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At Sunshine Behavioral Health, our goal is to help as many people as possible in their struggles with substance use disorder. We believe that addiction and co-occurring disorders are treatable diseases and aim to show people that not only is sobriety possible, but repairing the damages of addiction is also achievable.

Every person’s addiction story is different, which is why we develop individualized treatment plans to help solve the specific needs of our patients. From holistic therapies that treat the spirit as well as the body to our 12 Step and SMART Recovery programs, our licensed professionals provide the highest quality treatment in all facets of addiction rehab.

At Sunshine Behavioral Health, our comprehensive treatment programs extend from inpatient rehab centers to intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) and beyond. Our licensed addiction counselors not only develop personalized treatment programs for each patient, but we also create individual aftercare programs to ensure they stay on track. So whether you live in a state with one of our centers or travel for treatment, we’ll find support groups, therapists and outpatient programs in any area our patients return home to.

We also realize how essential insurance coverage is when it comes to healthcare. Our team of insurance experts understands the ins and outs of healthcare law and how to best maximize your benefits. We always strive to obtain the highest quality care for the smallest out-of-pocket expense.

We’ll be with you every step of the way during this difficult time in your or your loved one’s life. Adding a little bit of sunshine and hope and seeing the smiles on our patient’s faces is what drives us day in and day out.

Mission & Core Values

Sunshine Behavioral Health is committed to providing the highest quality substance use disorder treatment, delivered with compassion, integrity and professionalism.


Our Accreditation

Don’t just take our word for it—our JCAHO accreditation confirms that we have gone the extra mile in credibility. We’ve demonstrated a commitment to continuous improvement in patient care.



A Location Near You

We have centers in California, Colorado, Texas, and Illinois—all unique in their own way. Our personalized treatment plans take into account location, budget and lifestyle, ensuring we’ll find the perfect accommodations for you or your loved one.

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