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Best Holistic Rehabs in Newport Beach, California

Upscale inpatient rehabs with Non-12-Step program options.

  • Keep your phone and laptop
  • Safe 24/7 monitored detox
  • Non 12-step & holistic options
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Beachfront facility
  • Thorough aftercare planning
  • Private rooms at Chapters Capistrano

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Typically, treatment centers do not permit cell phone or laptop use, but at both Chapters and Monarch Shores, our clients are allowed to engage with outside responsibilities.

Best Holistic Rehabs in Newport Beach, California

Newport Beach is a coastal city located in the southern part of California. It has over 83,000 residents and is recognized for its landmarks, such as the Newport Beach Pier, Fashion Island, and Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve.


Are you considering holistic rehab in Newport Beach, CA? You’ve arrived at the right page. Below, find some top options in Orange County, plus other centers you may want to opt for should you choose a rehab outside of the state.


Top Holistic Addiction Treatment Centers in Newport Beach, CA

Chapters Capistrano

Chapters Capistrano is one of the best holistic luxury rehabs in San Clemente, California. This center has exquisite facilities and is recognized for its other great features, including:


  • Low patient-to-staff ratio: The Chapters Capistrano team will provide personalized attention, thanks to the low patient-to-staff ratio.
  • Chef-prepared meals: You will have thoughtfully prepared and delicious meals meant to help you recover physically and mentally.


To discover more about Chapters Capistrano, don’t hesitate to reach out to:


Website: Chapters Capistrano

Address: 1525 Buena Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672

Phone: 877-773-9903


Monarch Shores

Monarch Shores is another top-tier rehab located in San Juan Capistrano, California. This center is recognized for its caring staff, effective programs, and other notable features such as:


  • 24/7 medical attention: At Monarch Shores, you don’t have to be concerned about your health or safety. The staff provides 24/7 medical care, especially for emergencies and during the discomforts of detox.
  • Support groups: You will find people who know much about your experiences and will encourage you in your recovery journey.


To learn more about Monarch Shores, please visit the following contact information:


Phone: (888) 383-0628

Address: 27123 Calle Arroyo #2121, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675



Other Holistic Rehabs Outside Newport Beach, California

There are some instances where you may need to have addiction treatment outside your area of residence. This is because it’s more likely that you’ll avoid triggers and other distractions that keep you from fully focusing on recovery. Here are some top options to try if you are residing in California:


Lincoln Recovery

Do you prefer a rehab that’s closer to the metropolitan area? You may want to opt for Lincoln Recovery, located in Raymond, IL. This center is known for its notable features, including:


  • Diverse treatment options: At Lincoln Recovery, you have a wide range of choices for treatment options such as varied holistic methods (massage, reflexology, meditation, etc.) and combine them with other approaches such as 12-step.
  • Strong aftercare program: Recovery isn’t just about what you do in rehab, but what happens after. You’ll receive an aftercare program that includes the things you should do to maintain sobriety after the treatment.


To learn more about Lincoln Recovery, please visit:


Phone: 888-383-0628

Address: 19067 W. Frontage Rd., Raymond, IL 62560



Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs Recovery is another great center situated in Bastrop, TX. If you prefer a holistic rehab closer to the south, this option suits your needs. Some of its features include:


  • Caring staff: At Willow Springs, you’ll experience the southern charm and hospitality unique to the center. They meet you where you are and are ready to listen to your needs.
  • Full-fledged center: You don’t have to go for detox at one center and transfer to another. Willow Springs Recovery offers all stages of treatment on one site.


To discover what else Willow Springs Recovery has to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out to:


Phone: 833-995-0818

Address: 11128 TX-21, Bastrop, TX 78602



Mountain Springs Recovery

Are you considering a rehab with a beautiful view of the mountain ranges and the vast woods? You may want to go for Mountain Springs Recovery, located in Monument, CO. This center is known for its facilities, including:


  • Recreational activities: Mountain Springs Recovery offers many recreational activities, including sports, fitness, indoor socials, games, nature walks, and other events inside and outside the center.
  • Technology-friendly: You don’t have to keep away your gadgets during your stay. You’ll have access to WiFi to continue work or keep in touch with loved ones at the center.


To learn more about Mountain Springs Recovery, don’t hesitate to reach out to:


Phone: 888-383-0628

Address: 1865 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132



We hope that these resources have helped you out! As always, we wish you the best in your journey toward sobriety.

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