Kaiser Health Insurance Rehab Coverage

Kaiser is a health insurance company that has both individual and family insurance plans. When someone has a plan through Kaiser, they can pick from different doctors. Some doctors include internal medicine, adult medicine, family medicine, pediatrics, and others. Members of these plans can also get preventative screenings as well. Some of the services are even offered at no cost to the members. One of Kaiser’s goals is to promote overall health and wellness. This company also offers Kaiser mental health coverage, Kaiser rehab coverage, and Kaiser behavioral health coverage to some extent.

Kaiser and Rehab Coverage

Many people want to know, does Kaiser pay for drug rehab? This is a great question and one that can be answered. First, you should know that some of the regions that Kaiser is offered include Colorado, South California, North California, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington, D.C., Virginia, and Maryland. Those who are in these areas and have Kaiser insurance may get some benefits for substance use disorder treatment. The cost of the program and the coverage provided may vary depending on the area someone is in and what insurance policy they have as well. If you are looking for Kaiser addiction treatment coverage, you should call today to see if your plan covers these services.

Kaiser and Mental Health Coverage

The majority of mental health services are covered through Kaiser Insurance. In addition, most of the in-network providers do offer behavioral health services, including sleep issues, depression, relationship issues, and mood disorders. Kaiser focuses on offering services and coverage to improve one’s overall physical and mental health, and since these are intertwined together, this is a great goal. The Kaiser mental health insurance has coverage for children, adolescents, and adults. Some of the services in this area that may be covered include marriage therapy, family therapy, social workers, psychologists, and psychiatrists.

Kaiser and Behavioral Health Coverage

Kaiser does offer some coverage for behavioral health services as well. With most Kaiser policies, the members will have access to mental, behavioral, and Kaiser rehab insurance coverage. They may not even need a referral from their primary care physician. In the majority of cases, the members can contact the Behavioral Health Access Unit to receive services. Kaiser offers insurance through the state exchange that the Affordable Care Act created.

 For some policies through Kaiser, such as certain plans for California, there isn’t a maximum of annual benefits for substance use disorder or mental health coverage. There isn’t a lifetime maximum for benefits either in these service areas. The members won’t have a copay for their regular outpatient visits for substance use disorder or mental health services. With some of the plans through Kaiser, the members won’t even have a copay for some non-routine outpatient appointments related to behavioral health services. There may, however, be a copay when it comes to inpatient services for behavioral health.

Expectations with Kaiser and Rehab

There is coverage through Kaiser when it comes to center-based treatments. This includes the Kaiser rehab network and mental health network as well. If you are a member of Kaiser insurance, you should reach out to them right away if you want to see what coverage your policy includes.

 Some of the different treatments options you will have for substance use disorder include outpatient treatment, acute care, case management, and much more. These are included in many of the Kaiser plans. There won’t be maximums on the lifetime benefits or annual benefits for these services. There aren’t maximums on the mental health care service benefits either.

 However, with this being said, if someone does have a plan through Kaiser and wants coverage through an in-network provider, the services need to be clinically necessary. For the covered services, while getting a primary care provider referral isn’t necessary, you may need a pre-authorization in some cases. Kaiser members may also use in-network covered substance use disorder and mental health services to have their out-of-pocket minimum met for their in-network requirements. Through Kaiser, inpatient means to detox, residential treatment, and acute inpatient services.

Our insurance verification team works quickly to verify your insurance benefits to place you into one of our centers as soon as possible. Because of our industry expertise, we will be able to verify this information quickly and advocate for more coverage or more time in treatment. We strive to do this as quickly as possible while also maximizing your coverage. Our insurance verification process is of no cost to you, and there are absolutely no obligations.

Do you need substance use disorder, mental health, or behavioral healthcare services? Do you have a Kaiser insurance plan? You may be able to get some or all of these services covered. Make the call today.

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