How Much Does Rehab Cost With Insurance?

The amount you have to pay for addiction treatment varies from one center to another. While some programs are free, there are those that cost thousands a day. The chance to heal is available to anyone, only if you know what resources can help. There are also people who can help you pay for your treatment.

Most rehabs extend financial aid, offer financing options, or allow insurance payments.

Insurance is one of the more popular means of rehab payment. The cost of alcohol rehabilitation will depend on what the health provider allows, as well as on the insurer.

These are a few insurance types that may cover addiction rehab:

  1. Private insurance;

  2. Medicare;

  3. Government-financed health insurance; and

  4. Medicaid.

Since not everyone has insurance, there are still many ways to get help. One is to find a low-income or free center. Another is to check programs that offer options for financing. The latter, most of the time, is the better choice because free rehabs have low funding but have a very long list of wait list patients. There are also other options to obtain money fast if none of these options appear to work.

Inpatient rehabs allow options for financing to patients who don’t have insurance.

Most people are anxious to loan money to pay for the cost of alcohol rehabilitation. However, it is important to look at addiction rehab as an investment. It will definitely pay off over time. Also, being sober allows people to get back on their feet, reclaim their lives and their careers. Most importantly, recovered addicts save more because they are not buying alcohol or drugs anymore.

How Much Does Rehab Cost?

The cost of alcohol rehabilitation actually varies depending on the following factors:

  1. Facility location

  2. Type of treatment

  3. Program size

  4. Kinds of treatment available

  5. Program length

  6. Additional amenities


The precise cost for detox will depend on the whether or not detox is part of the inpatient program, as well as the type of addiction being treated. Addiction to substances with dangerous side effects is more costly to detox from because of the strict monitoring it requires.

Outpatient Rehab

This type of program is cheaper than inpatient programs. Here, the cost depends on how often the patient visits the center in a week.

Also, in the long run, getting treatment in a rehab is less costly than sticking to the habit. On top of that, you’ll have to add the cost of potential legal issues that he might get himself into.

These still don’t include the costs of broken relationships and broken dreams.

How Much Will My Insurance Cover?

The amount of insurance coverage that will be paid for in the cost of alcohol rehabilitation will depend on your insurance plan. Unfortunately, numerous health insurance companies only cover a small portion of the total rehab cost.

To know how much coverage you or your loved one will receive, the best option is to talk to your insurance provider. Though private insurance is not subsidized by the government, there might be a need to create a law to include mental health services and make it covered by rehab treatment.

Being the most expensive option, private insurance also compensates by providing the most options so that you can select the treatment that you like and the one which will fit your lifestyle. If you don’t have private insurance or your plan does not include treatment for substance abuse, the best option is public insurance. If your insurance doesn’t cover substance abuse treatment, public insurance can make the cost of rehab more affordable.

Factors That Affect How Much the Insurance Company Will Cover

For United Health Care, at least a portion of addiction treatment service like detoxification and inpatient rehab are covered by their policies. The amount of coverage, however, depends on your chosen plan level and your residential location.

Cigna, on the other hand, will pay for the numerous addiction treatment expenses you’ll have when you select an inpatient or outpatient facility. Treatment coverage and costs, however, depend on your chose specific plan and on your location.

Your Insurance Plan

If you don’t have any insurance plans at the moment, don’t lose hope. If the cost is a bit overwhelming for you, don’t worry. There are many rehab centers which offer payment plans so you can pay in smaller monthly installations for the alcohol rehabilitation cost. The good thing is even if you haven’t paid the full amount, they will still let you start with the treatment as soon as possible. When you’re sober and have a stable job again, it will be easy to pay this off.

Addiction Type

There are many types of addiction. According to studies, 1/5 nicotine addicts have another alcohol or drug problem, nearly 1/3 of alcoholics also have other drug and nicotine problem, while nearly 2/3 of drug addicts have another substance abuse problem.

Also, nearly 3/4 of those who abuse prescription drugs also have alcohol and another substance abuse issue.

Treatment Type

A smaller program with a more intimate and more specific treatment program costs more compared to a large program with plenty of participants.

Also, a rehab facility which offers a more specialized treatment program like detox, aftercare, and medication-assisted treatments is costlier than other rehab programs.

Length of Stay

Rehab programs can run as long as 90 days and as short as 30 days. Longer rehab programs are costlier compared to shorter ones. Of course, the patient’s needs are being assessed to know which of these rehab programs will best apply to the patient’s needs.

Location of the Treatment Center

Inpatient rehab centers surely cost more compared to outpatient centers because of such additional expense as meals, lodging, therapy provided, and other activities.

Luxury rehabs are sometimes costlier because it requires travel or location transfers. Other location consideration includes in the mountains, on a beach, or near the patient’s home.

Amenities Provided, etc.

If the rehab center has certain facilities as an on-site gym, nutrition counseling, a swimming pool, to name a few, they would cost a little bit more than a plain rehab center.

No matter how much the cost of alcohol rehabilitation is, it is still cheaper compared to the cost of not dealing with it.

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