Crack Cocaine

Has your Crack addiction drained you emotionally, physically, or financially? You should know that you are not alone! For years, crack cocaine has been commonly known as one of the most highly addictive drugs available. You know this better than most, especially in regards to how hard it can be to effectively quit using this drug when you have been doing it for some time now.

Even famed celebrities and athletes have admitted the powers of drug addiction like crack cocaine. Hall of Fame football player Lawrence Taylor who is arguably known as the best defensive player in NFL history even fell to his crack cocaine addiction. Lawrence Taylor, who was arrested multiple times for drugs said in an interview with CBS that his crack addiction was so bad that “his house was almost like a crack house” and that he didn’t want to associate with anyone who was not a crack user, dealer, or prostitute.

Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse

You should not feel guilty because crack cocaine is one of the most highly addictive drugs on the street. There is no such as a functioning or recreational crack cocaine user. Anytime somebody uses crack cocaine they are abusing the drug. Because it is so highly addictive, it only takes one use to become addicted.

Cocaine and crack cocaine abuse became popular in the 1980s and has been devastating people’s lives ever since. Many crack cocaine addicts started out abusing drugs socially and became addicted. Others do not have the means to purchase drugs and abuse cocaine because it is the cheaper alternative. No matter how you wound up with your crack cocaine addiction, you should know that it is okay, and there are better days ahead for you if you want them.

If you are seeking recovery for your crack cocaine addiction, then consider yourself one lucky. Just like it only takes one use to become addicted, for some, one use of crack cocaine can send their body into cardiac arrest and permanently end their life. So ask yourself, is that 10-minute high really worth it?

Signs and Symptoms of Crack Cocaine

Crack cocaine abuse is very dangerous because you run the risk of going into cardiac arrest anytime you use it. When you smoke crack you are playing Russian Roulette with your life!

Crack cocaine abuse can affect many different aspects of your life. As you become addicted to crack cocaine, other priorities go out of the window, such as career, family, friendships, etc.

If you feel like you are neglecting these priorities because of your addiction, you should not feel like a bad person. There are others who have been in your shoes and know what addiction can do to someone. You do not have to feel like there is no hope, you can take back control of your life and make up for anything you may have done in your past.

Besides the personal and social effects your cocaine addiction has had on your life, consider what crack cocaine abuse does to your brain. You need to seek treatment so you can begin to heal mentally, physically, and emotionally.

If you are concerned someone you know is on crack or is having trouble admitting your addiction, here are some things to consider.

  • Are they spending a majority of their money on crack cocaine?
  • Are they putting their crack cocaine habit over important priorities?
  • Do they become panicked when they run out of your crack cocaine?
  • Has their crack cocaine use put them in risky or dangerous situations?
  • Have they stolen from a loved one for their crack addiction?

Side Effects of Crack Cocaine

Short Term

  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Intense drug cravings
  • Hallucinations
  • Intense euphoric state
  • Bizarre, erratic, sometimes violent behavior

Long Term

  • Delirium
  • Psychosis
  • Severe depression
  • Mood swings
  • Disorientation
  • Risky behavior or actions

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Overdose Symptoms of Crack Cocaine

A crack cocaine overdose can happen rather easily because the drug lasts for such a short time the user can often binge smoke. The result of this can put too much pressure on the body resulting in an overdose. The symptoms of a crack cocaine overdose are similar to a crack high; the user will give off these signals if they are overdosing from crack cocaine.

  • Agitation
  • Itching
  • Cold sweats
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Psychosis
  • Stroke

If you are ever with someone who is experiencing these symptoms you should call 911 immediately.

Crack Cocaine Withdrawal and Detox

There is no physical withdrawal symptoms or medications made to specifically help with detoxing from crack cocaine abuse. There are some medications that will help with your mental withdrawal symptoms, which usually include anxiety, depression, cravings, and mood swings. These symptoms typically last for a week. Our inpatient rehab centers have drug detox treatment in their facilities that allow you to remove these toxins.

Crack Cocaine Treatment and Rehab

Facing your addiction can be tough; no matter what brought you to this point, you should not feel ashamed or discouraged. There is hope! There are plenty of people who sought treatment, kicked their crack addiction, and learned new ways to leave a clean, healthy, and fun lifestyle.

Treatment options for crack cocaine addiction can vary, and all depend on your preferences. There are traditional 12 step treatment facilities, holistic approaches, faith-based, men or women-only rehabs, and much more. If you call us, we can help you better understand what is available for you.

If you are nervous about going to rehab for your addiction, you shouldn’t be. In fact, you should be proud of yourself and eager to start a new life for yourself. Although your addiction treatment options may vary, there is a general step to recovery that we can fill you in on to ease your nerves.

  • Step 1: Intake – When you arrive at your facility, you will be assessed by the medical professionals to determine your treatment through detox and your rehabilitation program.
  • Step 2: Detox – After your assessment or intake, you will be taken to your room, where you can rest and be monitored while you go through the withdrawal of your drug use. Detox can range from 1 day to a week, depending on the drug of choice and the user.
  • Step 3: Rehab – After you finish detox, you will be ready to begin your addiction treatment, which can range from a variety of different options. This is when you will be able to meet others, attend lectures, participate in group or individual counseling, and learn the tools you need to stay clean.
  • Step 4: Aftercare – When your time at the facility is over, you will have to go back to your life. This can be a challenge for a lot of people, but part of your treatment includes aftercare. This is usually outpatient counseling in a group or individualized setting, where you are slowly introduced back to your life and responsibilities. The steps to recovery are tough, it is difficult and scary but also exciting. By going to the treatment, you give yourself a second chance at life and allow yourself to be free from your addiction.

Coming to Terms with Your Crack Cocaine Addiction

It may be difficult to admit you are an addict, for some, it is a hard truth to come to terms with. It also is the most important step you can take if you want to end your addiction. Once you can recognize your problem, you can start making goals to fix it. Sometimes, it may seem more comfortable, or easier, to continue living the way you are, but there is no happy ending for somebody who never stops their crack habit.

If you know that you are an addict and want to get help, the first thing you should do is get as much information on the options available for you.

Helping a Friend or Family Member Address Their Crack Addiction

If you are here for a loved one, we hope this has been an informative and helpful experience. Crack cocaine addiction can be a tough habit to break so your loved one will need a lot of support and encouragement. We also understand this can be emotionally draining on you as well, for that we commend you for your efforts.

If you believe your loved one may be struggling with crack cocaine addiction here are some signs to look for:

  • Excessive bursts of energy, high can range from 5-30 minutes
  • Shaking or trembling, known as the jitters
  • Burn marks on lips from smoking
  • Increased irritability and depression
  • Erratic behavior and sleeping patterns

Crack cocaine addiction treatment can be costly, but so is your habit! It would be much wiser to take the money you are already spending and invest in your future. There is also insurance help; we can help you understand your benefits as they relate to rehab. Our services are free, and your information is confidential.

If you are tired of living the day-to-day struggle of addiction, then the first step would be to give us a call. We want to know about you and your addiction so we can better understand your specific needs. We can do this for you absolutely free! Call us today, and let us start a conversation about ending your crack cocaine addiction.

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