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Just about all highly controlled substances are easily available in El Paso, Texas, and residents living in or just across the porous border in the nearby city of Ciudad Juárez, in Mexico. The veritable smorgasbord of drugs available in the city has led to the burgeoning number of El Paso drug rehab centers to cater to the urgent needs of many patients who need treatment on a priority basis. The city also continues to be a thoroughfare for many controlled substances such as Cocaine, Fentanyl, Heroin, and various other narcotics. As a matter of fact, drugs are quite often warehoused in various “stash houses” in the city of in El Paso before they make their long way up through other cities all across the North American continent.

Drug overdose-related deaths in Texas

The easy availability of such noxious substances has led to a steadily increasing number of deaths due to overdoses. As a matter of fact, Texas has registered a steep increase of approximately 7.4% in drug overdose-related deaths in the last few years. Even as opiate-related OD cases have registered a decline, the vast number of cases with reference to Heroin OD deaths has registered a very sharp increase. This includes not just the state of Texas alone but pretty much the whole country. This means that the problem is increasing rather than decreasing on a month-to-month basis. As a matter of fact, well over 10.1 percent of individuals over 12 and above have tried at least some sort of controlled substance in the United States of America. According to the Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services Administration, the drug abuse figures are absolutely startling, to say the least. They underscore the need throughout Texas for facilities to help fight addiction, like drug rehabs in Denton. Fort Stockton drug rehabs and Plano drug rehabs are also essential.

Substance use disorder in Texas

Vectoring in the figures for the state of Texas alone, we find that:

  • 2.2 percent of the state’s residents have to deal with drug addiction on an almost day to day basis
  • However, less than 5 percent of drug addicts and
  • Only 6.4 percent of alcohol addicts in Texas even bother to go through the motions of in-patient rehab.

This means that El Paso drug rehab is not an option that many, if not most, afflicted individuals are even able to consider. There are a large number of reasons for this predicament in terms ofrehab facilities in El Paso. Many people are worried about the withdrawal symptoms when they opt for detox in El Paso, TX, or alternatively, either their loved ones or the patients themselves would be overly concerned about the procedures as well as the costs of rehab centers El Paso TX.

However, that does not mean that there are no El Paso rehab facilities available for people who are desirous of utilizing the services of such treatment centers in El Paso. If anyone is really interested in drug and alcohol rehab El Paso then of course, there certainly are a lot of options available for just about anyone who really wants to kick their substance use disorder habit for good, or alternatively, for people who would be interested in taking their loved ones to drug and alcohol rehab centers in El Paso. As a matter of fact, various centers help with Non 12 step rehab in El Paso and alcohol treatment centers El Paso.


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Alcohol addiction in El Paso

An increasingly larger number of adults in El Paso are turning to alcohol dependence and as the rate of alcohol abuse has increased, so too have the number of aa meetings El Paso TX. However, even though alcohol abuse also continues to be the key reason for entering alcohol treatment in El Paso, TX, this does not mean that other drugs are in a steep decline. Especially when we vector in the fact that there is a steadily increasing proportion of individuals who are also seeking treatment for opiate dependence in drug rehab El Paso, TX. Especially Among the juvenile and youth populations, marijuana still continues to be the key reason for seeking drug rehab in El Paso, TX, with alcohol addiction taking the second slot in terms of overall substance use disorder figures. Here, it is also pertinent to note that the many El Paso rehabilitation centers and the anti-hard drug campaigns regularly being run in schools and colleges have successfully curtailed cocaine and heroin abuse, especially among the youth and young adults category.

But when it comes to alcohol abuse, aa El Paso has been instrumental in ensuring that alcohol abusers can get the counseling they need. As a matter of fact, many El Paso aa meetings are held regularly to ensure that El Paso treatment centers remain at the forefront of dealing with this problem and ensure that people suffering from alcohol addiction are given the due guidance help that they need. In fact, alcoholics anonymous El Paso has been directly responsible for rehabilitating many alcohol abusers and also ensuring that they do not fall back to their old ruinous habits all over again. The El Paso aa meeting schedule is easily available online, and it is rigidly adhered to by the people responsible for holding such meetings in the city.

