Holistic Rehab in Amarillo, TX

People with substance use disorders tend to share a few common traits. They might be more vulnerable to anxiety or depression or exhibit risk-taking behaviors. They might be more impulsive. Those can contribute to drug and alcohol abuse (as a means of self-medicating) or result from it. Many people who misuse drugs or alcohol also might deal with trauma.  Even though there can be some common ground among causes and contributing factors, addiction remains a complex disease. A person will crave more of the substance in question. They’ll keep using even if it upends their life. Trying to quit brings on horrible withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, nausea, vomiting, tremors, and more. Once a person is physically dependent on a drug, medical expertise might be the best way to get clean. Helping heal the mind (via psychotherapy) and spirit (via holistic care) can be extremely beneficial, too.  Addiction treatment has one immediate goal: To get the patient sober. After detox, however, the plan shifts to helping them navigate the causes of their addiction as well as to help them better manage triggers.  That’s where holistic addiction rehabs in Amarillo, TX, can do a lot of good. Not only can they help a person get clean and ready for therapy, but they can help them find healthier coping alternatives. 

A Need for Holistic Rehab in Amarillo, TX

Amarillo, TX, like many areas, has felt the effects of addiction. In 2021 the city had the second-highest fatalities and serious injury car accidents due to alcohol abuse. It’s held that same ranking for three years. For the first eight months of 2021, more than one in four (28%) of traffic deaths involved alcohol. Among Texas cities of similar size, Amarillo has the highest rate of alcohol-linked driving deaths.  Alcohol doesn’t pose the only threat, either. Hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of illicit drugs — including cocaine, methamphetamine, fentanyl, cannabis, and more — have been seized in raids and busts.  That local trend points to a much bigger problem. For the year beginning April 2020, 100,000 Americans died from overdoses, an increase of 30% from the previous years. Fentanyl is behind many of these deaths. It’s a super potent synthetic opioid cut into many substances or used to make counterfeit drugs. Fentanyl has become the leading cause of death for Americans ages 18 to 45.   Addiction treatment, including at holistic inpatient rehabs in Amarillo, TX, could be a life-saving option for people with substance use disorders. 

Addiction Rehab in Amarillo, TX

Pairing Western medicine with holistic treatments like meditation, yoga, and acupuncture is becoming increasingly popular. Holistic addiction treatment centers in Amarillo, TX, can offer both.  Addiction is complex, rooting itself deep in a person’s brain. It changes how they feel pleasure and rewards. Stress can send an addicted individual running for their drug of choice. It gets harder to resist the urge to use.  A lot of Texans have both mental disorders and problems with substance abuse. (Otherwise referred to as a co-occurring disorder). One 2021 analysis found that 34.2% of Texas adults had anxiety and/or depression. That percentage is slightly higher than the U.S. average of 31.6%.  Surveys and studies have found that many Texans want or need mental health care. Only 32.9% of respondents said they were getting the treatment they needed. That’s from 2021. Unfortunately, mental disorders and substance abuse problems commonly co-exist. Some addiction rehab centers estimate that two-thirds of their patients have some kind of mental illness. Because addiction essentially rewires a person’s brain, treating it can prove more challenging. People with anxiety or depression might resort to alcohol or drugs to self-medicate. (When mental illness and addiction affect a person, that’s a dual diagnosis.) A lot of addiction treatment programs are equipped to handle both kinds of disorders. The first priority for addiction treatment will be detoxification. 

Holistic Drug Detox in Amarillo, TX

Holistic inpatient addiction rehab in Amarillo, TX, most often starts with detox. That’s the phase where the drugs or alcohol a patient has been taking leave their bodies. The goal is to get the patient sober and manage withdrawal symptoms (like nausea, vomiting, anxiety, and insomnia). The process can be uncomfortable and even turn dangerous, depending on the level of addiction and what a person is addicted to. If cravings get too intense, relapse becomes more likely. To prevent that, medically assisted withdrawal can be an important tool in a person’s recovery.  Holistic treatments like meditation, acupuncture, and massage also can help the patient relax and remain calm during withdrawal.  Once a patient is free of substances (which can take a couple of days or longer), they’ll go into treatment. That’s where they’ll explore the causes of their addiction and learn how to stay sober. 

Holistic Inpatient Addiction Treatment in Amarillo, TX

Once a patient finishes detox, they’ll enter into a treatment schedule. That often includes:
  • Individual psychotherapies. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is very useful in addiction treatment. Therapists will work with patients to help them identify problematic thought patterns and teach them to respond to them differently. Other therapies are used, too, but they will vary. 
  • Group therapies. Many rehab centers include group therapy meetings on their schedules. Sometimes it’s 12-steps like Alcoholics Anonymous or non-12-steps like SMART Recovery. Patients benefit from meeting others who are in the same boat and gaining inspiration and strength from that camaraderie.
  • Activities. Rehab is a lot of hard work, so some downtime can refresh. Centers usually plan some types of outings for patients and offer activities as well. Some facilities have pools, volleyball courts, fitness centers, meditation rooms, walking trails, and more. Some activities offer therapeutic benefits, too — including equine therapy and art therapy.
  • Aftercare. As the patient approaches the end of their stay, their treatment team will work with them to devise a plan for life after rehab. The goal is to help them keep focused on recovery. That can include support groups, counseling, calls or visits to the rehab, and alumni groups to keep in touch.
Holistic addiction treatment centers in Amarillo, TX, understand that addiction affects patients’ minds and bodies. Working to heal the mind, body, and spirit helps patients handle stress, manage their triggers, and develop stronger self-control to live substance-free following rehab. While holistic options may be unexpected for some, many practices predate Western medicine. China and India, for example, have employed what our society tends to view as alternative medicines for thousands of years. In recent years it’s gained a lot of traction in the United States, with more than one in three using alternative medicine. Examples include:
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage therapy
  • Reiki
  • Herbal remedies, natural supplements
  • Yoga
  • Tai chi
  • Hypnosis
  • Meditation
Holistic medicine may not be for everyone, but many do find yoga helps them build strength, focus, and flexibility. Massage can soothe tension and ease aches and pains. Meditation can help a person take their mind off troubling thoughts and cravings. These can be useful tools during holistic addiction treatment in Amarillo, TX.  


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