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Mountain Springs Recovery Reviews

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Mountain Springs Recovery Reviews

Mountain Springs Recovery is a top-tier addiction treatment center located in Colorado Springs, CO. Many patients have attested to the beautiful views of the mountains, personalized care, and quality facilities available at Mountain Springs Recovery. If you’re looking for Mountain Springs Recovery reviews, you’ve come to the right place.


Below, you’ll some testimonies of satisfied patients who have gone through the rehab experience at Mountain Springs.

Reviews of Mountain Springs Recovery

Easy Intake Process

“This was the first time I’ve had to seek an inpatient treatment center and it was beyond easy for the intake process! They were a great help and key in constant contact with me until I got on my plane to head there. The staff here were extraordinary! They were so helpful, kind, and thoughtful, and made the adjustment for me seamless! The facility was awesome! It’s an old hotel, so you’re in a room with another person but that seriously helped pass the downtime. The therapists went above and beyond in making sure that you were being cared for and doing your work. The entire experience was just awesome!”


-Jeremiah R.


Jeremiah especially appreciated the easy intake process available at Mountain Springs Recovery. Mountain Springs Recovery responded to his needs, unlike other centers that may have complicated admissions processes. He said the staff was responsive, kind, and very helpful during his stay.


A Strong Starting Point

“I will have 3 years of sobriety in February. I started my journey at MSR and did a 90-day IOP after I left. I am thankful I took the step to get the help I needed and it has definitely paid off for me. If you are seeking help, this is a good place to start. Of course, it’s up to you to put in the work to maintain your recovery.”

– Molly M.


Molly believed her addiction treatment at Mountain Springs Recovery was foundational for her long-term journey toward sobriety. She believes that staying in the center paid off and allowed her to have a  strong starting point as she continues to recover.


A Beautiful Place

“This place is the nicest facility I’ve ever seen or heard of. The views are awesome. The staff is caring and very professional. I would come here again if I needed it, but I pray I won’t. It’s still just a wonderful place, and it makes it so much easier to recover from personal issues.”


-Alpha O.


Alpha explained that the whole set at Mountain Springs Recovery is tantamount to his ability to focus on addiction treatment and find peace from personal issues. He believes that the environment matters during the recovery journey, so he recommends Mountain Springs Recovery to those looking for tranquility during addiction treatment.


Total Transformation, Welcoming Staff

“When I walked through the doors of MSR, I was in a very vulnerable place in my life. I didn’t know what to expect I just knew I needed help. I was welcomed with open arms and the most amazing staff. I was treated with respect and I grew to feel like this place was home. Everyone is so very kind and helpful in every way they can be to help get you back to health. The curriculum hits on every important piece of recovery, and my one-on-one counselor gave me all the necessary tools to combat my trauma and unresolved issues that are such a big part of my addiction. I am very grateful I got to begin my recovery journey with Mountain Springs Recovery and I would recommend it to anyone who is still suffering and wants the life they deserve. Much love and respect to all the amazing people at MSR.”


-Brad M.


According to Brad, the whole experience at Mountain Springs Recovery allowed him to take healthy steps toward healing. He understood the roots of his trauma through the empathetic staff as well as the strong curriculum — allowing him to have the tools to succeed in his recovery journey. He recommends Mountain Springs Recovery to those who want to get their life back and break the chains of substance use disorder.


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Mountain Springs Recovery

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1865 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132

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