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Inpatient Rehab in Allenspark, Colorado


Allenspark, Colorado, is a small town in Boulder County with just under 500 people residing within its borders. The serene surroundings in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains make it a perfect place to go for addiction treatment. Its proximity to the Boulder metropolitan area ensures you still have access to plenty of amenities despite the town’s remote location. Keep reading to learn more about Allenspark and how to find treatment nearby. 

Addiction Statistics in Allenspark, Colorado

In Colorado, overdose fatalities occur at a rate of 26 per 100,000 people every year, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF). The total number of Colorado residents struggling with substance use since the COVID-19 pandemic, and over 15% of adults now report new or worsened substance use disorder.

Like many areas of the country, Colorado suffers from an opioid epidemic that worsens yearly. In 2020, the Colorado Health Institute reported that opioid-related deaths increased by a staggering 54%, of which 68% were directly related to fentanyl. This number represents a doubling of fentanyl overdoses between 2019 and 2020. 

Inpatient Rehab in Allenspark, Colorado

Not all rehab facilities or programs are created equal, and understanding the differences between them is key to selecting the best addiction treatment center in Allenspark, Colorado for you. There are a few different types of inpatient rehab to choose from, including: 

Traditional Addiction Treatment

Traditional or standard addiction treatment is Allenspark’s most common type of rehab program. In a traditional facility, you can access standard amenities like individual and group counseling, meal provisions, and recreation. Usually, extras like spa treatments or equine therapy are not available at standard rehab facilities. 

Luxury Treatment Facilities

Luxury addiction treatment facilities offer standard rehab programs along with ultra-plush features and amenities to help make your stay more comfortable. Not only will you have access to the highest-quality versions of standard addiction therapies, you will also be afforded upscale provisions like massage, meditation, acupuncture therapy, locally sourced or organic food, swimming pools and jacuzzis, horse stables, and much more. 

Executive Rehab

For busy professionals who need to work while attending rehab, executive addiction treatment facilities have designed their therapy schedules around traditional working hours. These establishments provide meeting rooms, WiFi connections, and anything else that someone with an executive-level job might need to conduct important business while receiving treatment. 

What to Look for in Inpatient Rehab at Allenspark, Colorado

Each inpatient rehab facility offers something a little different. Which establishment is right for you depends on your needs, the type of facility you’re looking for, your budget, and the services and amenities you want during your treatment. Before selecting an addiction treatment center in Allenspark, Colorado, evaluate the following: 

Accreditation Status

Not all drug addiction treatment centers in Allenspark, Colorado, are the same. One major difference between facilities is whether or not the establishment has been accredited. Accreditation is just one component of a quality treatment center, but it’s important nonetheless.

The Joint Commission, formerly JCAHO, is an accrediting body that functions as a non-profit and accredits over 22,000 healthcare programs and organizations. Addiction treatment centers are included, and accreditation by the Joint Commission can help you verify that a rehab facility is worth paying for or even going to. 

Facility Quality

Ideally, you can tour different rehab facilities in Allenspark before you choose. You can also look at photos of both establishments and patients or their families on Google Business. Look specifically for indicators of the facility’s quality and how well taken care of the establishment is. Ensure the establishment is clean and in good repair, without issues that indicate neglect, like broken tiles or peeling wallpaper. 

Services & Amenities Offered

One of the most important things to consider before selecting an addiction treatment center in Allenspark to attend is the types of amenities that are available within your treatment budget. These are programs and activities that you engage directly with during your rehabilitation, so it’s imperative that you pay special attention to what is or isn’t offered at a particular facility.

Review the services and amenities offered by the facility you’re thinking about and choose an establishment that provides the most services or the specific types of services you want, like:

  • Individual therapy 
  • Group therapy 
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) 
  • Holistic services, like acupuncture and massage 
  • Art therapy 
  • Music therapy 
  • Equine therapy 
  • Yoga 
  • Guided meditation 

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab at Allenspark, Colorado

Going to rehab can be a frightening experience, but knowing what to expect can help calm your nerves. Usually, a guide will be available at the beginning of your treatment who will show you around the facility and help you get to know what comes next. There are three general phases of addiction treatment: 


The medical team at your chosen facility will conduct an examination and thorough health screening to determine your placement within the program. You may be asked several questions about your substance use history and your medical history for the facility to know how best to treat you. During your assessment, the facility will also determine if you need detox and for how long.  


Detox is the first and most difficult part of addiction treatment for many people. This can last between 7 and 10 days, depending on your circumstances. During that time, licensed medical staff at the facility will monitor you to help you stay as comfortable as possible.


Once you reach the end of this stage, you will begin going to therapy and participating in various parts of your rehabilitation program. This stage is generally the longest of the three and can last 30 days, 60 days, or 90 days depending on what you and the treatment team decide you need.


Once your treatment is complete, you may enroll in aftercare or step-down program. This may not be available at the facility you select. Still, in many cases, staff will help you connect to the same aspects of step-down care in your community, like group and individual counseling and various support resources that can help you continue successfully using the same tools you learned during treatment.

Aftercare increases the chances of successful rehabilitation significantly. Without it, a patient’s relapse risk is much higher than others who had the same core inpatient treatment and no aftercare. During this time, you will undergo outpatient counseling and receive step-down support to help you establish healthy patterns.  

Paying for Inpatient Rehab at Allenspark, Colorado

Paying for inpatient addiction treatment can seem intimidating. Most rehab programs in Allenspark cost several thousand dollars, which can be challenging for families to find a way to cover when their loved one desperately needs help. Here are several ways you may be able to pay for or finance inpatient rehab:

  • Health insurance. Most private health insurance policies cover, at minimum, some of the cost of medically necessary addiction treatment. Some health insurance companies will work directly with rehab facilities, while others require patients to pay for services upfront. In the latter case, the patient is provided with the documentation needed to file a claim for reimbursement from their medical insurance. 
  • Private loans. If you have good credit or someone is willing to cosign for you, you may be able to obtain a private loan or line of credit to pay for rehab. Once treatment is completed, you can obtain employment and repay the loan over time. This can make obtaining treatment easier if you have difficulty obtaining the money needed to enroll in a program at once.
  • Cash payment. You can also choose to pay out of pocket for treatment with cash. Some rehab facilities also accept checks and debit cards. If you have heirloom furniture, jewelry, or other valuables you would be willing to part with, these can be sold to raise money for treatment. 
  • Crowdfunding. Online fundraising is also great for people with few other resources to pay for addiction treatment. GoFundMe is just one of many websites you can use to create crowdfunding that can be shared on your social media and with friends and family.   

Traveling to Allenspark, Colorado

Allenspark is located about an hour and a half northeast of the Denver metropolitan area. From the south, take Highway 36 North to 66 West. Then, turn left on Highway 7 West, which will take you directly to Allenspark. From the North, you can take Highway 36 South to Highway 7 West or Highway 7 South directly from Estes Park to Allenspark.



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