Studies have found limited evidence in the relationship connecting gender, modality of substance use treatment, and the use of a substance. However, each gender clearly shows distinct characteristics, biological responses, and medical consequences.   With that being said, let us look at info for rehabs for women.

These issues are what women’s drug rehabilitation facilities seek to address. The issues confronting women who suffer from substance addiction, often are neglected by the criminal justice system, studies show.

Women’s Vulnerability to Trauma and Drug Abuse

Women develop an addiction to a substance due to various reasons including attempts to manage weight, cope with pain and exhaustion, or attempts to treat mental health disorders.

The challenges to women are different for men. This is the main reason rehab centers for women have different programs that cater to female patients. For instance, women who suffer from drug or alcohol disorders, typically have experienced traumatic events. Approximately 70 percent of women who seek treatment for drug abuse, also were found to have histories of physical and/or sexual assault.

According to the American Psychological Association, trauma can cause long-lasting problems on survivors leading to the development of a condition called post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Psychological disorders such as aggression, insomnia, anxiety, and suicidal behaviors may also occur with depression or alcohol substance and abuse problems. Women are found to be more at risk for developing PTSD.

The trauma that women experience may stem from sexual abuse and domestic violence. It was found that victims of domestic violence are more likely to develop substance use disorder.

Why Rehab for Women Should Be Different

The need for women’s drug and alcohol addiction treatment should be understood along with several issues faced by women, including eating disorders, body image, career, and motherhood. For instance, women who have substance use disorders might be confused whether to seek help as they fear losing custody over their child. Scientific research proves that women use substances differently compared to men. Women might use smaller amounts of a certain substance for a few times before an addiction to the drug develops.

Women patients are more likely to leave the treatment early when facilities offering women’s alcohol treatment or drug rehab fail to provide appropriate support. Clearly, when gender factors are not considered when a patient is admitted for addiction treatment, there could be barriers to treatment that affect recovery. The differences of an individual’s response and the approach to treatment have vital implications on the patient’s recovery.

 Women Seeking Help

A recovering alcohol or a drug addict woman has a good chance of recovery inside a nurturing environment in women-centered facilities. Drug rehab for women highlights the women’s need to free themselves from the negative emotions, and to find their path back to what it once was before their addiction developed.

Long-term addiction recovery is not easy. However, in drug rehab facilities that address the needs of women, the chance of successfully treating addiction is increased. The most important thing is to provide a woman with a support system that will help her develop her skills, gain self-confidence, promote her wellness, and rebuild her connection with herself and her relationships with the people around her.

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