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Mission, Texas Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment

Mission, Texas, is a city located in Hidalgo County in the state’s southern portion. It is recognized for its many unique nature spots and biodiverse wildlife. Are you considering dual diagnosis rehab in Mission, TX? Find out how to get started with substance use disorder treatment through this guide.

When visiting Texas, the most common cities that would cross your mind would probably be Houston, Dallas, or Austin. You may even consider going to the southern coastal towns, such as South Padre Island, but have you heard of Mission, Texas? About 20 minutes close to McAllen, this city is known for its unique nature parks, warm climate, and proximity to the Mexico border for those who wish to visit. For others, it can be an ideal place to unwind and see distinct places for recreation and relaxation.

Are you thinking of dual diagnosis rehab in Mission, TX? What are the things you need to get ready for? In this comprehensive article, learn about what to expect and how you can get prepared for dual diagnosis treatment.

Addiction Statistics in Mission, TX

Mission, Texas, sits in Hidalgo County, along with cities such as McAllen, Edinburg, and San Juan. In addition, there are issues in Mission and other cities within the county surrounding drug trafficking and other drug-related crimes. This is mainly associated with Mission’s closeness at the Mexican border, where problems with drug smuggling are most prevalent.

Opioid overdose rates and drug-related deaths appear to be average or even lower compared to other larger metropolitan areas such as Houston or Dallas. In addition, there are government programs and private rehabs close to Mission, TX, to help raise awareness and provide solutions for people struggling with addiction.

What Is Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Mission, Texas?

You’ve arrived at this resource having an idea about what addiction treatment is. However, there is another aspect of addiction treatment that covers intervention for people with other mental health issues. This specific rehab is called dual diagnosis treatment, which means substance use disorder help for patients with more than one mental health diagnosis.

What is dual diagnosis rehab?

Dual diagnosis rehab is a combination of programs for individuals with mental health conditions aside from addiction. Medical issues such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Personality disorders
  • Mood disorders
  • Eating disorders
  • Psychosis

These can affect how people recover from addiction. Thus, having a program that targets and considers both these conditions can greatly improve the chances of long-term recovery.

What to Look for in Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Mission, Texas

When looking for dual diagnosis treatment centers, it can be helpful to have a list of requirements to land a good choice. More than looking for a typical rehab, you would want to search for the traits in this checklist:

Accreditation and licensure

Accreditation and licensure are things that set the standard for quality care. You would want to find a center with third-party accreditations–this means that the facility has passed inspections regarding the programs and services offered. Licensure of professionals is also important to ensure that you are working with legitimate workers who provide the best practices in addiction care.

Dual diagnosis programs available

Another important point of consideration is the programs specific to dual diagnosis rehab. For example, dual diagnosis treatments should have specific tools, programs, areas, and staff trained to address your mental health condition aside from addiction.

For example, if you are also diagnosed with anxiety or depression, you would want to find a center with therapists who can work with you on reframing thoughts and offering support. At the same time, you undergo a medical detox for your addiction diagnosis.

Services included in addiction treatment

What are some services you would want when you go into rehab? These should be part of your package once you go in for treatment to have a positive and comfortable experience.

Think about services such as:

  • Meals and lodging
  • Parking
  • Wi-Fi
  • Laundry facilities
  • Grocery assistance
  • Visitation hours
  • Availability of support groups
  • Medical assistance
  • Recreational facilities
  • Fitness facilities

Planning ahead and reaching out to potential rehab centers can give you the best choice of rehab that includes all the services you would need during your stay.

What to Expect During Dual Diagnosis Rehab in Mission, TX

Once you’ve dialed down on your top choices for dual diagnosis rehab, the next step on your mind is how to prepare for treatment. What can you expect once you’ve arrived at your treatment center? Below is the three-part process of typical inpatient or outpatient rehab:


In the evaluation stage, your team will assess your addiction and associated mental health condition. At this point, they will try to identify your triggers, how the substance use disorder or mental health disorder started, and what are effective ways to address the dual diagnosis condition. The point of getting evaluated is to have a personalized treatment plan during rehab.


The treatment stage is where the action begins–the plans created during the evaluation phase will be implemented. Usually, medical detox will ensue if you have developed a dependency on your addictive substance. The detox helps you to withdraw from the drug safely and effectively.

Once the detox phase is done, you will proceed to your customized treatment plan targeting the addiction and other mental health diagnoses. For example, some people prefer to have psychotherapies along with holistic treatments, and others prefer a 12-Step approach combined with a medically-assisted program. This all depends on the recommendations of your team and your personal preferences.


Aftercare is the last stage of rehab. This is the part where your team will sit with you and plan for relapse prevention and long-term sobriety. It may include recommendations such as:

  • Relapse prevention guides
  • Stress management tips
  • Diet and exercise plans
  • Recommendations for local care
  • Suggestions to remain in the center as an outpatient

The combination of these strategies can help you prevent addiction relapses while helping you manage the mental health symptoms that trigger drug or alcohol abuse.

Paying for Mission, Texas Dual Diagnosis Rehab

If you are decided on addiction treatment but are unsure of your payment options, the first step you can take is to verify your insurance. Healthcare insurance is the first line of action when financing your treatment–many comprehensive plans cover mental health and addiction diagnoses and will not put a heavier value on people suffering from physical-related illnesses.

If a healthcare plan is not a part of your viable options, you can also go for the following routes:

  • Personal and medical loans
  • Crowdfunding 
  • Fundraising ideas
  • Sponsorships from employer
  • Asking for help from family and friends
  • Scholarships and grants

Considering these ideas and pooling in the monetary help you have gathered can help you cover the cost of addiction treatment. You may also ask your rehab center about flexible payment plans that can help you manage finances better to cover expenses.

Traveling to Mission, TX Dual Diagnosis Centers

Mission, Texas, is accessible through the McAllen International Airport for out-of-state travelers. Travel time is only about 20 minutes from the airport towards the downtown center through the I-2 road.

If you are not bringing your own car, you can also opt for buses, trains, and taxis that travel to and from Mission and other cities within Hidalgo County. Contact your rehab center about travel assistance, such as pickups, drop-offs, or driving instructions.

Mission, Texas, Addiction Treatment Resources

  • Al-Anon and Alateen
  • Local Celebrate Recovery Groups
  • Marijuana Anonymous
  • Cocaine Anonymous
  • LifeRing Secular Recovery
  • Smart Recovery
  • Women for Sobriety
  • Adult Children of Alcoholics
  • Moderation Management
  • Nar-Anon

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