Insurance For Addiction Treatment: Does Insurance Cover Rehab?

One of the best ways to fund an inpatient addiction treatment is through your health insurance. Although many of us do have an insurance provider, finding a rehab center that accepts one’s coverage can be complicated at times. Below is a step-by-step process to get the best rehab covered by your health insurance provider.

Any healthcare service can be costly when computed without insurance. Thus, many people turn to their insurance provider for many health treatment needs such as rehab. If you are new to claiming coverage for these types of needs, it can be quite confusing to secure rehabilitation insurance.

Does Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?

Many people wonder, “Is drug rehab covered by insurance?”. Most comprehensive health plans cover alcohol and drug addiction treatment. This is due to the mandate imposed by the government called Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, which states that insurance providers should give the same access to care in mental health and addiction disorders of policyholders, as it would cover procedures of those with physical illnesses.

However, it is important to know that there are some health insurance policies that don’t cover addiction treatment costs. For example, people who only have dental and vision plans may have to pay out-of-pocket costs for rehab. It is important to read through your policy’s fine print to know more information about your health insurance coverages.

There are different types of addiction treatments and various coverages per each insurance provider. Thus, the guide below will serve as a general, step-by-step process to find information on how to find a rehab that takes your insurance.

Finding A Rehab That Takes Your Insurance

There are two main ways to go about finding a rehab that is covered by your insurance:

Picking a rehab and verifying your insurance

After looking up information, reading reviews, and weighing the pros and cons of each rehab center, you can start with your top addiction treatment facility choice and dial their hotline to verify your insurance.

In most cases, large rehab centers with several branches are accepted by major health insurance providers. At the very least, they can partially cover the cost of the whole treatment, or provide you with access to some outpatient procedures that will also be helpful in your recovery journey.

Finding a database from your insurance provider

If you’re wondering how to get insurance to pay for drug rehab, another way is to find a database of rehab centers on their main website. Some insurance providers do have these databases, but not all. You can contact your health insurance for a list as well, or verify your rehab of choice through them.

Does Insurance Your Cover Drug Rehab?

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What If I Don’t Have Health Insurance?

If you are interested in getting health insurance while undergoing rehab afterward, what you can do to ensure that you’ll get rehab insurance coverage is to:

  • Contact your rehab of choice to ask about top insurance providers: If you already have a high-quality rehab of choice, you can ask them about healthcare insurance providers that cover the most costs or are affiliated with them. This makes payment and coverage procedures much easier all the while saving you from expenses of out-of-pocket costs.
  • Find addiction and behavioral treatment plans: If your main goal is to easily access most rehab centers, you can also choose an insurance provider that has specific addiction and behavioral treatment plans. Many of them offer this option as a separate plan or part of a comprehensive plan.
  • Choose a comprehensive health plan: Many comprehensive health plans also cover both the medical and rehabilitative side of addiction treatment. If you choose a comprehensive health plan, ask if they can cover lab tests, psychotherapies, and other treatment options you are willing to take during your rehab.

Finding health insurance that covers substance use disorder may take some time, but this process is crucial in order to maximize your individualized addiction treatment without any added costs.

Other Ways To Cover Addiction Treatment

If your insurance provider covers substance use disorder treatment in full–great news! If not, there are still some ways for them to partially cover your addiction rehab needs.

You can:

  • Ask your rehab center about specific procedures that are considered medical in nature: Some health insurances won’t indicate addiction or behavioral health treatment coverage, but there are parts of substance use disorder rehab that involve medical procedures. These can include the medical detox, lab tests during the assessment, or emergency services.
  • Co-occurring disorders: Some health conditions that are covered in treatment by your insurance provider may also benefit your substance use disorder problem. For example, if you can receive psychotherapy services for depression, anxiety, and personality disorders, you can pick this option within your rehab center of choice as it also benefits many substance use disorder issues.
  • Contact for negotiation: Other insurance providers are willing to negotiate treatment coverage as well. You can call your provider to see if they can at least partially cover the costs of rehab, or indicate that you have a diagnosed condition that warrants medical and behavioral treatment.

Rehab Insurance Strategizing

Getting rehab insurance may seem complicated at first, but it is definitely possible to receive coverage through your creative strategies and negotiation. Hopefully, these tips will help you out as you seek an insurance provider or communicate with your rehab of choice for verification.


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