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Four Things That Make Our Colorado Springs Treatment Center Great

There are a lot of options out there for people searching for an inpatient drug or alcohol rehab facility, and a lot of factors to keep in mind while searching. People want to be sure that the rehab institution they select practices evidence-based treatments administered by a knowledgeable and dedicated staff, and that they, or their loved ones, will be taken care of during their stay at rehab. More than that, people want to know that the rehab center they choose is comfortable, with opportunities to relax, and maybe even have a little fun. With that in mind, here are some of the things that make Mountain Springs Recovery Center near Colorado Springs an excellent choice.   


Nestled into the eastern edge of the majestic Rocky Mountains range, clients of Mountain Springs Recovery are treated to picturesque views, fresh mountain air, and a bevy of opportunities to spend time outdoors with activities like hiking, kickball and volleyball, or simply relaxing and taking in the sites in our expansive outdoor campus. Clients won’t find the confined, prison-like, or clinical environments that rehab centers are often depicted as in popular media. Sunshine Behavioral Health prides itself in offering addiction treatment facilities that have environments that seem more like a resort. Rehab can already be a difficult process, so we see it as important to make sure our clients are as comfortable as possible as they recover.   


Everybody knows that good nutrition is a building block of a healthy and happy life, but what is less well known is the role nutrition can play in addiction recovery. Research has shown that drug abuse can cause nutritional deficiencies that affect how we feel and function on a daily basis. A varied and nutritious diet can promote healing, and boost recovery. Clients of Mountain Springs Recovery are served three, fresh, chef-prepared meals a day, with flexible options for any diet so clients can feel their best as they work to recover from addiction.   

Stay Connected

Many addiction recovery centers either restrict or ban their clients from bringing their personal electronic devices like cellphones or laptops with them to rehab. This policy usually springs from good intentions and a desire to keep clients focused on recovery, but at Mountain Springs we believe this is a misguided policy. The fact is it can be extremely difficult for people to take the time off from their lives needed to recover from addiction, where the minimum stay for inpatient recovery is 30 days, and allowing clients to keep and use their cellphones and laptops allows them to stay connected with their jobs, as well as their friends and family as they recover.   

Variety of Treatments

Addiction is a complex disease, and there is no one-size-fits-all style treatment that will work for everybody. That’s why it’s important for addiction rehab centers to offer a variety of treatments and work with their clients to find what works best for them as individuals. Treatment at Mountain Springs Recovery near Colorado Springs consists of private therapy sessions, and both 12-step style group sessions, as well as non-12 step groups, and holistic recovery activities like art therapy, yoga, and meditation. For patients who have trauma, a longer stay may be necessary so the trauma can be addressed through EMDR therapy. Treatment staff at Mountain Springs also work with clients to develop comprehensive aftercare programs, so that once their stay is completed the recovery process can continue smoothly, greatly decreasing the risk of relapse on release. To learn more about Mountain Springs Recovery and if it’s the right choice for you, please visit us at today.    Sources: 

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