International Women’s Day

Women are amazing. Across the globe, they are accomplishing more than ever before, but too often, these feats are going unrecognized and unacknowledged. This is why International Women’s Day is so important. The goal is to increase equality around the world and eliminate bias against females everywhere. While women do so much in this world, they still struggle in some areas. Consider the fact that in 2019, there were 11 million single-parent households and an astounding 80 percent of those were headed by single mothers. There is no shame in being a single mother, but the earning potential of these powerful figures is shockingly low. For every dollar a man earns, it is estimated that a woman makes 79 cents. Money isn’t the only stressor that these warriors face, and it may be apparent in how they cope with anxiety and worries in life. Some women abuse substances so that they can perform better and accomplish even more than they already do. Socially, women are expected to be able to juggle everything and often, it’s just too much. Some females find themselves self-medicating with drugs or alcohol, and before long, they may develop dependency and even addictions. International Women’s Day should be a day to celebrate the power of being a woman, but it should also be a day in which we recognize that females struggle too. It’s important to take care of the women in the world and ensure that they are able to take care of themselves. By educating and supporting people, we can ensure that women are recognized for their achievements and given the opportunity to seek help when it’s needed. Sources internationalwomensday.com – International Women’s Day singlemotherguide.com – Single Mother Statistics

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