Holistic Treatment in Aurora, Colorado

By treating people’s bodies, minds, and spirits, holistic rehab in Aurora, CO, acknowledges every aspect of a person and aims to provide comprehensive assistance to address drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.

Like other places in Colorado, the United States, and the world, people in Aurora, CO, sometimes struggle with alcohol and drugs. That’s where holistic rehab in Aurora, CO, can help.

What kinds of addictions do holistic drug treatment centers in Aurora, CO, address?

Aurora is located in Douglas, Arapahoe, and Adams counties, an area covered by the Tri-County Health Department. People in all three places have struggled with opioid drugs. In 2013-2014 alone, opioids contributed to the deaths of:

One particular opioid drug, fentanyl, has been particularly lethal. Alone or in combination with other drugs, fentanyl caused:

Fentanyl and other opioids aren’t the only deadly substances in Aurora, Colorado. Alcohol is also contributing to fatalities. In fact, chronic alcohol abuse killed 39 men and 15 women in Arapahoe County in just 2020 alone.

While holistic alcohol treatment in Aurora, CO, and other addiction treatment is needed, luckily, it’s also available.


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What is holistic addiction treatment in Aurora, CO?

Many people know about the medical and therapeutic aspects of drug and alcohol treatment. They might be less familiar with what a holistics recovery center in Aurora, CO, is and what it can do.

The term holistic refers to wholeness, so when people receive holistic care, they’re receiving assistance that addresses their entire being.

For example, holistic alcohol rehabilitation in Aurora, CO, might incorporate yoga in its programs. Yoga uses stretching exercises and poses, so it’s physical. In addition, yoga often uses meditative practices to help people focus, and meditation sometimes encourages people to explore their beliefs.

Yoga thus relates to people’s bodies, minds, and spirits. Holistic drug rehab in Aurora, CO, uses comprehensive practices such as yoga because addiction can harm the body, mind, and spirit.

What does a holistic detox center in Aurora, CO, offer?

Drug and alcohol treatment centers typically offer holistic care in addition to other options. For example, many facilities offer detox (detoxification) procedures.

Holistic drug detox in Aurora, CO, removes drugs and alcohol from the body. Detox procedures help counter the physical effects of addiction. Holistic practices such as acupuncture can help people feel better and might be used in conjunction with other practices.

What else can you expect when you enter a holistic addiction treatment center in Aurora, CO?

In fact, holistic recovery in Aurora, CO, is often used with other options. This inclusiveness relates to holistic philosophies that embrace the use of many practices to treat different aspects of a person.

Some of these options in Aurora, CO, and elsewhere include:


Many holistic drug rehab centers in Aurora, CO, incorporate therapy as part of their programs. Whether therapy is group, individual, family, or a combination of these, it all helps people understand why they’ve used substances and works with them to develop ways to avoid using drugs and alcohol in the future.

Sobriety support groups

Support groups are common parts of holistic alcohol rehab in Aurora, CO. Some groups use scientific evidence in their programs, such as LifeRing Secular Recovery. Other groups include spirituality, such as Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step approaches.

By holding meetings at holistic addiction treatment centers in Aurora, CO, sobriety support groups encourage people to gather and share their stories. This sense of community can provide positive examples and help people realize that they’re not alone.


Sobriety support groups are often components of aftercare. A responsible holistic addiction treatment program in Aurora, CO, makes aftercare arrangements for its clients.

Aftercare is assistance that a person receives after he or she leaves a holistic rehabilitation center in Aurora, CO. In addition to support groups, this assistance can take the form of therapy sessions and follow-up messages between the center and the client.

With its attention to the entire self, holistic treatment in Aurora, CO, recognizes that people are people, not their addictions.


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