Five Things That Make Willow Springs Recovery Great

When choosing a rehab program, there are many factors to consider. Clients need to know that the rehab treatment center they choose is offering the best evidence-based care and that that care is being given by well-trained staff whose primary focus and effort is helping clients overcome their addictions. It’s also important that rehab facilities are able to offer a number of treatment methods to make sure they can help each individual client in the way that’s most effective for them. Since residential rehab treatments are fairly long-term, with the shortest length of stay being 30 days and the recommended length of stay being 90 days, it’s also important that the facilities are comfortable, and filled with amenities, enriching activities, and good, healthy food. 


Recovery is holistic in the sense that in order to treat addiction, it is vital to make sure the mind and body are cared for as well. All of these are important factors that people have to consider when choosing a residential rehab program for themselves, or their loved ones. With that in mind, here are five things that make Willow Springs Recover in Bastrop, TX a great choice.   


On-Site Detox and Staff Support 24/7

Detox is arguably the most painful and difficult part of drug rehab. At Willow Springs Recovery, detox takes place on-site, and is supervised by our world-class staff to make sure clients are as safe and comfortable as possible throughout the process. During detox, clients aren’t expected to attend treatment activities, so they can give all of their energy and attention to making it through the detox process.


Flexible Treatment Options 

At Willow Springs Recovery, our primary goal is to offer our clients the best possible care. In order to treat each individual person most effectively, our staff is trained in a variety of different methods of treatment and works with each client to find what works best for them. Traditional 12-Step programs and non-12-Step programs like SMART recovery are offered, along with individual therapy. 


Chef Designed Menu and Freshly Prepared Food 

Keeping physically healthy is vital to recovery, and a good diet is a big part of that. Willow Springs Recovery boasts a catered menu with fresh and nutritious food for three meals a day. If a client doesn’t like what’s offered on the menu, we will work with them to make sure they get a meal that they are satisfied with. 


Stay Connected With Your Cellphone and Laptop

Unlike some other treatment facilities, Willow Springs Recovery allows clients to bring their cellphone and laptop with them. A strong base of social support is an important part of recovery, and in the modern age depriving people of their phones and computers disconnects people from their friends and family during a time when social connection is needed most. 


An Expansive, Activity-Filled Campus

People are happier and healthier when they are able to relax and focus on activities they enjoy, meaning that rest and relaxation are an important part of not just drug and alcohol treatment programs, but life in general. To that end, Willow Springs Recover has an expansive, 38-acre campus in rural Texas, filled with activities to help clients relax and enjoy their stay. With a fitness center, pool, walking paths, volleyball, tennis courts, and basketball courts, clients will have plenty of time and opportunity to relax, play, and enjoy their stay with us. At Willow Springs Recovery, our sole goal and focus is on helping our clients overcome their addiction and lead happy, healthy, and productive lives. To learn more about how we can help, visit us online here today.  



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