World Mental Health Day 8 20 20

World Mental Health Day

According to the old saying, we don’t have anything if we don’t have our health. The same goes for our mental health.

Unfortunately, too many people around the world don’t have the resources to address their mental or emotional states. World Mental Health Day, held annually every October 10, acknowledges this disparity and searches for ways to address it.

The theme for 2020’s World Mental Health Day is Mental Health for All: Greater Investment – Greater Access.

Given the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus, this theme is particularly timely. The pandemic has demonstrated how people who don’t have money or power also often don’t have adequate health care.

Even during more ordinary times that don’t feature pandemics, mental health services are often an afterthought. Governments and organizations often cut funding for mental health programs and addiction treatment centers because they think that other services are more important, or because they want to balance budgets.

Such cuts are shortsighted. Yes, fiscal cuts may balance budgets, but they create additional problems. People’s needs don’t disappear just because the funds for treatment end.

In fact, not treating something early can make it worse in the long run. That’s true for mental health matters.

For example, if we recognize unhelpful negative thought patterns early, we can stop them. This is better than repeatedly turning to unproductive or harmful patterns time after time, because this repetition can ingrain these thoughts in our minds and make it harder to end them.

Investing in mental health services and addiction treatment can prevent negative outcomes and provide assistance.

People must also have physical access to such services. It’s important to locate services in areas that people can reach. Governments and organizations can also fund technology to assist people while they’re in their homes, such as telehealth tools for online health care.

In addition to services, governments and organizations could fund transportation, childcare, and other assistance that could make it easier to obtain mental health and addiction treatment.

Mental health is important for everyone. It’s vital to invest in it and make it accessible to all.

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World Mental Health Day

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