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Best Detox Centers in Westminster, California

Upscale inpatient rehabs with Non-12-Step program options.

  • Keep your phone and laptop
  • Safe 24/7 monitored detox
  • Non 12-step & holistic options
  • Dual diagnosis programs
  • Beachfront facility
  • Thorough aftercare planning
  • Private rooms at Chapters Capistrano

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Typically, treatment centers do not permit cell phone or laptop use, but at both Chapters and Monarch Shores, our clients are allowed to engage with outside responsibilities.

Best Detox Centers in Westminster, California

Westminster, CA, is a great northern Orange County, California city. It is known mainly for its diverse culture, particularly a large Vietnamese population, and this is why it’s a known spot for delicious Vietnamese cuisine. Other attractions in Westminster include the city’s mall, Rose Theater Center, and the Little Saigon.


If you’re considering detox and addiction treatment in Westminster as a resident or visitor, you’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find the best rehabs in or around the city.


Top Detox in Westminster, California

Chapters Capistrano

Chapters Capistrano is a luxury detox and rehab center in San Clemente, California. As a high-end addiction treatment facility, patients are treated with the utmost care and a 1:1 patient-to-staff ratio. It’s also peaceful, where patients can enjoy California’s coastal views. Some of the center’s notable features include:


  • Diverse treatment options: From 12-Step to Non-12 Step, you’re free to choose a treatment plan that suits well with your needs. You also have the option to combine which ones can be effective, especially if you have dual diagnosis conditions.
  • Empathetic staff: At Chapters Capistrano, the staff is willing to listen to your needs. You’ll have the space to air your concerns, and they will find ways to provide the tools for you to succeed in addiction recovery.


To know more about what Chapters Capistrano can offer, please contact them through the following contact details:


Chapters Capistrano

1525 Buena Vista, San Clemente, CA 92672

(877) 915-4139


Monarch Shores

Monarch Shores is another excellent detox and treatment facility in San Juan Capistrano, California. As a top-notch rehab center, they are well-known for having comfortable facilities where patients can feel relaxed and peaceful and have the mental space to focus on addiction recovery. Monarch Shores also offer various treatment options for people with drug or alcohol addiction problems.


Some of the notable offerings in the facility include:


  • Technology-friendly: No need to stow away your laptop, phone, or other gadgets at specific times of the day. They provide WiFi access for patients who need to keep in touch with loved ones or to continue working remotely.
  • Relaxing nature views: Monarch Shores is located at a prime spot by the beaches of Orange County. Patients enjoy the relaxing views watching the sunsets, or having recreational activities as part of their treatment program.


To know more about Monarch Shores, please contact an intake specialist through the following information:


Monarch Shores

27123 Calle Arroyo #2121, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

(844) 893-3479


Other Excellent Detox Options Outside Garden Grove, California

If you find that your best detox and addiction rehab option isn’t in Garden Grove, CA, you should know that there are many choices across the country. 

Mountain Springs Recovery

Mountain Springs Recovery is one of the best detox and treatment centers near Boulder, CO. Located at a quiet, serene spot in Colorado Springs, and this addiction treatment center has beautiful facilities and specialists who provide personalized care.

As a full-fledged center, Mountain Springs Recovery cares for every aspect of substance use disorder, starting with detox treatment and aftercare. Patients choose this center because of its great features, including

  • Technology access: You don’t have to give up your cell phone, laptop, and other gadgets. WiFi access allows you to complete tasks or stay in touch with loved ones.
  • Treatment options: From 12-Step to Non-12 Step, there are many treatment options, depending on your unique background and preferences.
  • 24/7 care: Most people need round-the-clock care to manage withdrawal symptoms during the first few weeks of detox. Mountain Springs has 24/7 medical care, keeping patients safe and comfortable.
  • Top facilities: Clean rooms, beautiful views, and access to recreational facilities make the treatment center an excellent choice for people seeking the best value for their resources.

For more about Mountain Springs Recovery, please get in touch with the contact details below.

Phone: 888-383-0628

Address: 1865 Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132



Lincoln Recovery

Lincoln Recovery – At Lincoln Recovery, the goal is to help all clients see that recovery is not only attainable but it is also maintainable. With a combination of group and individual treatments, resort-like amenities, the ability to choose the treatments you want to try, and the chance to build a community of others going through recovery, too, clients find that they have the potential to overcome their addictions much more easily than if they tried it alone.

Stepping into the quiet retreat that is Lincoln Recovery is just the first step in enjoying this supportive, immersive recovery experience.

What Lincoln Recovery clients can expect:

  •       Stay in touch with loved ones from the beginning – No blackout period
  •       Large, quiet campus in Rural Illinois
  •       Restaurant-style meals and snacks – prepared by a chef
  •       Meditation Room
  •       Indoor pool
  •       Workout room
  •       Regularly scheduled outings and activities
  •       Private rooms and bathrooms
  •       On-site detox
  •       Partial hospitalization, Inpatient, and IOP treatment options


Lincoln Recovery might be just what you’re looking for in ways to make long-term recovery from your addiction a reality.

Phone: 888-383-0628

Address: 19067 W. Frontage Rd., Raymond, IL 62560



Willow Springs Recovery

Willow Springs RecoveryWillow Springs Recovery is one of the premier detox and rehab options in Dallas, Texas, and for a good reason. The sprawling 38-acre campus offers plenty of room to explore, enjoy activities and relax. Some clients say they are staying at a resort while working on their addiction recovery at Willow Springs, which is precisely how they are supposed to feel. This top-of-the-line facility encourages clients to make the most of the quiet, dig in, and enjoy all that recovery has to offer. In addition, an on-site detox ensures that clients get the best care – from intake to completion – so they can enjoy a successful recovery journey.

What you’ll find:

  • Keep your phone and computer
  • Pool, gym, and recreational activities
  • Off-campus outings
  • Healthy, chef-prepared meals
  • Special dietary food preparation
  • Individualized treatment plans to meet client needs
  • Wide variety of treatment options
  • Highly trained staff

Willow Springs Recovery believes that treatment should be enjoyable and that transitioning from active addiction to recovery should be smooth and gentle. You want to keep seeing the changes and beauty of living clean and sober every day.

Willow Springs


We hope this list of resources helps you to find the right detox and recovery for you.

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