Drug abuse trends in El Paso, TX

The overall severity of substance use disorder-related problems in the city El Paso TX is also due in large part to the ever-flourishing drug trade that continues all along the long international border with Mexico. This highly illegal drug commerce also easily influences all the channels of supply as well as the variety, availability, quantity, and quality, of drugs available in El Paso. Due to this easy availability, the imbibing of hard drugs and other controlled substances is considered a fairly normal affair in the city. This has led to people who would otherwise be averse to drug use, trying it out just to ‘get a feel’. For the richer patrons of such drugs, there is the chance of luxury rehab in El Paso, while for the individuals who are not that well off, there exists many a rehab center El Paso that can easily cater to their needs. The many El Paso rehab centers that exist are providing excellent services to many drug abusers who desperately need rehab in El Paso TX.

Drug abuse in colleges in El Peso, TX

The use of ‘club’ or rave or party drugs amongst college students in EL Paso TX has been shown to be fairly commonplace. Since El Peso is one of the poorest cities in Taxes with a median average income of almost half of that of other competing cities, many youths who feel that they are not as well off as their counterparts in other cities, take to rave drugs such as MDMA to feel part of the more ‘hip’ crowd. In fact, many such college students end up being at increased risk for ever-higher rates of club drug use and related consequences. They may also require the services of dual diagnosis rehab in El Paso. A sample study of Caucasian college students found that over 18 percent of participants reported using club drugs at least once in their lives, and at least 11 percent reported using them in the last one year alone. Various avenues for a medical detox in El Paso TX currently exist for the express purpose of taking care of MDA and other Amphetamine addictions in the city of El Paso TX. Here, narcotics anonymous El Paso has provided yeomen’s services to the afflicted people, irrespective of their age, gender, or race. In fact, El Paso has always kept an open-door policy for anyone who needs help in finding substance use disorder treatment El Paso.

The SMART recovery program

Apart from that, there are also many Self-Management and Recovery Training or SMART Recovery Meetings in El Paso. The nature of the smart program as it is practiced in many rehabilitation facilities in El Paso essentially ensures not just the individual, but also his family, as well as his friends, would be able to move forwards and get on with their lives after successfully eliminating the drug from their collective lives. In the United States alone, the SMART initiative had successfully reached a milestone of 1,500 meetings as far back as 2015. And various other countries have also followed suit. This is why many, if not most El Paso rehab centers actively encourage even former addicts who have successfully completed their rehabs in El Paso, to participate in such meetings. Basically, the whole SMART process for recovery from substance use disorder works on the basis of the following principles:

  • Showing near-total self-motivation self-responsibility, as well as self-discipline throughout the long recovery from substance use disorder
  • Replacing any and all self-destructive ideas and thoughts with healthy and rational beliefs
  • Setting certain highly achievable goals and ‘step by step’ milestones throughout the recovery journey while undergoing rehab El Paso
  • Accepting negative impulses as being part of the overall recovery process and learning to recognize the same whenever they occur
  • Learning how to resist urges to drink or act on a negative behavior even after leaving rehab centers in El Paso.

Other Therapy Options

12-Step Programs offer assistance for those who need to stay focused and follow a distinct pattern to recovery. There are many of these options available and help to keep those suffering from addiction committed to their recovery. Examples of this therapy option would be Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.

Non 12 step programs are also available. Evidence-based therapy strategies are implemented for those who find the 12 steps just do not fit their recovery journey. These therapies range from group therapy to cognitive behavior therapy sessions. Other therapy options include dual diagnosis therapy for those dealing with multiple addictions and mental health issues at the same time. Luxury rehab is for those who need a little more privacy and protection through their recovery journey than the average person dealing with addiction. Luxury rehab in El Paso also provides more amenities than typical rehab in El Paso, TX does. Detox programs are also utilized to assist with getting off your substance of choice safely and efficiently. Detox programs in El Paso can get you the assistance you need while detoxing in an environment that is ready to handle all the withdrawal effects that come with it.

Paying for Rehab in Texas

Paying for your drug and alcohol rehab in or near TX may be overwhelming you or your family. There are many options out there for helping you to get the assistance you need. You can choose from a variety of rehab payment solutions such as:

  • Various Payment Plans
  • Private or Employment Insurance
  • Savings accounts you have set aside
  • Government programs

Work with the rehab centers in Texas to find the right payment solution for your needs. They can assist you in taking the first step on your road to recovery. If you think that traveling to Texas, maybe even Austin, Texas then give us a call and find out more about Willow Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Texas.

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