1. Who do I call with a question regarding an invoice or itemized statement?
    Clients will receive invoices by mail, text, and email. If you have questions regarding your bill,
    please contact the Patient Financial Services team at
    or directly at 949-647-5917.
  2. Who to contact if you need to update payment arrangements or request payment discounts
    from financial hardship?
    We offer flexible payment plans, prompt payment discounts, and hardship discounts. The
    longest payment plan we can offer is 24 months.
    Please contact the Patient Financial Services team at
    or directly at 949-647-5917.
  3.  Who do I contact regarding any refund owed?
    Note that Insurance client refunds will NOT be considered until you have discharged, and ALL
    insurance claims have finalized and paid, this process can take up to 90 days after being
    discharged.Please contact the Patient Financial Services team at
    or directly at 949-647-5917.
  4. What are the office hours for the patient Financial Services Team?
    The Patient Services Team is available Monday to Friday between 8 -5 pm PST time.

Pay your full balance or part of your balance online at
You will need your account number from your invoice or statement to access the online portal.
LIVE SUPPORT – Patient Financial Services Help Line

Office Hours
Monday to Friday
Phone Number: 949-647-5917

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