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Found at the center of Los Angeles County in California, the City of Palmdale ranks second to Lancaster as a desert city in the state of California. It is home to over 157,519 residents as of the 2017 United States Census Bureau data. But the city that has been a famous site in Hollywood movies is facing a tough challenge of substance use disorder as the whole country faces the opioid crisis. Rehab facilities in Palmdale are currently seeing more patients of alcohol and drug abuse from various parts of the state.

Getting admitted in an alcohol rehab in Palmdale and drug rehab in Palmdale helps patients to recover from addiction. Whether it is alcohol, methamphetamine, or opioid, addiction is a chronic brain disorder that can be treated. Here are some of the treatments offered in Palmdale rehab facilities:

  • Alcoholics Anonymous Palmdale (AA Palmdale)
  • Narcotics Anonymous Palmdale (NA Palmdale)
  • Non-12 step rehab in Palmdale
  • Luxury rehab in Palmdale
  • SMART Recovery Meetings in Palmdale
  • Detox center Palmdale
  • Medical detox Palmdale
  • Dual diagnosis rehab in Palmdale

Commonly Abused Substances in Palmdale, CA Area

Drug rehab centers in Palmdale and alcohol treatment centers in Palmdale are assisting a growing number of patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction in Los Angeles County. Based on the most recent County Health Rankings and Roadmaps data, Los Angeles topped the counties in California in terms of the rate of deaths due to a drug overdose with 2,288 fatalities recorded from 2014 to 2016.

The prevalence of drug use in the county is tied with the authorities’ discovery of a drug trafficking operation of drug cartels near Palmdale. Just recently, 161 pounds of methamphetamine, 13 pounds of heroin, 121 pounds of cocaine, 600 fentanyl pills and 7 pounds of fentanyl were seized by authorities in the nearby San Fernando Valley and Ventura Counties.

The use of methamphetamine combined with marijuana and alcohol was also revealed in a reported car crash involving a resident from Palmdale last April 2018. From 2012 to 2016, the percentage of deaths due to driving under the influence in Palmdale county is 26 percent. Meanwhile, binge drinking in Los Angeles County is 17 percent based on records from 2016.

The abuse of alcohol and drugs, not only poses adverse effects on the body but also leads to death. This is one of the important reasons why people with substance addiction need to get help from Palmdale rehabilitation centers.


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Substance Use Disorder Among College Students in Palmdale, CA Area

The abuse of drugs and alcohol among young people in California is also a cause of concern. Patients who seek treatment in Palmdale drug rehab centers include college students. This does not come as a surprise since the 2015 to 2016 National Survey on Drug Use and Health showed the alarming statewide rate of substance use disorder among those aged 18 to 25 years old:

  • 353 misused painkillers
  • 1,583 engaged in binge drinking
  • 2,380 used alcohol for the past month
  • 1,016 had marijuana for the past month
  • 1,133 had illicit drugs for the past month

A study carried out from 2013 to 2017 showed the importance of the school environment to prevent drug abuse, particularly marijuana. The study by researchers from the University of California looked at the rate of marijuana abuse among students from top-performing schools in Los Angeles. To help students avoid substance use disorder, various agencies are carrying out programs to help young people get treatment and counseling. Some young people are also being admitted to rehabs in Palmdale to get safer treatment.

If needed, students may have access to rehab in other cities, such as a Long Beach rehabilitation center.

Types of Treatment for Substance Use Disorder in Drug Rehab Palmdale. CA

Rehab centers in Palmdale offer various types of treatment for those who have developed a dependence on a substance. The programs provided in a drug rehab in Palmdale, include:

  • Detox program– Receiving detox in Palmdale is only the initial stage of treatment. There are rehabilitation facilities in Palmdale which offer patients medical detox that is safer and a relatively comfortable process to manage withdrawal symptoms.
  • 12 step program– A Palmdale drug rehab also utilizes the 12 step method, like the used in Palmdale AA meetings and NA meetings in Palmdale. It motivates the patient to tackle the underlying issues in addiction and encourages him to accept and remain in treatment. Twelve-step rehab is among the most common treatment types, so consider seeking out rehabs all over the state—such as a rehab center in Fontana, California.
  • Non 12 step program – For those who prefer a non-12 step program, there are rehab centers in Palmdale that use complementary and alternative medicine and other approaches to holistic rehab in treating addiction.
  • Dual diagnosis – A dual diagnosis treatment can provide the proper care and treatment for patients with a co-occurring mental illness and substance use disorder.
  • Luxury rehab – Luxury rehab centers in Palmdale are preferred by those who want a top-level service in a more relaxing environment. They use modern facilities for confidentiality and high-end amenities to provide the highest level of comfort.

Paying for Palmdale rehab centers

A lot of payment options are available for patients in rehab facilities in Palmdale, such as:

  • Private or government insurance
  • Savings or personal fund
  • Personal loans
  • Loan from friends or family

Paying for rehab may be different in other centers, such as a San Franciso, CA, rehab center, so be sure to compare your options.

Patients should never be hindered by the price of treatment in a Palmdale rehab. Everyone should get actively involved in helping a patient get treatment because the social cost of addiction is far greater than the amount of treatment.

Medical disclaimer:

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