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Having an addiction can make you feel isolated. However, it is all the more isolating when you feel like you can’t relate to anyone about your situation. With rehab for young adults, you can find support and treatment that fits your unique background and age group. What is rehab for young adults, and what can you expect? Find out more.

Young adults are said to be at the prime of their lives–they’re making leaps and bounds in their goals, enjoying the world, and entering exciting seasons. Whether it’s in their career, relationships, and other personal goals, many young adults in their early 20s or 30s are brimming with great expectations about creating their best life.

Addiction as A Young Adult

Unfortunately, not all young adults feel like they’re on top of things. With the rise of technology and social media are increased rates of depression and anxiety among this age group. To add to this, many of them may suffer from addictions of varying types and degrees.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, young adults who are using drugs and vaping have increased over the years:

  • There is a 7% increase in marijuana use over the last 5 years among college students and young adults.
  • Daily or near-daily use of marijuana is twice as common in young adults compared to college students.
  • Marijuana vaping is also becoming prevalent in college students and young adults.
  • Nicotine vaping use almost doubled from 2017-2018 for the college and young adults age group.

Addiction as a young adult can affect all areas of your life. It can negatively impact your physical health, relationships with people, and even cloud your outlook on life. However, you may have tried to look for help but are unsure of what to expect. Maybe you searched for information online about rehab centers for young adults and have found that there is not a lot of options out there.

At Sunshine Behavioral Health, we have rehab facilities for young adults. By offering personalized care to this age group, we believe that young adults can thrive and recover from their addictions.

What Is Rehab For Young Adults?

Rehab for young adults is quite different from other types of inpatient rehab programs. It is catered to a specific age group–ranging from people in their 20s up to their early 30s. There are various reasons why this rehab program is age-specific:

  • Young adults go through unique changes, but their struggles have similar roots. According to Erikson’s stages of psychosocial development, young adults often experience two types of crises: “Identity vs. Role Confusion” and “Intimacy vs. Isolation”. If drug rehab for young adults is geared towards these struggles, the impact of treatment will improves.
  • Young adults need someone to listen to them about their lives. Whether they openly talk about their problems or not, young adults need affirmation about who they are and what they are capable of. In a world where discouraging words are thrown everywhere, young adults need a safe space where they can just be themselves.
  • Young adults can find support from each other. An article in US News reported that 1 in 3 young adults suffers from loneliness. An age-specific rehab program can help provide a community of support for young adults suffering from addictions.

Perhaps you’ve come to this page because you’re wondering, “Do I have an addictive personality?” To better understand the signs of an addictive personality disorder, there are some of the symptoms you may want to look out for.

How Is It Different From Other Rehabs?

Rehab for young adults consists of treatment programs and support groups that are a great fit for people in this age range. Some unique features of our rehabs for young adults include:

  • Wilderness rehab for young adults: One of Sunshine Behavioral Health’s centers, Mountain Springs Recovery, is located near the lush mountains and trees of Colorado. Young adults often enjoy finding peace in the wilderness, and this is an ideal feature of this rehab.
  • Age-specific support groups: Addiction can be a common struggle, but young adults feel better when they hear from peers who go through similar life situations. Age-specific support groups are a source of community for them.
  • Custom treatment programs and activities: Young adults benefit from a different treatment approach compared to other age groups. They may enjoy active sports, meditation, and dynamic therapy approaches. Having treatment programs and activities which are specific to their needs are essential for recovery.

Is Rehab For Young Adults The Right Choice?

You may have come across this post looking for information on “Rehab for young adults near me”. Before getting into that decision, the first thing you have to find out is if rehab for young adults would be the best choice for you. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to know if you are a good fit for joining a drug or alcohol rehab for young adults:

Am I looking for personalized treatment for my age group?

Personalized care is a top priority for many young adults. If you want custom treatments geared for those in your age group, this program is ideal for you.

Do I want support groups from same-age peers?

Others learn from the wisdom of older people, but some would rather feel a sense of community with same-age peers. If you prefer to be grouped with people within your age range, rehab for young adults may be a good fit.

Do I suffer from an addiction?

This may seem like a common-sense question, but in reality, it really isn’t. Drawing the line between plain drug or alcohol use into a full-blown addiction can be difficult for some. Understanding the signs of addiction can help.

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Signs of Addiction

When looking for the best rehab for young adults, gaining clarity about your situation helps. It is important to know the signs of addiction rather than second-guessing yourself or staying in a state of denial. Here are some signs that indicate that you or a loved one is suffering from addiction:

  • You can’t stop using drugs, alcohol or smoking even if you attempted to
  • Continuing on your substance use despite suffering physical or mental health problems
  • Using the substances to deal with problems
  • Becoming obsessed with thoughts about using and acquiring the drug, alcohol, or other substance
  • Having risky behaviors that expose you or others to harm
  • Taking more alcohol, drugs, and other substances to achieve the same effects desired
  • Experiencing negative physical and mental symptoms when decreasing or stopping the use of substances

Experiencing any of these symptoms may indicate a substance use problem. As a young adult, becoming aware of these indicators early on can improve your success in recovery.

