OTC Drugs Addiction and Abuse

OTC Drugs are over the counter drugs that have been determined to be safe for use and appropriate without need for doctor supervision. They are easily purchased at normal pharmacies or grocery stories.Today, you may find them under different names like DXM, Dexing, Orange Crush, Red Devils, Red Hots, and Robo.

If you are misusing these drugs or combining them with other drugs, you must seek help from a doctor immediately. Call us today and we will find you the right OTC Drugs rehab center. Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are, after marijuana (and alcohol), the most commonly abused substances by Americans 14 and older.

OTC Drugs Addiction and Abuse

The abuse of OTC Drugs commonly occurs when someone takes the drugs that were prescribed for someone else. You may be unaware of the problems taking someone else’s drugs may have on you.

You might also take the drug for a reason that it wasn’t given to you for. The pleasurable effects you feel could be something you want to feel continuously.

If you are currently addicted to OTC Drugs, you must seek help right away. Get in touch with us, and we will find you a selection of OTC Drugs treatment centers that will get rid of your addiction, making you a productive member of society once more.

Commonly Abused OTC Prescription

  • Caffeine pills
  • Diet pills (ephedra)
  • Cold medicines (dextromethorphan)
  • Pain relievers (acetaminophen and ibuprofen)
  • Motion sickness pills (dimenhydrinate and diphenhydramine)
  • Laxatives

Side Effects of OTC Drugs

OTC Drugs will affect you body adversely in different ways. You are likely to see the impact on your body after you begin taking dosages of the drug. One common effect you are likely to find is that some OTC Drugs will suppress the body’s chemical acetylcholine. You will not only experience drowsiness as a result but also dry mouth.

Other OTC Drugs might leave you with side effects that might not be easily discovered. You might experience internal bleeding, which could occur with some. Though, you pose yourself a great danger when mixing these drugs with other substances.

If you start to experience any of these side effects, it’s important you talk with a doctor. We can find you one at an OTC Drugs treatment center that will rid you of your OTC Drugs addiction.

Overdose Symptoms of OTC Drugs

The most common effect you are likely to experience is the feeling of euphoria you get when used regularly. However, that will be amplified by the increased usage of the OTC Drugs. You might also be impacted in other ways.

You could experience problems with your body’s temperature or your body’s heart rate might increase or decrease rapidly. You might find you have trouble breathing or your blood pressure becomes dangerously high or low. But, you could become too sleepy or confused; maybe, end up in a comma as the end result.It is important to get in touch with us, so we may find you the right OTC Drugs treatment center for you.

OTC Drugs Withdrawal and Detox

The withdrawal process for you getting off OTC Drugs is not likely to be an easy one. You are likely to find that there will be a number of side effects to you making the already tough decision to end your addiction.

You are likely to find abdominal pain take place within your body. You could become nauseous or you might end up vomiting. You might become nervous or end up having your body shaking. You could have trouble sleeping or have your legs not stop wanting to move. You could contract irritable bowl syndrome. The worst you might experience is seizures or death.

OTC Drugs detoxification will be a difficult process for you. You must find a long-term communal OTC Drugs treatment center that is committed to your well being. We will help you find the best center.You might be given Methadone, a drug commonly used in outpatient and inpatient settings. You will begin with a dosage of 20-40 milligrams a day. The dose for you will decline over a number of days. The secret you will find is this is called tapering, designed to help you slowly get off the OTC Drugs you are abusing.

We will work with you to find the best institution for all your needs.

OTC Drugs Treatment and Rehab

Understanding your OTC Drugs addiction is the toughest part for you. You might not understand why your loved ones are concerned about you. But, the truth is you are not and you might not understand the effects of the drugs you are taking. It will be up to you or your loved ones to help you finally find the treatment you need. We will be waiting your call.

Rehab Treatment Process

  • Step 1: Intake – When you arrive at your facility you will be assessed by the medical professionals to determine your treatment through detox, as well as your rehabilitation program.
  • Step 2: Detox – After your assessment or intake you will be taken to your room where you can rest and be monitored while you go through the withdrawal of your drug use. Detox can range from 1 day to a week, depending on the drug of choice and the user.
  • Step 3: Rehab – After you finish detox you will be ready to begin your addiction treatment, which can range from a variety of different options. This is when you will be able to meet others, attend lectures, participate in group or individual counseling, and learn the tools you need to stay clean.
  • Step 4: Aftercare – When your time at the facility is over, you will have to go back to your life. This can be a challenge for a lot of people, but part of your treatment includes aftercare. This is usually outpatient counseling in a group or individualized setting, where you are slowly introduced back to your life and responsibilities.

Now is the Time to Seek Help

Call us today.

Addressing OTC Drugs Addiction

It will be difficult for you or your loved one to accept they have an illness: you are addicted to morphine. You or your loved one might not want to recognize the Morphine addiction you have. If called on it, you might get angry that your loved ones recognize your lack of action to fix your addiction. Most of all, you or your loved one might push your family away because you are unwilling to accept the truth and that’s the worst of all. We will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Coming to Terms with Your Morphine Addiction

It will not be easy for you to confront your OTC Drugs abuse. You need to seriously consider what you are doing with your life. Is this where you want to be? What happened to the goals you had for my life? Such questions will help you deeply reflect on the way you have been living your life. Best of all, you might work up the courage to call us, so we might help you find the best institution to help rid you of your OTC Drugs abuse.

Helping a Friend of Family Member Address Their OTC Drugs Addiction

You need to educate yourself on the drugs your loved one are taking. Knowledge is key for you, because you will need to understand why they ended up down that path and what the appeal of OTC Drugs are for them. You will also need to find us, and be prepared to call when your loved one makes the brave decision to seek treatment.

Next comes the hardest part for you: confronting your loved one. You will want to find a private place and make sure it is more than just a couple minutes. Let them know you just want what’s best for them. Of course, you don’t have to be the only one.

You can put together a group intervention, complete with that person’s family and friends.  Confronting them with everyone just might make your efforts more impactful that your loved one truly needs help. If you are successful in convincing them, here’s how we can help. We can provide you and your loved one with a list of different OTC Drugs treatment facilities that best suit your needs.


  • Make sure they are not high when having the conversation
  • Tell them that you love them and care about their well-being
  • Tell them that you know about their addiction
  • Offer them hope


  • Wait for your loved one to hit rock bottom to have this conversation
  • Have this conversation alone, bring other loved ones who care about him or her
  • Bluff; stand your ground on any promises or threats you make
  • Don’t use confrontational or aggressive communication

The Bottom Line: You Can Beat OTC Drug Abuse

If you’ve reached this point it is hard to deny the fact that you’re serious about beating your OTC drug abuse, and that is something to have pride in and celebrate. Your life matters and there is no reason why you should allow a drug to dictate the rest of your life when help is available.

Remember, choosing to go into a OTC drug rehab treatment center for OTC drug abuse will help you rid yourself of the horrible side effects you’ve had to endure, extend your life span, and most importantly place you on track towards regaining you own life. So don’t fight addiction alone. Instead allow us to help you live the life you deserve to have.

Payment Options for OTC Drugs Abuse Treatment

We will be the origins for all your treatment facilities by looking your insurance benefits and giving you a free quote to one of our OTC Drugs treatment rehabs. Our help will not burden you in the least and make your life much easier through the process. You need to get your help now, and we will be more than happy to tutor you on the different options available to you.

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