What Do Barbiturates Look Like?

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Today few are still used medically due to the intense side effects. Common street names for barbiturates are:

  • Barbs
  • Block Busters
  • Red Devils
  • Yellow Jackets
  • Goof Balls

What do generic barbiturates look like?

When it comes to such a potentially harmful substance, it is important to answer the question, “What do barbiturates look like?” They come in a variety of different multi-colored pills or tablets. Users tend to turn to Amytal, Seconal, and Pentobarbital the most frequently.

Barbiturates can be injected, but, more often than not, they are taken in pill form. They are known for their often significant colors. There are blue, red, yellow, and sometimes purple pills that are barbiturates. These all have their own nicknames that have to do with their colors. “red devils,” “blue devils,” and “purple hearts” for example.

What colors are barbiturates?

Barbiturate colors differ depending on which exact pill it is. One of the most frequent, Amytal, is known for its blue pill color. Though it is notorious for being blue, it sometimes comes in the form of a white powder that the user can inject or snort.

Seconal, on the other hand, has a barbiturates physical appearance of a bright red pill. It’s used to calm the nerves before surgery, but it is often abused and not used for medical reasons. The correct way to take the substance is to take the pills by mouth when you have an empty stomach before surgery. Instructions will be provided by the surgeon.

Also, Pentobarbital is known for its yellow color. Other names for the drug are “yellow jackets” or “Mexican yellows.”

When it comes to how to identify barbiturates, all that’s needed is to keep an eye out for bright color pills, either red or blue. Also, don’t take anything that isn’t prescribed. If you are prescribed pills, be sure to take them exactly as the doctor instructs.

What mg are barbiturates (different colors)?

Different barbiturates and their dosages:


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