Presidents’ Day

Every February, United States residents celebrate Presidents’ Day. Celebrate may be the wrong word, though. Most people don’t notice it except for government employees who have a vacation day from work. Or, shoppers who attend Presidents’ Day sales may notice it. Incidentally, the store sales often mention how Honest Abe Lincoln would appreciate the sales or that George Washington, who supposedly couldn’t tell a lie, would also approve of them. But, maybe we should pay more attention to the day. Presidents are notable figures. While we may disagree with their political views and actions, we have to acknowledge the work and ambition that took them to the U.S. presidency, arguably the most powerful position in the world. Hard work and ambition aren’t confined to the U.S. presidency, of course. We all know people doing courageous things in our everyday lives. One of these things is dealing with addiction. When people talk about addiction, they often admit that they did or said the wrong thing. Some people are more graceful about this, but does anyone really like to admit that they were wrong or discuss how they did things that hurt others? During these admissions, people often ask for forgiveness. They bravely revisit the most painful aspects of their lives to heal themselves and others. This takes work. It also requires honesty. Work, honesty – doesn’t that sound like Honest Abe Lincoln or George Washington? Maybe we’re all more like presidents than we thought we were. Maybe we should use Presidents’ Day to celebrate the admirable aspects of all of us. Sources – Presidents Day 2020

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