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Long Beach is a city located on the Pacific Coast of America. This city lies within the county of Los Angeles and part of the metropolitan area of Los Angeles, California. With an estimated population of 469,450 in 2017, Long Beach is the 39th largest city in America and the 7th most populated city in California.

However, Long Beach has a serious problem that has been plaguing the country in the past years. The use of alcohol and drugs has become prevalent in Long Beach, CA. Luckily, there are Long Beach rehab facilities that are available to help those with drug and alcohol problems.

As a chronic disease, addiction can be treated with the right treatment approach. The journey to recovery must first start with acceptance – accepting that you have a problem with addiction and that you need help. The next step should be looking into rehabs in Long Beach. Different drug rehab in Long Beach as well as alcohol rehab in Long Beach is available to those who wish to seek treatment. Various rehab centers in Long Beach offer different types of treatment approaches, so it is best that you pick the right Long Beach rehab that will cater to your different needs and solve your specific issues.

Abused Substances in Long Beach, CA

The National Drug Early Warning System Los Angeles County Sentinel Community Site has listed the top 10 drugs seized by the law enforcement in Los Angeles County and included in the DEA National Forensic Laboratory Information System. In 2016, the top seized and reported drug is methamphetamine with a total number of 11,369. This is followed by Cannabis with 7,177, Cocaine with 3,445, Heroin with 1,969, Alprazolam with 709, MDMA with 325, MDA with 245, Phencyclidine with 191, Hydrocodone with 161, and Oxycodone with 111 cases. Between 2014 and 2016, about 2,288 drug overdose deaths were reported in Los Angeles County.

Different drugs can have different effects on the body and different individuals can react to them differently. There is a great risk in using drugs since you can overdose and die from it. A person with drug addiction should immediately receive intervention at a Long Beach drug rehab. Drug rehab Long Beach, CA can provide you with the right treatment for your drug or alcohol addiction.

Alcohol is also a huge problem in the county of Los Angeles. There are numerous alcohol treatment centers Long Beach that can help individuals turn their back on alcohol and maintain sobriety. There is also a meeting for AA Long Beach that alcohol addicts and their family or friends can attend.

College Students Substance Use Disorder in Long Beach, CA

Rehabilitation facilities in Long Beach provide treatment for college students and adults needing recovery from drug or alcohol dependency. At least two federal laws (the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act and the Higher Education Act) require colleges and universities to implement programs to prevent substance use disorder on the campuses. In most schools, indefinite suspensions become part of the disciplinary measures for multiple offenses. To regain eligibility for enrollment, some may require rehab in Long Beach.

Long Beach’s CSULB (California State University Long Beach) and the Long Beach City College both include possible referral to treatment centers in Long Beach as part of their program for maintaining their campuses safe and free from alcohol and drug abuse. Both of these public institutions of higher education also have in-house counseling as well as referral services to local organizations and groups. There are a few individuals who may need treatment from rehab facilities in Long Beach. The United States Department of Education has already called for stricter evaluation and inspection of institutions of higher education regarding compliance with federal laws.

Support from families, faculty, and friends should be strengthened to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning and prevent substance use disorder among the youth. Those with addiction should immediately be guided to rehab centers in Long Beach.

If needed, students may have access to rehab in other cities, such as an Oakland rehabilitation center.


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Treatments Offered in Long Beach Rehabilitation Centers

After years of research and studies, we know that drugs, as well as alcohol, have harmful effects on our bodies. Depending on the drug consumed, the effects that an individual may experience varies.

Addiction or substance use disorder does not only affect the person using it, but also those around him. Family and friends are affected with the self-destructive nature or violent and abusive behavior of the user. It is important that the drug or alcohol user get a substance use disorder treatment in Long Beach. Recovering from substance addiction and getting back the life prior to addiction is possible through Long Beach drug rehab centers or alcohol rehab centers.

