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Allenspark, Colorado Drug Rehab Treatment

Allenspark, Colorado, is a wonderful place to consider drug rehab because it is both serene and secluded. It’s a small town at the southeast edge of the Rocky Mountain National Park. The area is only about 70 miles west of Denver, and tourists visit the area for outdoor recreation opportunities such as horseback riding, skiing, and fishing. If you are looking for a drug rehab surrounded by natural beauty, it’s time to take a closer look at a drug rehab in Allenspark, Colorado

Addiction Statistics in Allenspark, Colorado

In Allenspark, Colorado, there has been an effort to reduce drug abuse and drug-related crime over the past decades. In a report dated January 2021, the Colorado Substance Use Disorder Trend and Response Task Force reported that opioid abuse continues to focus efforts to reduce drug abuse in the area. While less than 500 residents live in the town of Allenspark, nearby Denver, Colorado, is a large city with a substantial opioid abuse problem. Efforts to create treatment facilities that address alcohol and drug abuse are ongoing. 

Drug Rehab in Allenspark, Colorado

Drug rehab in Allenspark, Colorado, can be short-term rehabilitation where you stay as an inpatient for about 30 days or go into long-term rehabilitation if you are not ready to go home after the short-term rehab is over. When you are in recovery from drugs or alcohol, you will get the support you need every step. Each recovery plan is different; some people can return home after a short time in a rehab facility. In contrast, others need the stability that a drug rehab provides for a longer period of time. 

When you are in drug rehab, you will learn about sobriety and gain perspective on your abuse triggers. You will work in counseling to address your mental health needs and be taught relapse prevention strategies to help you maintain your recovery. If you are in an inpatient drug rehab, you will have access to staff 24 hours a day to help you in your process. You will be involved in groups with others in recovery and plan your next steps in treatment as part of your aftercare journey. 

What to Look for in Drug Rehab in Allenspark, Colorado

When you are searching for drug rehab in Allenspark, Colorado, there are a number of things for you to consider as you look to choose a facility that is right for you. Some aspects to think about include:

Proximity to Home

Some people want to choose a drug rehab that is close to home, although others prefer to go to a rehab facility where they won’t know anyone from their local community. Take the time to decide if you want to go to a rehab facility that doesn’t require too much travel, or if you are willing to go far from home to get the rehab care you need. You might prefer a place where you can get away from everything familiar to you to get a break.

Services Offered During Treatment

Take a look at the services being offered during treatment to make your decision about which drug rehab to choose. Services might include individual therapy, group therapy sessions, exercise classes, spa services, nutritional counseling, and any other amenities offered by some drug rehab centers. You might want a facility that provides you with a wide range of amenities, or not mind that a facility does not offer many group therapy sessions.


The accreditation of any drug rehab you consider for rehab should be carefully looked at. When a facility obtains accreditation, it has proven to offer effective treatment with successful outcomes. You will be able to ask who has provided the accreditation and what the facility had to submit to receive the accreditation. It is important to go to a facility that has been vetted and that the treatment offered has been successful for others in recovery.

What to Expect During Drug Rehab at Allenspark, Colorado

When you are experiencing drug rehab in Allenspark, Colorado, you can expect to follow a process that offers you an assessment, detox and treatment, and then aftercare planning. Each phase of treatment is different, and you can expect:

During an Assessment 

This is your first phase in treatment, and this is where you will talk with a counselor about your addiction and what led you into drug rehab in the first place. You’ll discuss your goals and what you hope to get out of your stay in drug rehab. Your assessment will determine what your strengths are and what your hurdles are in being successful in your recovery process. You will help to develop a treatment plan that will be a guide throughout your treatment and aftercare planning.

Going Through Detox and Treatment in Rehab

Treatment in rehab is the longest phase in the three-phase process. You will physically go through detox as the drugs or alcohol you are addicted to releasing from your body. During detox, you may have monitoring and support as you deal with withdrawal symptoms. 

Once you’re feeling better from detox, you will begin the addiction treatment process. Your treatment might consist of daily individual therapy sessions with a counselor, family sessions if that is appropriate, group therapy, exercise classes, recreational time, or educational classes. 

Therapy is progressive, and there will be times when you discuss your goals and how you feel you are meeting those goals. You can expect to be treated with dignity and to have the ability to ask questions when you have concerns. As you go through treatment, you will learn relapse prevention strategies and meet others going through addiction treatment too.

Aftercare Planning

In this stage of your stay at drug rehab, you will start to plan what comes next for you in the recovery process. For some people, aftercare planning means setting up sessions with an individual therapist. In contrast, others go to a day program for several weeks or so because they don’t feel ready to integrate fully into the community. You can discuss your options regarding what happens next and make decisions based on your comfort level. Some people go to long-term rehab, while others are ready to return home with support services.

Paying for Drug Rehab at Allenspark, Colorado 

The first thing to do when looking at your options for drug rehab in Allenspark, Colorado, is to check your health insurance coverage. 

If you don’t have coverage, some drug rehab facilities offer sponsorships or grants for you to be able to attend drug rehab treatment. If necessary, a loan might be available to you to pay for treatment. There are financial options for people of all income levels when it comes to going to a drug rehab center. A lack of funds should not prevent you from seeking the treatment you need to go through recovery.

Traveling to Allenspark, Colorado

If you want to travel to Allenspark, Colorado, for drug rehab, the easiest way to get to this small town is to fly into Denver International Airport. Allenspark is about 70 miles from the airport, and public transportation is available. Allenspark is on the southern rim of Rocky Mountain National Park, and the area is rural.

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