.

To help our clients achieve these goals, we provide a range of evidence-based therapeutic services, including therapy, psychoeducation, dual diagnosis counseling, coping mechanisms, aftercare planning and more—all in a safe and nurturing environment.

Core Values


We provide a purpose-driven atmosphere that utilizes strong personal connections between providers and clients to achieve our combined goals.


We achieve positive results by operating with great integrity. We’re dedicated to applying our unified, honed, and ethical approach to everything we do.


We’re devoted to the development of every individual we serve. Commitment to overcoming adversity is vital to our success.


We believe that every provider can make a difference in the lives of others. In all interactions, we proceed with compassion, helpfulness, dignity, and respect.

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