Since each patient is different and experiences addiction uniquely, treatment may not be the same for everyone. Addiction treatment needs to have a specific approach that targets all the patient’s issues. When it comes to substance addiction, the drugs or alcohol are not the only factors that need to be looked into. Some patients may have underlying factors such as mental illness, or a toxic home environment. Long Beach rehab centers can provide different treatment approaches and programs to treat the specific issues of the patient.

Patients may benefit from detox Long Beach, 12 step programs, non-12 step programs, dual diagnosis, AA Long Beach, NA Long Beach, a luxury rehab, or SMART recovery meetings in Long Beach. For a patient to recover fully, it is important that they get into the right program at the right rehab Long Beach.

  • Detoxification – Detox in Long Beach is done to flush out the drugs and alcohol from the body. This ensures that the physical dependency of an individual to the substance is eliminated. Detox can be life-threatening, so it is recommended that this is done at a detox center Long Beach. Patients can also receive medical detox Long Beach. With this, detoxifying can be more comfortable and safe. Nurses and doctors supervise the process around-the-clock. Medications can also be given to lessen the effect of withdrawal symptoms. Depending on the addiction and its severity, individuals may only require detoxification, while others may require further treatment and other programs.
  • 12 Step Programs – Some rehab facilities offer a 12 step program which is based on religion and spirituality. This approach is originally done by different alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous chapters. During a 12 step program, patients will be sharing their challenges and experiences in a group meeting. Support from like-minded individuals as well as the guidance of an all-mighty is the key to their recovery. Twelve-step rehab is among the most common treatment types, so consider seeking out rehabs all over the state—such as a rehab center in Moreno Valley, California.
  • Non 12 Step Programs– Non 12 step rehab in Long Beach is for patients that wish for a non-secular treatment approach. Unlike 12 step programs, non 12 step programs focus on science-based approaches to addiction. Your recovery is not dependent on a supreme being. Patients can have control over their recovery. Group support is also included in this program but without the involvement of any religion. The treatment approach for non-12-step includes motivational enhancement therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, community reinforcement, and many more. SMART recovery is also another alternative for those who wish for a non-secular treatment.
  • Dual Diagnosis – Addiction can be caused by other factors such as mental illnesses; other times addiction can cause these issues. Dual diagnosis rehab in Long Beach can work on treating both the addiction as well as the mental health disorder that the patient may suffer from. It is important that these two are both handled to effectively treat the problems of the patient and help them recover.
  • Luxury Rehabs – Specialty rehabs including luxury rehab in Long Beach are found to be effective treatment approaches. The beautiful environment plays an important role in a patient’s recovery. Seeing the beauty life has to offer can motivate individuals to live life fully and free from any substances. If luxury rehab is unavailable locally, consider seeking out a treatment center in Los Angeles, CA.

People suffering from substance use disorder disorder can also join groups such as the alcoholics anonymous Long Beach and narcotics anonymous Long Beach. Long Beach AA meetings and NA meetings in Long Beach can be attended by anyone curious about the treatment approach. This means that friends and families who wish to support their loved ones can go with them to open NA or AA meetings in Long Beach. To keep a patient’s privacy during other treatments, only those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction can attend the closed Long Beach AA meeting schedule or NA meeting schedule.

Paying for Rehab in Long Beach, CA

Those who wish to recover from their addiction should not be intimidated by the cost of treatment programs at alcohol and drug rehab centers in Long Beach. Receiving treatment from an alcohol or drug rehab in Long Beach is important and should be done immediately.

Paying for rehab facilities in Long Beach can be done privately or through your insurance. Patients who wish to pay the Long Beach treatment center through an insurance company must first verify their treatment benefits and their coverage. You can verify this by calling the insurance company directly or by verifying through your selected rehab center Long Beach.

For those without private insurance, other options to pay to include:

  • Government insurance
  • Loans from friends and/or family
  • Installment plans with the rehab center

If you think that traveling to California would be the best option for you or your loved one’s treatment, then give us a call and find out more about Chapters Capistrano and Monarch Shores Recovery, our two addiction treatment facilities in California.

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