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Addiction is confusing and frightening. Choosing an addiction treatment center can be too.

If you or a loved one needs assistance, you might be scared, vulnerable, and not know where to turn. Sure, several rehab centers offer all sorts of options, but are they really right for you?

That’s where Monarch Shores Recovery can help. Located in Southern California near the beautiful Pacific Coast, the facility provides skilled medical care, compassionate understanding, and a comfortable, home-like environment.

By providing multiple levels of assistance, Monarch Shores understands that different people have different needs. It offers an additional program to treat mental health conditions so they don’t make addictions worse.

After all, your treatment — and your recovery — should be as unique as you are.

The Benefits of Attending Rehab at Monarch Shores

  • Comfortable On-site Detox
  • Cell Phone and Laptop Friendly
  • Individualized Treatment Plans
  • Scenic California Location
  • Individual Counseling
  • Group and Family Counceling
  • Complete Continuum of Care
  • Clinical Excellence
  • Holistic Options

Our Accreditation

Today I am celebrating one year of sobriety!! Monarch helped me find the tools I needed to build my new life in recovery. It wasn't an easy start but with the patience and help of the staff I was well on my way to a much happier and fulfilling life. I was so glad that I was able to stay the 90 days because the difference in my perception from 60 to 90 were incredible. I still stay in touch with my brothers and sisters in recovery and we all act as a support network. I work at my recovery daily and thank my higher power for the new life I have been awarded.


About the Facility

For people looking to get away and get healthy, Monarch Shores Recovery features eight houses in sunny Southern California that provide different levels of treatment. Each house is more like a home than a hospital, with comfortable areas to sleep, eat, and gather.

Depending on insurance and availability, people may share a room with another person or have their own rooms. Houses are accessible to the beach, recreation areas, and scenic views, but are also located near medical facilities and other necessities.

About the Staff

Experienced, compassionate staff members at Monarch Shores Recovery provide effective care. Case workers assist clients through all stages of their treatment and help them find further help after they leave the center.

Monarch’s doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals monitor clients’ physical conditions, while therapists and behavioral health technicians assess and treat their mental health. Other skilled staff members prepare meals and work to provide a clean, safe, and welcoming environment.

Amenities and Activities

Clients have access to yoga instructors, personal fitness trainers, acupuncture specialists, and a pool while staying at Monarch Shores Recovery. Different houses might provide opportunities to walk along the beach, watch whales, or enjoy a restful natural setting.

Gathering areas, family-style meals, and group activities encourage clients to spend time with their peers. As clients heal physically and mentally, they have more options for recreation and exploring the center’s offerings.

Intake and Detox

Life at Monarch Shores Recovery begins during the intake process, when clients sign forms, undergo face-to-face assessments, and see staff members to discuss their substance use, mental and physical health, and legal issues.

Clients also meet with case managers within their first 72 hours, a time when staff members will also check on them. If clients need to remove drugs or alcohol from their bodies, they’ll undergo detox procedures that may include prescription medications to curb their cravings and withdrawal symptoms.

Our Treatments

While treatment programs vary, Monarch Shores Recovery clients typically participate in group therapy to understand their addictions and how to manage them. They may also engage in family therapy to learn about addiction and build positive relationships.

Clients also participate in sobriety support groups to receive peer support and learn how to navigate challenges and prevent relapses. After their addiction treatment, they may receive additional mental health treatment for issues that could affect their sobriety.

What to Expect

Monarch Shores Recovery offers professionalism every step of the way. Drivers escort clients to and from the center. Once they arrive, clients meet friendly, experienced workers. The workers ask detailed questions to make treatment more effective and comfortable and check with clients after that.

Clients may undergo detox and move to other houses in the facility as they heal. They’ll meet with therapists, behavioral health technicians, other staff members, and fellow clients to help them recover and build new lives.

Food and Everyday Stuff

Although the houses at Monarch Shores Recovery are treatment facilities, they’re also temporary homes. They’re more like hotels than a hospital or clinic. While staying at the houses, clients eat freshly prepared meals, relax in inviting gathering areas, and sleep in cozy beds.

They’ll be staying in houses in sunny coastal areas that can boost the mood and serve as much-needed getaways from the struggles of addiction. Such surroundings and comfort create an environment that can help clients relax and heal.

What to Bring

To make Monarch Shores Recovery feel even more homelike, clients can bring comfortable clothes and bathing suits to participate in treatments and activities. They can also bring photos, journals, and electronic communication devices to remind them of their loved ones and why they want to recover.

If they’re unsure about what to bring, they could contact staff members at Monarch Shores, who are always happy to answer any questions, address any concerns, or assist people in any way.

Verify Your Insurance Benefits

Insurance is one of the big question marks that looms over so many drug and alcohol treatment facilities, and for many clients it can be a source of true frustration.

At Monarch Shores, we strive to make recovery affordable. We provide full, up-front, transparent pricing. Based on your insurance or other payment options, we provide the closest possible out-of-pocket price quote before your stay begins.

We are passionate in our belief that recovery from addiction should be affordable—that cost should never prevent you from getting the care you need. As such, Monarch Shores accepts most PPO insurance. We also accept all forms of payment for treatment.

If you want find out if your insurance can cover some, most or all of your rehab expenses just fill out form below. We will contact you right away! There is no obligation when you fill out our insurance form to get a quote, and your information is 100% confidential

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