Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems & Addiction Rehab Coverage

Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems or also known as AdventHealth, covers care across 40 urgent care centers, 29 hospitals, and a full network of thousands of care and specialty physicians that a member can visit. The insurance carrier works to provide many health care options and coverages. They work to meet the extended needs of those members who work with this plan over others. This coverage option is a ministry of Christ coverage option, which does come with specific stipulations and regulations that members must meet.

There are individual and family plans, commercial group plans, and additional Medicare Advantage plan that members can sign up with depending on their healthcare needs. Whether or not Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems or AdventHealth provides coverage for mental health and addiction treatment depends on the plan and the member’s specifications that sign up with the healthcare program and insurance plan that you need.

The Different Plans Offered

The Florida Hospital Healthcare System offers many plans that meet the needs of those signing up with the plan to get healthcare coverage. These plans include:

  • Medicare Advantage – This provides more coverage for healthcare, gym memberships, vision, and dental.
  • Individuals and Families – Out of network coverages, additional healthcare coverages, and gym memberships are provided.
  • HMO Plans – These work well with HSA’s and come with lower co-payment options.

POS Plans – Flagler and Volusia Counties have this option for their employees, and it provides additional coverage for those working at the companies in these counties.

Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems Addiction Treatment Coverage

Those that require addiction treatment or mental health coverage can find it with this plan. Each plan offered through Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems does provide this type of coverage. The extend of what the plan covers depends on the specific plan that a person has.

The type of plan that the member has will depend on the coverage amounts that a member gets with the HMO plans covering the largest amount of help.

HMO Plans

35% coverage for those in-network, and they do not cover any provided services out of network. Pre-authorization is required to cover this amount under this plan.

POS Plans

20% coverage for those in-network, and they do not cover any services for those out of network providing the Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems rehab coverages.

Other Plans Offered

$30 copays are often needed for the services offered on an outpatient basis, while those requiring inpatient services would have 20% coverage from their healthcare coverage plan.

Types of Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Treatments Covered

Outpatient and inpatient coverage options differ in coverage amounts, but they are generally covered under each plan. This includes both the Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems mental health coverage and rehab insurance coverage.

Those that require help from their substance use disorder issue can speak with counselors on an outpatient basis, paying copayments or having a specified percentage amount paid out to the provider. They can also do the same for other outpatient treatments, such as medications that may be needed.

Inpatient services often include staying within an addiction treatment center or getting behavioral health services in a mental hospital that provides mental help. The Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems rehab insurance will then pay out the specified amount covered under the specific healthcare plan that you have. Those seeking Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems rehab coverage need to seek out the appropriate providers through the approved provider network.

Those who want coverage under both mental and behavioral health and substance use disorder help need to work with someone provided under the network that accepts this type of insurance coverage. An entire Florida Hospital Healthcare Systems rehab network can be searched through for the appropriate help. There are many resources out there that can be used to find out more about the help you can overcome any addiction you may be dealing with.

Medical disclaimer:

Sunshine Behavioral Health strives to help people who are facing substance abuse, addiction, mental health disorders, or a combination of these conditions. It does this by providing compassionate care and evidence-based content that addresses health, treatment, and recovery.

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