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Oxycontin, also known as oxy drug, is one of the pharmaceutical drugs that contain the active ingredient oxycodone which is similar to morphine and heroin. It is important to know about oxycontin so that you can easily determine if a person is under the influence of such a drug.

There are several interesting facts about oxycontin. This drug has a similar composition with hydrocodone, which has quickly become one of the most commonly abused prescription drugs in the United States. This is also typically prescribed for pain management. However, when used inappropriately it may lead to oxycontin addiction.

A deluge of facts about OxyContin has been made available all over the internet because many consider this prescription drug to be at the heart of America’s national drug crisis.

Pain, Addiction, and Withdrawal of Oxycotin

This oxy drug addiction doesn’t begin with personal circumstances. This addiction develops when an individual relies on a drug for one of its effects. There are people who are using this oxy drug to modify their perception. In fact, there are several factors that contribute to the development of addiction including mental health, genetics, personal history, and the environment. Some people have been using OxyContin to alleviate physical and mental pain.

Since this drug affects the central nervous system it can make a person feel relaxed and gain a sense of euphoria. If you don’t know how addictive oxycontin is, you should consider the effects it may have. Users of this drug may recognize that it leads to more problems than it resolved, But, they are trapped the vicious cycle of addiction because they don’t know what lies ahead in withdrawal.

Despite the fact that this drug brings relief and alleviates traumatic pain, abuse of using it is more dangerous. The possible fatal overdose is one of the dangers of using the drug regularly. When a person snorts or ingests the crushed tablets, there’s a great possibility of developing seizures, comatose, or worse.

OxyContin can be misused and purposefully abused by taking it without a prescription or without a genuine need or by upping the prescribed dosage. This is done to achieve a high that has been compared to the euphoria achieved from the use of heroin or cocaine. In short, OxyContin has become the cheaper alternative to these illegal substances.

Other pain medication such as Percodan and Percocet also have oxycodone as an active ingredient. However, OxyContin has a time-release feature that allows it to manage pain effectively over several hours. Unfortunately, this medication has been at prime risk for overdose and addiction because of its effectivity.

Even the manufacturers of OxyContin warn against abuse and misuse that can be fatal. However, they project a kind of helplessness at this phenomenon of addiction to their product. They merely warn physicians to assess the risk factor for each patient before writing down a prescription. They also remind regular monitoring of patients for signs of OxyContin abuse.

There are generic symptoms manifested by those who have abused OxyContin, such as drowsiness and lack of energy. However, even the not so common signs of OxyContin addiction aren’t difficult to miss. Abusers of or any other opioid experience difficulty focusing. They also show sudden and usually drastic changes to their appearance and social behavior. They also manifest an increased demand for privacy and a tendency to be secretive.

It is important to be mindful of oxycontin addiction symptoms because the OxyContin overdose statistics are grim. Deaths from overdose were also five times higher in 2016 than in 1999. Over 200,000 individuals died in the United States during that 17 year period due to overdose related to prescription opioids. The figure translates to roughly 10,000 people each year.

In a March 2018 survey done by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it was seen that on a daily basis more than 115 people in the United States die from an opioid overdose. Another matter to watch out for when it comes to the misuse of opiate narcotics is taking them in high doses or in combination with alcohol or other brain depressants, a fact that can prove to be fatal.

Addiction signs of Oxycotin

Oxycontin addiction is very common today. That’s why it is important to have an idea about the signs of oxycontin abuse. It is challenging to recognize oxycodone abuse because it does not require the use of paraphernalia. The common signs of oxycontin use include the limited attention span, dilated pupils, drowsiness and apathy.

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OxyContin addiction treatment

The Dangers of Avoiding OxyContin Addiction Withdrawal

The good news is that there are readily available OxyContin treatment facilities for those who manifest symptoms oxycontin addiction. Determining whether oxycodone addiction signs are genuine is a situation best left to the experts and cannot be downplayed as a self-medication situation. Oxycontin addiction changes the brain structure by reducing its natural production of chemicals that give pleasure and then make the brain completely dependent on the pleasure that it has experienced via OxyContin.

At the same time, tolerance to OxyContin builds with each use. Thus, the quantity of the drug required to produce the same amount of pleasure increases over time. As soon as OxyContin addiction signs are visible, OxyContin rehab should also begin. There are many types of treatment options available depending on one’s background and needs.

There is are 7-14 day detox or 28-30 day rehab or 90-day rehab for those who need to follow specific time constraints. There are rehabilitation programs that allow the use of mobile phones. There are luxury rehabilitation programs for those who cannot be without the comfort and extravagance they are used to. There are LGBTQ friendly, faith-based programs, and non-12 Step. There are also holistic programs and rehabilitation for those with dual diagnosis, such as anxiety and depression, where it is recognized that rehabilitation has to be done while simultaneously addressing persistent mental health concerns.

The most important thing is for the treatment for OxyContin rehab to be done at the soonest possible time. While preparing for the withdrawal process, the addicted person may experience symptoms that vary from mild to severe. Regardless of the severity of the withdrawal symptoms, it is essential to seek help from an addiction specialist or a healthcare professional. This will help to treat the oxycontin addiction symptoms. In the same manner, addiction specialists can also help to ease the adverse effects of withdrawal and the possible relapse after completing the treatment.

The US government recognizes that the abuse of opioids is real. It has affected public health as well as social and economic welfare, costing the United States $78.5 billion annually not just in healthcare, but also from the loss of productivity, and engaging the courts. It is for everybody’s interest that OxyContin rehabilitation is given the importance it deserves.

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