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Holistic Rehab in Avondale, Colorado

A small town nestled in south-central Colorado, Avondale houses less than 600 residents and features the kind of tranquil environment someone seeking holistic rehab needs.

Addiction Statistics in Avondale, Colorado

Drug use is on the rise in Colorado. Pueblo County is no different, with drug overdose deaths around 36.7 per 1,000 residents, compared to the state average of 19.

Drug-related crime in Avondale itself, there is about 10.92 per 1,000 residents. Those who live here believe that the eastern side of town is the most dangerous and may have the highest drug usage compared to other areas.  

Holistic Rehab in Avondale, Colorado

Regarding holistic drug rehab in Avondale, there is no one size fits all approach. Touted for its individualization, holistic care considers every aspect of the patient’s body. This includes taking a hard look at their lifestyle, behaviors, mental health, physical health, spirituality (or lack thereof), and even their current emotional state.  The care team can determine which approach to devising a solid treatment plan by considering why a person may be using drugs.

For instance, someone who uses drugs to numb feelings of past trauma may need to consider using talk therapy versus someone who uses drugs as a way to socialize. By learning more about a patient’s addiction, the treatment team can help utilize the holistic help that will be most beneficial.

This can look very different for each patient. Some may thrive in a group setting, while others may need one-on-one counseling that deepens their emotions.  Another may find medication or massage helpful when dealing with life’s daily stresses. Still, others may need to learn how to feed their body more nutritious foods or use herbal supplements to build a better immune system.

What to Look for in Holistic Rehab in Avondale, Colorado

The odds are that seeking help for your addiction is a new experience. This can leave you feeling insecure, not knowing what to look for in a facility. It is important to consider a few things to find the right place to seek the help you need.

 Accreditation/Licensing:  There are standards set by the industry that show prospective patients whether or not a facility offers the kind of care they are looking at. Having the right credentials is important. Of course, you may not know how to check someone’s accreditation. That’s OK because you don’t have to. There is an organization called LegitScript which does it for you. It only takes a minute to log onto their website and access their lists and reports about specific rehab centers. Check with them to ensure your chosen facility has the proper accreditation and licensing.

Programs Can Vary

No holistic rehab looks the same. Some offer a wide range of programs, while others concentrate on just a few. The environment in one may feel downright spa-like, while another may offer a cozier, homier feel, and yet another may look and feel more like a hospital or clinic. The best way to find the one you feel most comfortable in is to check out their program offerings carefully.

Look for things like 12-step versus non-12-step programs. Traditional 12-step programs often simply concentrate on the behavioral aspect of addiction. In contrast, non-12-step programs may delve into other aspects of addiction – like the link between physical and mental health and lifestyles and emotions. For those seeking a less structured approach to treatment, a non-12-step program may be more what they are looking for.

Holistic rehab often integrates a spiritual element into their treatment plans. This may be a religious style therapy or one that relies solely on the spiritual side. There can be a big difference between the two, so be sure you understand what is being offered.

Counseling is always a big source of any addiction treatment plan. Whether you undergo personal one-on-one counseling or become involved in group sessions or a support group is up to you and your care team. Many patients do both.

Facilities Offered 

Don’t discount the importance of certain amenities when making your rehab stay effective and as enjoyable as possible. A facility that is too stark may make one person feel uncomfortable, while another that is too “vacation-like” may not give another client the structure needed for rehab. Only you know what amenities are important to your recovery and what will make you the most comfortable and feel the safest. But do take some time to think about it before making a final decision.

Services Provided: 

Successful holistic rehab depends greatly on the types and quality of the services offered. While no facility needs to offer it all, be sure that at least the basics you expect are there. So, what should you be looking for? Here are a few suggestions:


  • Round-the-clock medical care, which includes herbal remedies. Withdrawal can be difficult for some people, and having traditional medical care coupled with herbal alternatives can make a real difference in your comfort level.
  • Counseling: make sure that the facility you choose has licensed professional counselors on staff for individual and group therapy.
  • Alternative therapies like acupuncture, massage, and meditation can all be used to ease stress and alleviate the worst of your withdrawal symptoms.
  • Fun activities. Now is the time to find new ways to occupy your mind and find safer ways to enjoy your free time. Delve into some new hobbies or recreational activities during rehab to see what activities you may enjoy once you return home

What to Expect During Holistic Rehab at Avondale Colorado

Getting help for any addiction can be stressful. You may be worried or even a little scared at the process. Knowing what to expect can help alleviate those fears and help you get the most out of your stay right from the start.  Not sure what holistic rehab will look like? Here’s a basic rundown of what you can expect to see and experience while there.

A Warm Welcome

Upon arrival, you will be checked in by one of our staff, who will take your initial information and get you started in the intake process.


Once your initial paperwork is completed, you will begin a detailed assessment of your condition. This will include a comprehensive medical exam and a mental health exam. All of this is normal and will help your care team decide the best approach to treatment.


Once you have been assessed and your care team better understands your physical and mental status and your level of addiction, it will be time to begin the detoxification process. More serious addiction cases can take a few days or even a few weeks. During this time, we will work to clear your system of all the chemicals and drugs in it. This can sometimes be uncomfortable, with a variety of withdrawal symptoms being experienced. You may experience anything from cold sweats and shaking to prolonged nausea and vomiting. Restlessness, fatigue, and even exhaustion may occur. Depending on the level of your addiction, you may need medical assistance during detox. 


Once you have finished detox, you can begin the hard work of dealing with your addiction. This may include working on behavioral or lifestyle issues and dealing with past trauma and its effects on your emotional and mental state. When seeking holistic rehab help, be prepared to tackle several issues simultaneously. For instance, you may begin a healthier eating regime to bolster your immune system while integrating exercise into your daily routine to strengthen your body and ease daily stresses. Individual or group therapy may be used to understand better what’s causing your addiction or to deal with interpersonal relationship issues. Mental health problems may also be addressed during treatment if needed.


You may think your recovery job is over once you are released from holistic rehab. This is simply not the case. A good aftercare program is essential to long-term success. Be sure to set up appointments with a counselor near you before discharge. You may also consider getting information on support groups before leaving. But that’s not all. Consider how you will integrate some of the new skills and therapy into your daily routine. Was massage helpful? Find a place at home to continue regular massages. Or maybe you discovered a new hobby while in rehab. Discover ways to continue enjoying it. All of these things will help you relax, de-stress and continue on the journey of healing even after you leave rehab.

Paying for Holistic Rehab at Avondale Colorado

Does the cost of holistic rehab have you worried? There’s no need to be. With so much financial help available, the personal cost will likely be more than manageable. But first, you need to determine what your insurance carrier will cover.  This can be done by verifying your insurance to see what portion of the bill they will cover. If there are costs that you need to pay, there are options like loans, employer benefits, and more.

Traveling to Avondale Colorado

Less than an hour’s drive from the Pueblo airport, Avondale is easy to access almost anywhere.

If you’re ready to begin overcoming your addiction and living a healthy, happy life again, why not give us a call today to find out more?


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