What is Vicodin?

Vicodin is an opioid used as a treatment for pain. It contains hydrocodone and acetaminophen which is known as a less potent pain reliever that targets pain receptors. However, more and more people are abusing prescription opioid and that includes Vicodin.

Misuse of this drug can happen to different economic backgrounds, ages, and sexes. The misuse of this drug oftentimes leads to addiction and dependence.

Vicodin Rehab

The first thing to note when approaching a loved one is to be positive. The next thing is to offer help and assistance throughout treatment and recovery.  There are also acts that can help your loved ones while they are undergoing the struggle. For example, you can drive them to see a doctor. Tell them that it is best to avail of help from professionals. Another helpful act you can do is put together a list of resources and information that they can use in planning the treatment they want to take.

You can give them a list of treatment centers or treatment plans so that they know where to start. You can also sit with them and think of the right questions to ask once you reach the treatment center. With proper support and acceptance on the part of the patient, recovery will be easier.

The addictive nature of this type of medication and the unpleasant symptoms of withdrawal makes it difficult to stop taking it. With the help of a rehab program, you can safely withdraw from the drug in a medically assisted manner. Aside from that, they can also help identify issues that contribute to the addiction and address them. This way, you can break free from addiction and live a life of sobriety

Choosing A Vicodin Rehab Center

Rehab facilities offering treatment for Vicodin addiction offers three main components. These include the detox, inpatient therapy, and lastly, the follow-up care.

If you are looking for a rehab facility for this type of addiction, you should look for those with high success rates in terms of helping people break free from painkiller addiction. They should be able to provide evidence and statistics about the facility.

The facility you choose will play a big role in the recovery process. This is why you should not take chances on your treatment. Find a facility with proven and tested methods in the treatment of addiction to pain medications.

The drive of using and eventually abusing Vicodin is because of the effects it produces. The addiction is because of a substance that increases a person’s dopamine which is the brain’s happy hormone.

  • Slowed body responses
  • Provides euphoric feelings.
  • Lessens the physical tension
  • Lessens the feeling of worry and anxiety
  • Helps people sleep

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The Vicodin Rehab Process

It’s hard to participate in a treatment program where you don’t feel comfortable. We make sure that our clients are treated with respect. The information about their condition is strictly confidential. Patients have different situations and conditions. This is why we recommend tailored programs for addiction treatment. The treatment facilities staff and medical team are dedicated to providing the utmost care and treatment that will cover not only the physical but also one’s mental and emotional needs.

The treatment process involves detoxification before the proper therapy program can start. The professionals will walk you through the detox, therapy, counseling, and end in the aftercare activities that will help maintain sobriety and continuity of care.Withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous. Some people can fall into relapse without consistent support and treatment. This is the primary reason why treatment should be done with the assistance of a professional. Withdrawal symptoms can be hard to manage, and the detox can be a difficult process for the patient.

  • Agitation
  • Insomnia
  • Sweating
  • Trembling
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Pain
  • Diarrhea
  • Depression
  • Panic attacks
  • Cold sweats
  • Tremors
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Seizures or convulsions

The first step to recovery is through the detox process. This is usually medically supervised to make the patient more comfortable and to also lessen the risk of going into relapse. The goal in this phase is to remove the drug from your body.

The next step is an intensive therapy. The patient learns to understand the issues which may have caused him to fall into Vicodin dependency. Determining the issue helps in getting an alternative way to resolve the issue without depending on the drug.

If the patient is abusing Vicodin because of pain, he is given alternatives such as other meditations and self-hypnosis. Therapy sessions can also be done to address the emotional and psychological issues that may arise due to the addiction effects.

Success in Vicodin Rehab

The success of the treatment greatly depends on the patient. With the client’s cooperation and effective strategies, you more likely to succeed. Aside from that, there are other factors that can help in your success:

  • Care from the Staff and Medical Team: Aside from the dedication and training of the staff, their care goes a long way in the treatment process. They are the ones that deal with the patient during the entire duration of the treatment; their patience and understanding contribute a big part to the positive outcome of the program.
  • Duration of Treatment: Those who are able to complete the treatment program are more successful in staying sober and living a life free from drugs.
  • Personalized Treatment: Addiction cases are not always the same, creating a personalized treatment plan is a better way of helping each client. This will help address their specific needs and manage each of them as necessary.
  • Counseling: During treatment, it is not only the physical symptoms that are addressed, the mental and emotional aspects are also considered. Counseling helps in getting to the root cause of the problem and this also helps avoid relapse.

Effective Vicodin Treatment

For a Vicodin addicted person to recover, they have two options. They can get into an outpatient treatment program or they can enter hospital care. Sometimes, to increase the chance of a full recovery, some people use both.  Medically supervised detox helps in weaning off the substance and making the patient feel comfortable during the process. Hospitals can also administer other substances to facilitate a faster and better recovery. Addiction treatment programs have shown to have a decrease in the rate of death due to opioid.

They also have addiction specialists who are experts in determining the Vicodin addiction at an early stage. They are also instrumental in preventing relapse, as they provide psychological care. The challenge is to get support and continue sobriety at home. A rehab facility usually creates an ideal environment that minimizes triggers of relapse.

Aside from the professional treatment, it also helps the patient in coping with the sober life if they get involved in facilitated peer support group and if their loved ones also assist them all throughout the process.

Support Groups for Friends and Family

People with an addiction to Vicodin need positivity and acceptance. They must also set up an environment that the patient can live in after he is done with rehabilitation. They must create a functional and positive surrounding to encourage the patient to be healthy. When the family and friends are supportive about the recovery, the chance of long-term recovery increases.

Some of the occurrences of relapse can be traced to the chaotic environment that the patient has to deal with. For some, it can be hard to handle. There are support groups for friends and family as well. There are also networks of friends and family members. There are members who despite their loved one’s recovery are still eager to help those who have family members who are still struggling to get clean.

A good way to encourage your loved ones to get help is through staging an intervention. In an intervention, the people who care about the patient gather and tell them in a positive and caring way about how they are affected by the addiction. There are recommended ways of properly staging an intervention. One of the most important things to remember is to limit the number of people to the ones who truly are impacted by the addiction and those who care about the person’s recovery.

Whether the person addicted to Vicodin decides to seek help from professionals or undergo treatment, loved ones still play a big role in dealing with the physical effects and emotional stress of addiction.

Medical disclaimer:

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