5 Helpful Apps for Sobriety

Technology may be used to help us communicate and do business better, but did you know that there are apps that help you stay sober from substance use? Read these top 5 picks to learn more. Indeed, technology presents so many possibilities that help people achieve greater things in life. Whether it’s improving communication, sharing information, or ensuring things get done better, technology has always found a way to help us. Technology’s problem-solving nature helps us create more solutions to things we want to improve or eliminate. Such as, in the case of substance use—when people get exposed to drugs, alcohol, smoking, or any form of addiction, there is something that technology can offer. Here are the top 5 apps for sobriety that people can use to keep themselves sober.

Top 5 Apps for Sobriety

Pear reSET

Pear reSET is created by Pear Therapeutics. It is one of the first apps for sobriety that passed the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards to help with substance use disorders. This digital therapy app has a 12-week program that provides check-ins. This app is available for download for people ages 18 and above given a prescription from healthcare providers. Pear reSET provides a guide with lessons that are used to capture the user’s attention. People can take the lessons at their own pace and complete quizzes after each lesson is done to obtain virtual rewards. A clinical trial showed that the 12-week program of Pear reSET showed significant improvements in substance abstinence, which improved dramatically from 40.3 % compared to just 17.6 % of non-app users. Pear reSET can be accessed through a code given by your healthcare provider. If you are interested in downloading this program, you can ask for more information from your doctor.

Sober Grid

Sober Grid is an app that is similar to social media platforms but serves as a support group for people in recovery. You can use Sober Grid to interact, engage with other members, get support or provide encouragement for people in the same walk of life. If you need to, you can also place anonymous check-ins about your sobriety status, current mood, what is going on, and other thoughts you may have during recovery. This online community helps people stay clean and sober during times they may not be encouraged by others to do so. If you have the GPS locator enabled, you can also find people within your area to meet up with potential friends and support systems in your community. Another unique feature of Sober Grid is its “Daily Quests.” Daily Quests are things that you can do within the day to reduce stress, improve mood swings, and increase motivation during recovery. Sober Grid is ideal for people who constantly travel and would want social support for sobriety.

Nomo – Sobriety Clocks

Nomo is one of the ideal apps for sobriety, especially for those who want to succeed in recovery within a timeline. The app has a clock feature that can mark out turning points or if you wish to present any mood changes. People can receive encouragement from a particular section of the app, which helps them feel supported during recovery. Some of the key features of Nomo Sobriety Clocks include: ⦁ The user’s own sobriety clock which keeps track of the number of days sober ⦁ Sharing your sobriety clock with other people who are supporting you in your recovery ⦁ Can message an accountability buddy who can help encourage you when you are tempted to engage in substance use again Nomo Sobriety Clocks also has a feature called “distraction,” which helps people re-shift their focus when they feel too weak to stay sober.


SoberTool is one of the simplest apps for sobriety that helps you keep track of clean or sober days. It also includes daily messages of motivation and some reminders to help you stay on your path. SoberTool also provides rewards when you can hit sobriety milestones. There is also an additional feature that can help you see how much money you have saved from avoiding any types of addiction. Some of the key unique features include tools and tips to avoid triggers and relapse. If you are likely to experience a relapse, there are some questions you can answer along with encouraging messages that can help you stay motivated in sobriety.


rTribe is an app built by people recovering from substance abuse. As you use rTribe, you can interact with others via private or group messaging. You can also track your personal progress or share it with other people within the community. This app can be used to help treat any form of addiction aside from drugs or alcohol—there are also people who use rTribe to overcome a food or porn addiction. A great feature of this app is its ability to track what times of the day you may be tempted to use substances or give in to old habits. This will allow you to have a relapse prevention plan for yourself so you can identify patterns that make you fall into your triggers.

Leverage Technology for Sobriety

A person who is truly willing to stay sober must use any means possible to help him be guided during recovery. As you look at the benefits and features of these apps for sobriety, know that you have the power to use technology as a stepping stone to your substance use treatment. If you ever feel that you are in danger of relapse, take a look at these relapse prevention tips.

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