The Danger of Tesla Ecstasy Pills

Originally, the drug, ecstasy, was used in nightclubs when people wanted to stay awake all night. This drug increased energy and created euphoric sensations. It also distorted senses and time to the user. Some people take this drug in liquid, capsule or pill form. Many people would take ecstasy along with other harmful substances which only further amplifies the effects. For anyone who is using or addicted to ecstasy, they should know addiction treatment is available right away.

How Does Ecstasy Affect the Body and Brain?

Ecstasy is a very dangerous drug. The DEA or Drug Enforcement Administration states that ecstasy affects moods, thoughts and the reality of the user as well. This drug also raises dopamine levels which is what causes the increased energy and euphoric sensations. Ecstasy also increases blood pressure and heart rate which can lead to heart issues. Additionally, this drug changes serotonin levels which also affects sleep, appetite, and mood.

There are other ways in which ecstasy changes the body and brain as well. It can cause chills, blurred vision, nausea, teeth clenching, muscle spasms and cramps along with sweating. Since the drug effects only last a few hours or just a bit more, some users take another dose of the drug before the first one has even faded. This adds to the effects and increases the chances of overdosing a lot. If you have overdosed on this drug or need to detox from it, there are many excellent detox programs which can help.

Large ecstasy doses can cause increased body temperature to a point where it causes liver, kidneys or even the heart to fail. This could cause a fatal reaction in some users. In addition, those who use ecstasy may participate in sexual relations which are unsafe because of the closeness this drug causes them to feel. This increases chances of unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases too.

It is essential to note many ecstasy users use other harmful substances along with this drug and that causes the dangers to increase even more.

What Should Be Known About Tesla Ecstasy?

News stations are reporting more and more information about tesla ecstasy. These pills are colored orange and have a shield-shaped logo. Many ravers and festival-goers are using these pills because they glow when in black light. Drug users think this makes them easier to find when they are dropped by someone. This type of tesla has about twice as much MDMA as other pills of its kind which makes them much more potent. It is important for everyone to know that taking this drug is dangerous. Anyone who has been taking ecstasy and can’t stop on their own can get help from a drug treatment program.

What About the Tesla Epidemic?

In 2004, it is known that over 11,000,000 people from the U.S used MDMA a minimum of one time. Far too many people believe that tesla is safe, but it isn’t. That is partially why the tesla ecstasy epidemic is so severe. When people believe something is safe, they not only use it more, but they pressure others into doing the same. Even the smallest amount of tesla ecstasy can lead to an addiction to the drug, which is another reason for the epidemic. The third reason for the epidemic is that the effects of this drug last only between 3 to 6 hours. With that being said, most people will take another dosage before the first one wears off and continue that. This increases the risk of addiction even more. If you have become addicted to tesla ecstasy, be sure to get into detox immediately.

What Are the Main Dangers of Tesla Ecstasy Pills?

Taking even the smallest dosage of tesla ecstasy can be dangerous. There are many side effects from taking this drug. Those who use the drug long-term are more likely to develop major health issues such as problems with their memory. Another danger of this drug is that it doesn’t only contain MDMA. It can also contain bath salts which are extremely harmful to ingest. As mentioned above, addiction is a side effect of taking tesla ecstasy as well. In addition, with the higher amount of MDMA in tesla ecstasy, the risk of overdosing is much higher than with some other drugs as well. It should also be known that many people are taking more tesla ecstasy when they don’t feel the effects of the first dose fast enough. When the drug finally hits their system, they have even worse side effects.

Just as with many other types of drugs, there are going to be short-term effects from tesla ecstasy as well. Impaired judgment and impaired senses of affection are two of the main side effects. Some of the other short-term side effects are depression, confusion, anxiety, sleep issues, cravings, paranoia, muscle tensions, chills, sweating, fainting, clenching of the teeth and blurred vision. Experiencing any of these side effects could be dangerous. There have been some tesla ecstasy users who become severely depressed and committed suicide. Others have experienced impaired senses of affection and taken part in risky sexual activity because of that.

What Should Someone Do if They Are Addicted to Tesla Ecstasy?

Having an addiction of any sort is difficult. First, it is tough for many people to admit they have an addiction at all. However, it is an important part of the healing process. Anyone who becomes addicted to tesla ecstasy should ask for help. This is one of the toughest addictions to overcome. If you are one of the millions who has become addicted to this drug, it is essential to get into a treatment program as soon as possible. For most people who are addicted to tesla ecstasy, inpatient rehab would be the best treatment option. However, some are able to overcome the addiction with strict outpatient services as well. If you have this type of addiction, calling in to talk with rehab specialists today is a great start.

Tesla ecstasy pills are very dangerous. There is a wide range of side effects that often occur when using and becoming addicted to this drug. Some of the side effects happen immediately while others develop with long-term use. It doesn’t matter if you only use the drug once in low dosage, there is still the possibility of becoming addicted to tesla ecstasy. It is highly potent because of the higher MDMA content and since some effects take longer to occur, many people take another dose shortly after the first. This amplifies the effects once they hit the user and greatly increase the risk of overdose.

An addiction to any drug is extremely harmful and could be fatal. If you have been using tesla ecstasy pills or become addicted to them, now is the time to ask for help. Many people who are addicted to this drug can’t stop using on their own. Don’t risk it. Call in to speak with rehab center specialists today. You can get the rehab center treatment needed to help you overcome an addiction to tesla ecstasy pills. Choose to turn your life around and stop the dangerous effects tesla ecstasy has on you today.

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