Why Rehab With Private Rooms Matters 

Choosing to go to rehab is a big step. If it’s somebody’s first time going through a rehab program, finding a rehab program that works for them can be a daunting task. A big concern for someone taking that step for the first time is often privacy and autonomy. Rehab centers in popular media are often depicted as prison-like environments, with heavily regimented routines, bunkmates, and a general lack of privacy and personal space. These sorts of treatment centers definitely still exist, and while some have certainly found them helpful, many see it as unappealing or find it to be actively detrimental to their recovery. That’s why many private rehab facilities, like Sunshine Behavioral Health, build their treatment centers with privacy and personal space in mind. 


Rehab almost always includes a detox period, which can be incredibly difficult. The vulnerability that comes with battling common withdrawal symptoms makes the prospect of having to do that in front of other people entirely unappealing for many. . During the detox period at Sunshine Behavioral Health, clients are not expected to attend group activities. The primary duty of a client while they detox is simply to take care of themselves as they go through the process. 


Private rooms also allow residents to have a safe space to keep their personal belongings. This isn’t to imply that residential programs with communal rooms are unsafe, but rather that having a private space can provide clients with more peace of mind. Time at rehab should be spent focused on recovery, not worrying about privacy. 


Treatment programs at residential facilities can be quite long. A minimum stay for most programs is 30 days. People in need of more treatment, or stronger support, may stay even longer. Having a private room means that people are able to personalize their space and make it as homey and comfortable for them as possible. Clients are able to bring photos of their partners, family, and loved ones, laptops and cellphones, and various other personal effects and trinkets. While they won’t be hanging Pulp Fiction posters from their walls like a college dorm, people are still able to make the space their own in a way they wouldn’t in a communal living facility. 


Rehab and detox can be a difficult experience. , Privacy and personal space are helpful in ensuring that the process is as comfortable as possible. Three of our five luxury rehab facilities (Chapters Capistrano, Monarch Shores, and Lincoln Recovery) offer private rooms for your comfort and peace of mind. At Sunshine Behavioral Health, we aim to provide the highest possible quality care and are here to help you or your loved one recover from addiction. Learn more by visit www.sunshinehebavioralhealth.com




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