Aurora, Colorado, is a stunning small town with a healthy mix of culture and nature. If you're looking for drug and alcohol rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, this guide will help you understand the process to have a comfortable and fulfilling experience. Rehab w/ Private Rooms in Aurora, Colorado - Sunshine Behavioral Health

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Rehab w/ Private Rooms in Aurora, Colorado

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Located just an hour from the incredible Rocky Mountain National Park and roughly 15 minutes from Denver’s city center, Aurora, Colorado, is a scenic small town with a big-town feel! With a vibrant and safe downtown district featuring tons of local art and shops, plus incredible nearby nature, from lush parks to the unbeatable Rocky Mountain ranges, Aurora is the perfect combination of scenic natural tranquility and a cozy city vibe that’s welcoming in any season!

Addiction Statistics in Aurora, Colorado

Unfortunately, Aurora, CO, has some substance use disorder and addiction issues despite being an idyllic town.

The binge drinking rate in Aurora is higher than in the greater Colorado area and the US. It’s almost 5% bigger than the US average, meaning alcohol abuse is fairly common throughout Aurora.

Along with alcohol, the rates of illicit drug use are almost 7% higher than the national average. This study separates marijuana from the statistics, although that rate is very high. This means that more people in Aurora use illicit drugs like meth, cocaine, heroin, and other dangerous substances at a higher rate than in greater Colorado and the US.

Luckily, there is an answer to this growing problem. A rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, is designed to help people safely detox from their addiction while providing the tools needed to thrive in sobriety. With private and comfortable rooms and licensed staff, people can receive the best care to help them better understand their addiction while learning how to overcome it effectively.

Rehab with Private Rooms in Aurora, Colorado

Rehab is a very important but often misunderstood process. At its most basic, drug and alcohol rehab helps people safely detoxify from whatever substance they’re addicted to. It provides them with the skills necessary to stay sober throughout their lives.

One of the most common misunderstandings is that rehab is punishment like jail, but that couldn’t be further than the truth! A rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, will provide a pleasant stay where you feel comfortable, cared for, and safe at all times.

You’ll be provided with individualized treatment plans that help you address your addiction in new ways. This includes finding your own personal triggers and learning how to avoid and overcome them, and programs that allow you to find joy while living sober.

Plus, some drugs are exceptionally difficult or dangerous to withdraw from without guidance, but rehab centers provide a relaxing space where you can detox with professional assistance. You will be monitored at all times to ensure you’re detoxing safely and with minimal discomfort, and this is especially important when detoxifying from highly addictive substances.

A rehab with private rooms will help you detox comfortably while preparing you for a new and fulfilling life of sobriety.

What to Look for in Rehab with Private Rooms in Aurora, Colorado

Let’s look at some of the main things you should look for in any high-quality rehab center. 


Not all rehab centers are alike, and it’s important you know what to expect before making a decision. Some centers cater more to one type of addiction than another, and the facilities may vary widely between centers.

If you want a rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, you want to check what the rooms look like so you know you’ll feel comfortable during your stay. Also, ask about the other facilities such as recreation rooms, open spaces, and entertainment like WiFi and TVs.


Along with the overall facilities, you want to ensure that your rehab with private rooms is fully accredited. Agencies such as Joint Commission provide accreditation that ensures your facility conforms to a high standard of care and treatment.

What to Expect During Rehab with Private Rooms at Aurora, Colorado

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when making a big decision, like deciding to get sober and to help calm your nerves; it’s important to understand what rehab is like so you can arrive relaxed and without worries.

While films may sometimes portray rehab as something less than ideal, the truth is that most rehab centers are comfortable and relaxing! A rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, is designed to make you feel at ease, and you’ll feel well-cared for in your own clean and spacious room.

To get a better idea of what to expect, let’s look at the three main steps you’ll go through upon arrival!


The first step is assessment, where trained staff will learn more about you, so they know how to help you best.

This may include:

  • Discussions about your addiction
  • A complete physical 
  • Questions about your life and habits

Essentially, this initial step allows the staff to fully understand your addiction and, most importantly, who you are as a person, so they can tailor a treatment plan just for you!

Medical Detox 

After an assessment, it’s time to start the medical detox process. This is a very important stage, and it’s where a team of experts will help you to safely and as comfortably as possible detox from any addictive substance. It’s especially important to detox safely when withdrawing from highly addictive substances like alcohol since the withdrawal stage can be dangerous if done without guidance.

Some common steps include: 

  • Medications and IVs to ease withdrawal
  • Monitoring to ensure a safe and successful detox
  • Ensuring you feel comfortable and safe during the process


After a successful detox, you may begin working on addressing your addiction in many ways. This includes becoming aware of your triggers, learning how to avoid them, plus other tools to improve your mental health and find fulfillment in life without harmful substances.

Depending on your situation, you may be advised to partake in:

  • 12-Step Programs
  • Non-12 Step Programs
  • Holistic Treatments
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Dual Diagnosis
  • SMART Recovery

All these programs will help give you the tools needed to enjoy life in sobriety and ensure you stay away from relapses in the future.


One of the last things at your rehab center with private rooms in Aurora, CO, is receiving tools and a personalized plan to help you succeed post-rehab. You’ll work with a licensed therapist to create a plan that will help you as you find success in sobriety.

Some of these aftercare steps may include:

  • Creating a personalized plan for post-rehab life
  • Continuing therapy and meetings in the future
  • Learning about local resources that can provide assistance
  • Follow-ups and alumni meetings

Paying for Rehab with Private Rooms at Aurora, Colorado

You shouldn’t have to stress about the cost of your rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO. To help you focus entirely on your recovery, you can utilize many payment options to simplify your stay, whether you have insurance or not.

If you currently have medical insurance, you can speak to one of our expert insurance counselors to see what your plan covers. Ensure there are no surprises by going over everything in advance so you can focus entirely on your recovery, not the price.

Talk with one of our specialists to learn more about:

  • Sponsorships
  • Low-cost loans
  • Other personalized options

Traveling to Aurora, Colorado

If you’ve decided on joining a rehab with private rooms in Aurora, CO, you’ll be happy to know that arriving is very simple! Aurora is only about 15 miles from Denver, and it’s also just 11 miles from Denver International Airport.

Driving or flying is the fastest and simplest way to arrive, but you can also take the train, which is only about 15 minutes and costs roughly $1-6. Alternatively, you can take the public bus, which takes roughly 35 minutes at a cheaper rate than the train.

If you’re ready to get started overcoming your addiction in rehab with private rooms, why not give us a call to find out more today?


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