Drug addicts all have stories to tell. What is meant by this? Well, like every beginner gambler has a tell when they are holding the best hand, addicts will show “tells” of the addiction they have. You may have a spouse, co-worker or a best friend who has an addiction. They may think they are able to hide their addiction, but it isn’t as easy as they may think. Eventually, if it isn’t happening already, you will see signs of their addiction, if you keep watching them. Not sure about this? Keep an eye out for any of the addictive habits or personalities mentioned below. 

Will Addicts Withdraw From Their Loved Ones?

Most addicts do start withdrawing from their loved ones. They may be so focused on using drugs or alcohol, they spend most of the days thinking about, finding or using these substances. This means they might miss out on family or social events. They may show up late or even head out early if they show up at all. Most addicts won’t always return your texts, especially while they are out getting drugs or alcohol or getting high or drunk. They may avoid your phone calls as well. If your loved one is withdrawing from you, they might need help from an addiction rehab center.

Is Your Loved One Or Friend Being Secretive? 

Addicts do not want you to catch them. They may do all they are able to when hiding their drug or alcohol related activities. Those with an addiction may be experts at being secretive. They may put complicated passwords on their computer or phone. They may lie about what they are doing or where they are going. Resisting questions becomes a talent. The addict in your life may seem like they are playing an undercover role. 

Do Addicts Abandon Their Hobbies?

Hobbies an addict once enjoyed doing may be a thing of their past. This is mainly due to the fact that their addiction comes first. They may no longer have the money to pay for their hobbies. Their time may be spent on getting drunk or high instead of gardening, crocheting, biking or painting. Many addicts lose motivation to do things. They may even become anxious or depressed. If someone in your life has started abandoning their hobbies, a drug or alcohol addiction could be the reason why. 

Is Someone In Your Life Missing School or Work?

Statistics show that those with a drug or alcohol addiction miss out on more school and work than those who don’t have an addiction. An addict might rather go to a party and stay up all night than wake up early and go to work. They may call their boss and make up some excuse for why they missed work or came in late. Some addicts won’t even make excuses at all. They may just get fired. At work, the addict might do less work than required, leave early or do things wrong. 

Is Your Friend or Family Member Spending Money Fast?

There are many addicts who will spend their entire paycheck on drugs the instant they get it. They may go out to the bar and get drunk, spending hundreds of dollars in one night. It is like their money is burning a hole in their pocket. Many drug or alcohol addicts don’t tend to save any money at all. Their bills may not be getting paid. Some drug and alcohol addicts borrow a lot of money, beg for it or even steal money.

Do Addicts Engage in High-Risk Behaviors?

If someone in your life is engaging in high-risk behaviors, they may have a drug or alcohol addiction. Some of the high-risk behaviors addicts often portray include acting in a promiscuous manner, jumping from cliffs and driving really fast. They love the high it gives them, just like drugs or alcohol. Many drug addicts feel invincible. Extreme sports are a favorite amongst addicts as well.

Is Someone You Know Neglecting Personal Hygiene and Appearance?

There are some drug and alcohol addicts who are very vigilant when it comes to caring for themselves. This is mostly because they are trying to hide their addiction. Other addicts don’t care a bit about the clothes they are wearing or what they look or even smell like. In addition, addicts aren’t able to hide bloodshot eyes, weight loss, coughing, and meth mouth. Do you notice these habits or addictive personalities in someone you know? If so, there are treatment programs which can help them to overcome their addiction.

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