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Aurora, Colorado 60 Drug Rehab Program Treatment

Aurora, Colorado, is a municipality that spans three counties – Adams County, Arapahoe County, and Douglas County. The city is the third largest metropolitan area in Colorado, with a growing population that was just under 400,000 strong in 2020. The region offers myriad resources for people seeking a 60-day drug rehab program in Colorado.

Just thirty minutes from Denver, Aurora offers a diverse cultural history and access to a wide range of summer and winter outdoor sports activities and is known for its live entertainment venues. Residents and visitors alike enjoy the multi-faceted rhythm of the city. Along with all the benefits of living in the community comes a somewhat alarming drug-related crime occurrence rate. Central Aurora experiences an average of 430 crimes per year.

Government programs, private facilities, and hospitals provide client-focused addiction rehab programs in Aurora. Continue reading to learn more about your options in this welcoming community on the edge of the beautiful Rocky Mountains.

Addiction Statistics in Aurora, Colorado

Aurora falls into the 18th percentile for the nation when it comes to crime rates. More than 80% of other cities have lower drug-related crime rates than Aurora. Fentanyl and methamphetamine seizures increased four-fold over a single year in Colorado, according to CPR News. Other common drug addictions in Colorado include heroin, cocaine, alcohol, and emerging street mixes.

More than 150 law enforcement agencies in Colorado provide Naloxone to their agents. Consumers can purchase Naloxone without a prescription at 500 pharmacies throughout the state, including several pharmacies on the western edge of Aurora.

What to Look for in 60-day rehab programs in Aurora, Colorado

Drug rehabilitation programs are designed around an individual’s unique needs and requirements. Some programs revolve around faith-based tenets, gender-specific preferences, and age-related protocols. When comparing 60-day rehab programs, consider the facility, accreditation, and client services.

Facility Considerations in Aurora

Choosing a facility that meets your needs and preferences is important. Ask about services available before making a commitment to treatment. Topics to ask about are listed below.

Food and nutritional options – whether you are vegan, prefer high-protein foods, or are looking for an ethnic or cultural menu, the type of foods served can impact your 60-day drug treatment journey.

Lodging – in-patient accommodations that are comfortable and calming help you relax and get restful sleep, which is vital for good health and vitality during treatment and recovery.

Wi-fi access – If having a bridge to the outside world is important to you, look for a facility that offers campus coverage.

Exercise and recreation are important elements of a drug rehab recovery plan. Many facilities offer pools and gyms, hiking trails, tennis and basketball courts, and organized group yoga or dance sessions.

Medical support – is especially important for those with underlying medical conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and mental health conditions.

You might also ask about housekeeping, laundry, snacks, and other services you need or want during your inpatient treatment.

Accreditation Considerations

Accreditation is the foundational element when choosing the best-fit drug treatment facilities. Outside agencies certify that an organization provides high-quality care and treatment for its Aurora, Colorado clients. These agencies have rigorous approval processes to identify services and delivery protocols that help people suffering from drug addiction get the most value and benefit from their treatment.

The Joint Commission (JCAHO), which provides accreditation for Aurora drug rehab facilities, conducts regularly scheduled audits to ensure all clients receive high-quality care delivered by skilled professionals. The agency considers five main categories when evaluating a treatment facility for accreditation:

  1. Overall security and quality of the facility also include patient safety and quality of care
  2. Medical and ancillary staff performance – related to doctors, nurses, therapists, techs, and aides
  3. Compliance with local, state, and federal rules and regulations
  4. Patient outcomes
  5. Patient experience (including qualitative and quantitative metrics)

Make sure medical providers have the proper credentials and training to address your drug-related challenges. Along with current licenses, ask about procedures that support best practices and ongoing training for all providers.

Aurora, CO Drug Rehab Services Considerations

Aurora, CO, drug rehab services vary widely. Every recovery journey is a unique experience. Finding a company that provides the treatment you need to achieve freedom from drugs and alcohol is very important.

The following service plans are available in Aurora.

  • Dual-diagnosis programs are designed for clients with both an addiction and a mental health diagnosis. 
  • Drug-specific rehab programs
  • Faith-based programs such as the 12-step treatment options that recognize a higher power as the guiding principle behind recovery and sobriety
  • Intensive outpatient programs are designed for people who don’t want an inpatient arrangement but need comprehensive support and guidance throughout their journey
  • Exercise opportunities to strengthen the mind and body
  • Behavior modification therapy

What to Expect During 60-day rehab programs in Aurora, Colorado

A 60-day drug rehab program in Aurora, CO, includes three basic components –assessment, treatment, and aftercare. Here is what you can expect as you work through each step in the customized plan.


The assessment component of a 60-day drug addiction treatment plan includes evaluating your overall health and wellness. During this intake and review, a representative will explore possible external pressures contributing to your addiction. For example, teens may face intense peer pressure, while adults may have a genetic predisposition to drug and alcohol abuse.

The admission professional will also discuss how long you have used drugs, your motivations for seeking treatment, and your social support system. This session informs your treatment goals and lays the foundation for developing a personalized treatment plan of action.


Detox is often the first step in the recovery program. You may receive medication to relieve withdrawal symptoms and ensure your underlying conditions are well controlled. Sometimes a sleep aid, natural or prescribed, is recommended as you get accustomed to the new routine.

Treatment begins as soon as you have detoxed the body. Individual treatments may include the following.

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Family (or support system) therapy sessions
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to replace negative thoughts and actions with positive ones
  • Educational and life skills training to enhance functionality beyond the facility, such as finding work, building supportive social networks, and maintaining a vibrant, healthy lifestyle without harmful substances


Aftercare is an ongoing support program that helps you stay on track once you exit the 60-day drug rehab program. Aftercare services vary widely. Most will include some, if not all, of the following support services.

  • Access to counselors for scheduled and emergency support
  • Virtual counseling sessions available either via telephone or video technology
  • 12-step or peer support networking to support sober living
  • Sober living arrangements typically provide a safe space with house rules that include abstinence and scheduled in and out times that revolve around work and treatment schedules

Paying for a 60-day rehab program at Aurora, Colorado

Paying for your 60-day drug rehab program in Colorado doesn’t have to be burdensome. There are numerous options available for you.

  • Company sponsorships
  • Insurance 
  • An SB21-137 Behavioral Health Recovery Act grants through the Colorado Office of Behavioral Health if you seek treatment in 2022 or 2023.Facility financing
  • Loans or credit card

Your rehab facility can help you review your insurance policy for treatment coverage or make a call to your provider to gather more information about the coverage you have and any co-payments that are your responsibility,

Traveling to Aurora, Colorado

Traveling to Aurora, Colorado, for drug addiction treatment may be an option if you do not have accredited facilities in your area. Finding a best-fit treatment center will make your recovery journey more comfortable and effective.

You can drive, ride a bus or fly into Denver International Airport. When planning your trip, consider the cost of overnight stays. Think accommodation, meals, and fuel – (are there charging stations along the route if you own an EV?). When you plan to drive your personal vehicle, make sure your facility offers secure parking. You could also rent a car. Remember, one-way rental is typically higher than a round trip, although you will have to pay the daily rental during your stay, which could wipe out any savings.

Depending on where you live, you may also have access to Amtrak service. Your facility may be available to arrange transportation to the rehab center from the station.

When you live in Colorado but not Aurora, a friend or relative can drive you directly to the drug rehab location. You won’t have to consider cabs, transfers, parking, or other travel-related expenses.



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