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Tranquility in Chaos: Finding Peace in Challenging Times

Based on the last few years, it seems like peace is an elusive concept. A lack of peace can create distress, anxiety, and a host of mental health problems that can affect the quality of our lives. But there are simple ways to bring peace to your heart, even during trying times.

Many people anxiously awaited 2021. The start of the year brought vaccines for the COVID-19 virus that could potentially end the pandemic, and people desired a fresh start.

But 2021 has still been physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually challenging for many. For those who hoped for better times, the year may have been a letdown.

To cope with our disappointment, maybe we could stop concentrating on external circumstances to bring us peace. Instead, we could focus on things we can control.

Is it possible to achieve peace in our hearts despite these tough times? Maybe we can develop ways to cultivate inner peace in our hearts, regardless of what’s going on in the world.

Focus on your health

Health and wellness are ideally linked. When our bodies and minds feel well, our perspectives about the world and our lives become more positive. We feel that we’re better equipped to handle what comes our way. Conversely, when we’re feeling ill, we can feel irritable, anxious, or hopeless.

Resolve to focus on your health. Whether it’s altering your diet, being more physically active, or seeking help for a substance abuse problem, restoring your health is something that can bring you peace.

Whatever you can do that will improve your health in some way is valuable. To make progress, it’s helpful to:

  • Make your health goals specific. You can say, “I’ll exercise four times a week,” instead of vowing to exercise more.
  • Tell people about your health goals to keep you accountable. 
  • Create timelines to help you start, work on, and accomplish your health goals.
  • Become one with your body through Biofeedback

Cultivate gratitude

Gratitude can help us see the brighter side of life. Although it’s crucial to address problems when challenges come our way, it’s equally important to be thankful for what we already have.

A practice that can help you achieve peace is by reframing situations into instances of gratefulness. For example, instead of saying:

  • “My house is so messy!” you can say, “I’m thankful that my children are playing and enjoying our home.”
  • “I have to go to the doctor for monthly checkups!” you can say, “I’m thankful that I have insurance to afford to go to the doctor once a month.”
  • “Our family has to stay at home.” you can say, “I am grateful that we have a home and can stay there.”

Reframing our struggles and complaints and remembering reasons to be grateful can help shift our perspectives and bring peace.

Give to others

During the holiday season, it can be easy to focus on our own lives. We might believe that our own celebrations, traditions, families, and gatherings will make us feel peaceful and happy.

While this might be true, it is also equally valuable to focus on giving to others. Sharing what we have with other people—especially those who are vulnerable or less fortunate—might bring peace because we are making a difference in the world.

What are some simple ways to give this holiday season?

  • Recycling: Our clothes, toys, books, and other items can benefit individuals who need them. People affected by natural disasters may need clothes, appliances, and other household items.
  • Donating: Many charities and organizations allow people to make one-time, monthly, or weekly contributions. Giving monetary donations can provide resources for people experiencing tough times.
  • Volunteering: Volunteering is a powerful way to bring perspective to our lives. It shifts the focus from our problems and helps us see that we can do things to make a difference.

Holiday Peace: Taking Action

There are ways to take action instead of feeling helpless. By focusing on things you can control, you can achieve and protect your inner peace.

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