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Cambia Health Solutions offers many health insurance plans that cover addiction treatment. The level of coverage varies based on the location and type of plan. If you are looking for Cambia Health Solutions rehab coverage, you may be able to find it.

When you are first looking over your options for insurance, you may think about the need for alcohol and drug rehab for you or a loved one. The good news is that there is Cambia Health Solutions rehab insurance. Cambia Health Solutions is a nonprofit company that offers health insurance plans for many people. There is Cambia Health Solutions addiction treatment coverage on the majority of plans, but the levels of coverage may vary based on your specific plan.

Alcohol and Drug Detox Coverage

Most of the insurance plans through Cambia Health Solutions have coverage for alcohol and drug detox programs. Some of them provide partial coverage and other plans provide full coverage. Since alcohol and drug detox is the first part of recovery, this coverage is essential. When someone is dependent physically upon alcohol or drugs, quitting them may cause symptoms of withdrawal, including the following:

  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Shaking
  • Sweating
  • Seizures

There are many professional programs that may help you detox from alcohol or drugs. The programs may help you manage withdrawal symptoms, so you have a better chance of becoming and staying sober. If you are looking for this type of help, you may want to consider Cambia Health Solutions mental health insurance.

Inpatient Rehab Coverage

Many plans through Cambia Health Solutions will cover inpatient rehab treatments. When you attend this type of treatment program, you will be in a situation where you live in the facility. This reduces your risk of relapsing and may help you find the support you need. You will live in the facility with others who are receiving addiction rehab treatment. This is a safe and therapeutic environment. If you need addiction inpatient rehab treatment, the Cambia Health Solutions mental health coverage may help you a great deal.

 Keep in mind that you may not find coverage for all of your treatment. There may be some out-of-pocket expenses that you need to pay. This depends on the treatment center you attend and the plan you have. Generally, if you choose a Cambia Health Solutions rehab network provider, you will have a lower copay than if you were to choose an out-of-network provider.

Regence Health Care Plans

Does Cambia Health Solutions pay for drug rehab? Yes. It has many different types of plans. For example, in the Northwest, Cambia is affiliated with the company Regence and offers Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Oregon, Regence BlueShield in Washington, Regence BlueShield of Idaho, and Regence BlueCross BlueShield of Utah,

 The details of the Cambia/Regence policies may change, depending on each policyholder’s plan and location. The Washington location offers bronze plans, silver plans, and gold plans. Components of each plan include:

  • Health saving accounts (HSAs)
  • Essential services
  • Deduction amounts
  • Additional services, including vision and dental plans

For example, the Cambia Health Solutions Bronze HSA 5000 has an individual and family network. This plan:

  • Is a health savings account (HSA)
  • Is available to both families and individuals

In addition, the Regence insurance plans have similar but not identical policies regarding alcohol and drug coverage. Coinsurance amounts may vary slightly, for example. Coinsurance is the amount policyholders pay after they pay their deductibles. For the four states, coinsurance rates are:

  • Bronze plans – 10 to 30 percent coinsurance
  • Silver plans – 20 to 30 percent coinsurance
  • Gold plans – 20 percent coinsurance

Regence plans will not cover providers or facilities that are out-of-network. They also do not require preauthorization (precertifications) to receive care.

Cambia Asuris Plans

Asuris Northwest Health has also partnered with Cambia Health Solutions to provide health care options. Cambia Asuris also has bronze, silver, and gold plans with similar coinsurance requirements:

  • Bronze plans – 10 to 30 percent coinsurance
  • Silver plans – 20 to 30 percent coinsurance
  • Gold plans – 20 percent coinsurance

As with Cambia Regence plans, Cambia Asuris plans will not pay for facilities or providers that are out-of-network. They will not require preauthorizations (precertifications) for in-network care.

Policies with BridgeSpan Health

You will also see the BridgeSpan Health policies through Cambia Health Solutions. They are quite similar to the Regence and Asuris plans. The four states you will find these policies include Idaho, Utah, Oregon and Washington.

BridgeSpan Health policies may not be available for all counties in those four states. It does feature exclusive provider organization (EPO) benefits that offer special prices for in-network treatments. As an exception, Idaho residents may receive out-of-network treatments for a 10 percent out-of-pocket cost. Many Cambia Health Solutions brands offer supplemental insurance to Medicare. The policies are based on Medicare coverage and the health and age of the participant. Most of the time, the policies would cover the cost of addiction treatment at least partially.

Outpatient Rehab Coverage

Cambia Health Solutions has health insurance plans that will cover alcohol and drug outpatient services. Each of these plans have similar coverage for outpatient and inpatient treatments. For example, if you have Regence Bronze HSA 5000 EPO, your plan may cover 70 percent of your bill for outpatient, partial hospitalization program (PHP) or inpatient treatment care. You would have to pay the other 30 percent of the coinsurance fee. With the Asuris Gold 1000 EPO, Asuris pays for the 80 percent of the care and you cover the other 20 percent. Medicare supplement plans provide similar coverage but may vary based on policy guidelines and other specifics.

Our insurance verification team works quickly to verify your insurance benefits to place you into one of our centers as soon as possible. Because of our industry expertise we will be able to verify this information in a timely manner and can advocate for more coverage or more time in treatment. We strive to do this as quick as possible while also maximizing your coverage. Our insurance verification process is of no cost to you and there are absolutely no obligations.]

Medication-Assisted Treatment Coverage

There are many addiction treatment facilities that offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT). This type of treatment combines medications with therapy services. The medications aim to help prevent withdrawals and reduce cravings. Since detoxing from drugs and alcohol may be dangerous, it is always best to receive medical supervision during the detox process. Many insurance companies, including Cambia Health Solutions, have some form of coverage for addiction treatment, including medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

Sober Living House Coverage

Sober living houses may help you stay clean and sober while you continue your recovery journey. These environments may be helpful to recovering addicts in so many ways. You may contact sober living houses or Cambia Health Solutions to determine if a specific sober living house is covered under your insurance policy. You may or may not have a coinsurance fee.

In-Network and Out-of-Network Differences

As with other insurance companies, there are differences between in-network and out-of-network providers. Cambia Health Solutions works with different addiction treatment providers to help reduce the costs that clients pay. Rehab centers may have pricing agreements with Cambia Health Solutions. If you are attending a facility that is out-of-network, it is likely that it will not be covered or you will have to pay a high coinsurance fee.

Finding Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers That Are Accepted by Cambia Health Solutions

If you are looking for an addiction rehab center that will be accepted through your Cambia Health Solutions insurance, now is the time to make the call. You can contact addiction recovery professionals, addiction rehab centers, sober living houses, or Cambia Health Solutions to learn where your insurance plan will be accepted.

Do you have an addiction to drugs or alcohol? An addiction can tear apart your life. The good news is that there are many insurance companies that offer assistance for paying for alcohol or drug rehab centers. You may find many insurance plans through Cambia Health Solutions to help you start your recovery journey. If you already have a Cambia Health Solutions policy, make the call to find a rehab center today. If you’re looking into going to addiction rehab then you might also need to look into Aetna Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, Cigna Insurance, Optima Health Insurance or UMR Health Insurance. Or you can reach out to one of our insurance specialist and they will help you identify your coverage.

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