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Is there CareSource of Ohio addiction treatment coverage? It is common for a person to feel worried about the cost of addiction treatment because it actually can be a bit expensive. However, it might help you to know this little secret. Some insurance companies will often help pay for rehab and addiction treatment programs. In fact, CareSource of Ohio might actually be one of the insurance companies that help people with the cost of addiction treatment.

Many people who reside in Ohio, Georgia, Indiana, and Kentucky have chosen CareSource as their main insurance provider for both medical and mental health issues. The main reason many people prefer CareSource is they provide a number of different Medicaid and Marketplace insurance services which include paying for the cost of addiction treatment.

CareSource Health Coverage

CareSource is a non-profit managed care company that offers quality, affordable health care insurance plans. The company is based out of Dayton, Ohio, and focuses on providing insurance for individuals all over the area. Their main focus is to provide insurance to those who have trouble affording medical and mental health insurance. Some of the plans offered by CareSource include the following:

In most cases, CareSource of Ohio mental health insurance and CareSource of Ohio rehab insurance will pay for at least a portion of addiction treatment programs. However, it is best to speak with a CareSource agent to make sure your treatment will be covered by the company.

CareSource Drug and Alcohol Detox

Generally, CareSource of Ohio’s behavioral, comprehensive policy will pay for drug and alcohol detoxification treatment programs. Although, you might have to get a referral from your doctor in order to receive these services. In most cases, there are no deductibles or copays for drug and alcohol detoxification treatment programs.

Detoxification is usually the first step to recovery, it helps a person rid their bodies of drugs and alcohol. Although detox is an important part of the recovery process it also can be very unpleasant and sometimes dangerous. This is why many experts recommend a person going through detox, seek help from a qualified, structured medical detox treatment program. These programs will help keep a person safe throughout the detox process.

Our insurance verification team works quickly to verify your insurance benefits to place you into one of our centers as soon as possible. Because of our industry expertise, we will be able to verify this information in a timely manner and can advocate for more coverage or more time in treatment. We strive to do this as quickly as possible while also maximizing your coverage. Our insurance verification process is of no cost to you and there are absolutely no obligations.

CareSource Rehab Insurance

Many people who are looking for insurance to help them pay for addiction treatment keep asking this question, “Does CareSource of Ohio pay for drug rehab?”. CareSource of Ohio may help a person pay for inpatient rehab services. However, you might be required to use a facility within the CareSource of Ohio rehab network. Although, in some situations, CareSource of Ohio insurance will also cover out-of-network addiction treatment services, as well.

In most rehab treatment programs, specialists will provide therapy, support, and care to a person with a substance addiction. You could also expect a specialist to perform a full clinical assessment so they can try to find the underlying cause of your addiction. This will help you be successful on your way to sobriety. There are two main types of rehab – inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. Inpatient rehab takes place in a residential, structured environment. Outpatient rehab allows a person to stay in their home and attend rehab treatment during the week. Remember, CareSource of Ohio might pay for both inpatient and outpatient rehab services. However, it is best to ask a CareSource of Ohio agent just to make sure your rehab will be paid for by the company.

If you have an addiction and find yourself worrying about the cost of treatment, try putting your worries to rest. Perhaps, CareSource of Ohio can be your lifeline. They might be able to help you pay for addiction, rehab, and mental health treatment services. Go ahead and check them out today. If you’re looking into going to addiction rehab then you might also need to look into Aetna Insurance, Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance, Cigna Insurance, Optima Health Insurance or UMR Health Insurance. Or you can reach out to one of our insurance specialist and they will help you identify your coverage.

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