How Black Friday Will Be Different in 2020

What’s your idea of Black Friday? Perhaps in the previous year, you’ve been eyeing some deals on the night of Thanksgiving and creating a shopping route plan in your favorite stores. However, with social distancing and capacity limits in place at many stores, you may be wondering how Black Friday will pan out in 2020.

Thankfully, many retail companies are planning on how shoppers can enjoy their Black Friday without increasing their risk of contracting COVID-19. Whether in-store or online, here are some ways you can take advantage of Black Friday deals.

Amazon Prime Black Friday Deals

If you’re not yet an Amazon Prime member, you might consider becoming one for Black Friday. Amazon hosts annual Prime days where members can score deals for bargain prices. Examples of the most popular Prime day buys include:

  • Gadgets: Is there a recently-released gadget you’ve been eyeing? Prime day is a time where you might be able to purchase it for a lower price through the Amazon e-commerce system.
  • Appliances: Surely you have seen clips of people grabbing multiple TVs in stores because of rock-bottom Black Friday prices. Now, you don’t necessarily have to join the ruckus as Amazon Prime often offers appliances and home equipment for a bargain.
  • Holiday gifts: Planning to buy some unique holiday gifts for your friends and family? Amazon Prime may be your go-to this year. Many of Amazon’s sellers are small businesses that can customize items depending on the recipients’ names, jobs, or anything else that you think will suit their taste.

Shopping on Amazon is a great way to avoid crowds and reduce the risk of disease. Although it might not capture the excitement of Black Friday shopping, you can save time and buy the things you need by creating a list.

Local Specialty Shops

Since many chain retail stores are either closing or limiting people during Black Friday, you can opt to visit local specialty shops for unique buys. These specialty shops are often less well-known, which means you might not have to compete with other shoppers to gain access inside the stores.

Small neighborhood gift shops, boutiques, and local small business online vendors can be ways you can avoid the Black Friday competition. Not only can they provide more convenience, but visiting them can also help you support small businesses who are struggling due to the pandemic.

Extended Black Friday Sales

Black Friday is often assumed to be a one-day event where people rush to the stores to get the best deals. Now, many retailers are deciding to extend the timeline of Black Friday, creating several sale days in the span of one or two weeks.

So, there’s no need to rush when it comes to Black Friday shopping in 2020. Look for the latest print advertisements and social media posts to find the scheduling of Black Friday deals.

Nonmaterial Celebrations

Some people question consumerism and practices such as Black Friday. The concepts may be especially painful in 2020 as many are facing financial struggles due to unemployment, loss of business revenue, or health problems.

How can Black Friday 2020 be different this year? One suggestion is having a nonmaterial celebration. After celebrating Thanksgiving events, perhaps you can take time with your family to spend time outdoors in nature, relax, or participate in other activities (while practicing social distancing) in order to celebrate and be grateful.

Many of us will agree that 2020 has been a challenging year, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t end it with a joyful note. We can celebrate things such as:

  • The gift of togetherness: Being in each others’ presence is something to be thankful for. So many people have been separated from loved ones or have lost their lives this year, so being with those you love is already a gift in itself.
  • Recovery: Whether it’s recovery from physical ailments, mental health problems, or substance abuse, recovery is something to be celebrated during the Thanksgiving season. No Black Friday deal can replace the gift of a renewed life in recovery.
  • Small things: 2020 is also the year that we can focus less on the big achievements and appreciate the small things in life. A cup of a warm drink, a child’s smile, or cozy time together by the fireplace are some things that you can be grateful for this year.

Giving Back

Even if you have money to spend, Black Friday can be more fulfilling when you decide to give back to your community.

There are many ways you can give back, such as pledging an online donation, bringing groceries and gifts to a neighbor or friend, or simply just talking and encouraging someone who is in need. There’s always a way to celebrate Black Friday by providing immaterial fulfillment, such as helping others.

Black Friday Defined in 2020: Celebrating Creatively

With in-store limits, extended timelines, and online shopping deals, Black Friday in 2020 will be different from previous years. The suggestions listed above can help you celebrate and enjoy Black Friday safely and meaningfully.


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