Benefits of Rehab For Young Adults

When searching for information on “rehab for young adults near me”, you may also ponder about the specific benefits of going into this type of program. Just like other inpatient rehab programs, there are several advantages you can have by getting this type of treatment:

  • Finding specialists who understand your unique background: Sunshine Behavioral Health centers offer customized care for young adults. Our specialists are trained to understand the specific struggles of each age group within the context of having an addiction.
  • Enjoy treatment programs for young adults: Whether you prefer active and vibrant or calming and peaceful treatment options, rehab for young adults in Sunshine Behavioral Health centers are focused on getting the best care that you need. Professional recommendations along with your personal preferences will help you get the best of addiction treatment.
  • Get support from other young adults with the same challenges: Some of our clients have become lifelong friends because they joined the rehab for young adults’ program. You can find encouragement and support from other young adults and vice versa when you choose this type of rehab.

What To Expect In Rehab For Young Adults

Deciding to get onboard in a rehab program may be a confusing time for some people because they don’t know what to expect. We value openness about the process of treatment for our clients. Here is a typical structure of an inpatient program for young adults:

Drug Detox

The goal of drug detox is to help the body rid of addictive substances. It is the first stage of treatment where the client will stay within the facility while medical staff will help manage the effects of withdrawal symptoms. They will provide you with nutritious meals, comfortable lodging, therapies, and medications when needed to address the discomfort of drug withdrawal.


Following drug detox, clients will now undergo a combination of treatment options specific to their needs. Whether you choose 12-Step programs, Non-12 Step, Holistic, or other types of treatment, here are some things you can expect when undergoing rehab for young adults:

  • 12-Step For Young Adults: One of the most well-known programs for addiction, this age-specific 12-Step program is geared towards using an approach that resonates with young adults. For example, Monarch Shores, one of our rehab for young adults in California, offers the company of same-aged peers as you go through this program.
  • Non-12 Step For Young Adults: There are various alternatives to 12-Step if you do not choose to go this route. In our rehab for young adults in Texas, Willow Springs, they offer dual diagnosis treatments, professional counseling, SMART recovery, among many others.
  • Holistic Approaches for Young Adults: We know that young adults love nature and traveling, and Sunshine Behavioral Centers are strategically located to help you enjoy sobriety. There are nature activities such as hiking, water sports, bonfires, and meditation in the wilderness with supervised care.


Aftercare programs are just as important as the treatment process. This ensures that you won’t go into relapse while improving the chances of long-term recovery. Some of the aftercare programs available in Sunshine Behavioral Health’s centers are:

  • One-on-one or group counseling
  • Continuation of therapies and holistic treatments
  • Plugging in support groups in the client’s locale
  • Nutrition plans
  • Fitness plans
  • Action plans to avoid external and internal addiction triggers

Paying For Rehab

Another thing to consider in addiction treatment is finances. It is important to know that there are laws that support people who suffer from mental health issues and substance use disorders. According to the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act, insurance companies should consider mental health and substance use disorders as actual medical conditions.

This implies that you will get the same level of care and coverage as other people who suffer from other physical illnesses. Here are some of the following options in financing your rehab:

  • Health Insurance: Most insurance companies will fully or partially cover rehab for young adults. Being diagnosed with substance use disorders or other related mental health illnesses gives you the similar privileges and benefits as others who have physical conditions such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, etc. You can verify your insurance coverage with us.
  • Sponsors: You can look for sponsors in your workplace, private organizations, government, and non-government agencies that help support the advocacy in battling substance use disorder.
  • Family and friends: Your loved ones are considered the main support in your addiction recovery. Providing the financial means to help you get a fresh start is one great way to show that they care.
  • Personal loans: You can also choose to take out a loan for your rehabilitation. Many banks or peer-to-peer lending companies offer personal loans with easy requirements.
  • Fundraising: Creating fundraiser events, selling items, or online crowdfunding are also ways to cover the costs of rehab.
  • Savings: Going to rehab is an investment that you can carry for life. Once you experience recovery from your addiction, the finances that you put in treatment will be worth it.

Young Adult Life Is Best Spent Sober

If you are considering rehab for young adults, we hope that you find this information helpful. Don’t spend your years in the downward spiral of addiction–it is possible to recover. Be sober, happy, and thriving in your young adult life.



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