Three Reasons Beachfront Rehab is the Best 

In the world of luxury rehab facilities, consumers have a lot of choices. The most important part of choosing any rehab program is, of course, making sure they are able to provide the best possible care for their clients, but once that’s done, the choice comes down to more subjective preferences. One of the largest areas of preference when choosing a luxury rehab program is location. Some may prefer the hustle and bustle of a city, others may want to get away to a small, rural community in the mountains, but for many people, beachfront rehab stands heads and shoulders above the rest. Here are three reasons to choose a rehab center on the beach. 



Few things are as relaxing as laying down on the beach, eyes closed, letting the sound of the crashing waves wash over you. Beaches are the perfect place to spend some time alone and reflect on life, the lessons and skills taught in rehab that day, and what the future after rehab may look like. The beach is the perfect location for plenty of relaxing activities including meditation, reading, yoga, or simply laying down to watch the dazzling sea-side sunsets each night. 



Plenty of research has shown that sunlight is very important to our health and happiness and that spending time in the sun each day boosts our mood, cognitive functioning, sleep, as well as our physical health. Doctors generally recommend 15-30 minutes of sunshine a day, and one of the best places to soak up those rays is the beach. Simply relaxing at the beach is always wonderful, but at Sunshine Behavioral Health’s own California-based luxury beachfront rehab centers, Chapters Capistrano and Monarch Shores, clients have plenty of access to water-based activities as well, such as swimming, kayaking, and whale-watching, giving clients plenty of opportunities to spend some time in the sun. 


Escape from daily life 

Beachfront rehab offers the perfect escape from the circumstances and stressors of daily life which contribute to addiction. A radical break from the routine clients kept while partaking in and feeding their addiction can be very helpful to recovery, and beachfront rehab is a great place to do that. The myriad of previously mentioned fun activities available to clients can be a great distraction and destressor, while the vast beauty of the ocean is also a wonderful space for quiet reflection and meditation. 


Luxury beachfront rehab is essentially an idyllic vacation where the goal is recovery from addiction. That isn’t to imply that recovery is easy and won’t require hard work; it will, but the beach is also the perfect place to destress and reflect on that work once the day is over. Sunshine Behavioral Health’s beachfront rehab boasts an expertly trained staff to care for clients 24/7 during their stay, and offers a variety of treatments to meet each client’s individual needs. To learn more about Sunshine Behavioral Health’s beachfront rehab facilities and how they can help you or your loved ones recover from addiction, visit us at today.



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