Addiction can be hard to overcome but can be beaten with the right help. Now that you are ready for help finding it in Aurora, Colorado, might be your best choice. Here, you'll discover plenty of facilities that offer the kinds of treatment that suit every need. Drug Rehab in Aurora, Colorado - Sunshine Behavioral Health

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Drug Rehab in Aurora, Colorado

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Drug Rehab in Aurora, Colorado


Drug use – and addiction – are on the rise everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you live; drug abuse hits rural and urban areas hard.

Aurora, Colorado, is no different.  One of the most populous cities in Colorado, Aurora encompasses three counties and houses 386,000 people. Unfortunately, its citizens have seen a surge in drug-related crime in recent years, with nearly six people for every 1,000 living in the city becoming victims. The northern neighborhoods are even worse, reporting one in every 141 people falling victim to it. No wonder the city is working to find help for those seeking drug rehab here.

Addiction Statistics in Aurora Colorado

Colorado drug use statistics show the depth of the problem hitting the state. Drug-related deaths hit an all-time high across the state in 2020, leaving communities looking for ways to get help for their residents. 

Drug Rehab in Aurora, Colorado

No matter what substance is being abused, drug rehab can offer the answers you are looking for. It doesn’t have to focus on a single substance but also treats a combination of drugs and alcohol.

What to Look for in Drug Rehab at Aurora Colorado

When finding a drug rehab in Aurora, there are a few important things to consider.  

  • Accreditation:  Knowing that the facility you choose has been touted as a safe and qualified place is important. Industry accreditation proves that drug rehab offers the kinds of rehabilitation help that you need to break your addiction.  But what kinds of accreditation and licensing should you be looking for? You can find out who offers the necessary ones by checking out the list offered by the Joint Commission. This nonprofit group tracks rehab facilities’ ability to offer good care.
  • Programs:  There are a variety of programs offered to those fighting addiction. Some follow a strict plan, like 12-step programs, which take the client on a journey through one step before moving on to the next.  Those who need a more varied program may opt to find a facility offering nontraditional programs that rely on spiritual strengthening, holistic care, talk therapy, and more. Some facilities even offer a combination approach. Finding what fits your interest and needs is important to long-term success, so be sure to ask a lot of questions and look into the programs carefully before choosing which facility to attend.
  • Facilities:  Amenities can vary greatly from rehab to rehab. One may offer a hospital-like setting, while another may look like a high-end spa. Be sure to look for the level of comfort and amenities that will make you feel safe to focus on healing rather than your environment.
  • Services:  While the services offered shouldn’t be the only thing you consider when making a rehab choice, they are important. Having a swimming pool or horse barns may be nice, but they aren’t necessary. However, some of these services can make a big difference in the care you receive, so be sure the facility you choose offers these basics:
  • Medical facility: here, a licensed doctor and nurse can offer traditional medications to battle withdrawal symptoms and other health concerns right where you are without being transferred to a hospital or clinic in the community.
  • Alternative therapies: meditation, massage, acupuncture, and herbal reliefs can all help to aid healing.
  • Experiential Therapy
  • Recreational Opportunities like walking, swimming, and even arts and crafts help to occupy your mind and keep you busy during your downtime, as well as give you new skills and interests to use once you leave rehab.

What to Expect During Inpatient Rehab at Arriba Colorado

It doesn’t have to be intimidating to walk through the doors of a drug rehab facility. You just have to know what to expect.

Welcoming and Assessment

The first person you meet will likely welcome you and begin your intake by asking many questions. Then you will undergo a comprehensive physical and mental exam to determine if any dual diagnosis needs to be handled. It’s always important, to be honest about your addiction and any mental or physical complaints you may have.  This is the time to deal with your issues, so don’t leave anything out.


As your treatment team comes up with a game plan regarding your treatment, you will begin the detoxification process. This may not be difficult if you have mild addiction issues, but detox can be quite harsh if you are in the throes of more severe addiction.

Taking anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, ridding your body of the remnants of drugs and alcohol can be very uncomfortable, leaving you craving those substances; mentally and physically fatigued, depressed, experiencing painful muscle aches, and even dealing with bouts of nausea and vomiting. 

Handling these withdrawal symptoms under the constant care of a professional is vital to ensuring it is done safely. Plus, the team here can help ease your symptoms with various medications and holistic help.


Once you rid your body of the substances you are addicted to, you can begin the healing process. This is where the hard work begins. By this time, the team working on your case will have designed an individualized healing plan that uses different services during your stay. This could include:

  • One-on-One Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy sessions and/or Support Groups
  • Cognitive Therapy
  • Life Skills Training
  • Stress Relief Training
  • Nutritional Strengthening
  • Massage Therapy
  • Acupuncture
  • Reiki


Leaving drug rehab clean and sober is a real accomplishment. But to keep the momentum going, you must participate in a good aftercare program. Diving right back into your “normal life” will put you face to face with many of the stresses and triggers that made you seek out drugs in the first place. Dealing with them is vital to your success.

Individual and group therapy, whether done in person or via Zoom, can help join a support group. Incorporating some of your new hobbies and stress relief options are also good to remember. Be sure to set up counseling appointments and have addresses to support groups already in hand when you leave rehab.

Paying for Drug Rehab in Aurora, Colorado

You don’t have to feel alone when paying for drug rehab in Aurora, Colorado. There are plenty of services that can lend a hand with those bills.  But first, you must verify your insurance.

Once you know what your out-of-pocket expenses will be, you can look for assistance programs to help. Here are some options to consider:

  • Loans: from medical and personal loans to home equity lines of credit, most people can secure the money they need for rehab
  • Sponsorship: many organizations and businesses help people who cannot afford drug rehab.
  • Enhanced Employer Benefits: some employers offer one-time enhanced medical coverage designed specifically for drug rehab services
  • Asking Friends and Family for Help: this isn’t always easy but is often the fastest and easiest way to find the money you need to pay rehab bills.
  • Savings

Traveling to Aurora Colorado

Straddling Interstates 70, 225, and the E-470 Beltway make Aurora easy to access by train or automobile. The Denver Airport can also be reached via the southern rail line, so those from other parts of the country can easily fly into Denver and hop the regional line straight into Aurora.

Getting to Aurora is easy, and maneuvering the city isn’t difficult either, making it a good place to come for drug rehab. Ready to move forward on your healing journey? Call now to find out how.


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