Drug Treatment in Denver, Colorado

Looking for drug rehabs in Denver, CO? Drug rehabs are programs within addiction treatment facilities that help individuals going through narcotic abuse. This article is a comprehensive outline of the different types of drug rehabs, what to expect during a treatment program, and how you can sign up for drug rehab in Denver, CO.

Addiction comes in many forms. Some people are prone to abusing alcohol, and others may dabble in gambling or tobacco. Certain individuals will progress to abusing narcotic drugs, which can commonly include marijuana, opioids, or stimulants. The most common and effective line of care when it comes to drug addiction is getting into a high-quality rehab, to address the potential dangers of withdrawal while helping individuals in long-term recovery.

Are you thinking about substance use disorder treatment in Denver, Colorado? It can be overwhelming to consider all the details when it comes to addiction treatment. In this detailed post, you can learn all about what to expect in drug rehab facilities in Denver, CO, what to look for in a center, and how to get started with substance use disorder treatment.

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What is Drug Rehab in Denver, CO?

Drug addiction treatment in Denver, Colorado is done within licensed facilities that offer different programs. Many of these drug rehabs in Denver, CO have an initial detox program followed by 12-Step or Non-12 Step treatments. The patient can either be an inpatient or an outpatient depending on the results of their evaluation and personal needs.

Drug treatment facilities are quite different from a rehab center for alcohol in Denver, Colorado as they focus on programs specific to narcotic abuse. Even if the kinds of treatment can be similar, the approach may be different as it will help the patient undergo medical detox using protocols specific to their drug addiction, plus therapists will work with them to manage triggers that are unique to their background.

Different Types of Drug Rehab Facility in Denver, Colorado

When considering an addiction treatment center in Denver, CO, you will see that there are different types of settings and arrangements available. If you are living within the city, it is possible to go to treatment as an outpatient. Otherwise, being an inpatient can be a great choice if you want a full program that tackles all stages of addiction rehab and recovery.

Inpatient drug rehabs in Denver, CO

Inpatient drug rehab centers in Denver, CO usually consist of three stages of care. These can include evaluation, treatment, and aftercare. The patient is required to stay within the treatment center for 30-90 days depending on what is needed and the scope of their healthcare insurance.

Outpatient drug rehabs in Denver, CO

Some patients who are residents of Denver can also go through treatment as an outpatient. This means that they can participate in some of the programs but they do not need to stay within the facility. Other inpatients who require long-term care who are within the area can also go as outpatients.

Comprehensive rehab centers can offer both inpatient and outpatient programs depending on the needs and preferences of each individual.

What to Expect During Inpatient Substance Use Disorder Treatment in Denver, CO

As previously mentioned, there are three main parts when signing up for an inpatient drug rehab: Evaluation, Treatment, and Aftercare. You can expect the following when you undergo treatment as an inpatient:


This is the first stage of care where healthcare professionals will assess your background regarding substance use disorder. The evaluation stage is required to know the amount and types of drugs you are currently using, so that drug detox centers in Denver, CO will know what protocols to use to help in your withdrawal. The evaluation will also help identify certain areas of your personal background to recommend the right treatment for substance use disorder.


Most moderate-to-severe drug abuse cases will require patients to undergo medical detox. A drug detox treatment center in Denver, CO will usually provide lodging, 24/7 care, medications, and IV fluids as needed until the patient is stable without the addictive substances.

Since each patient has a specific addictive substance of choice, the drug detox center in Denver, CO will recommend a customized protocol to help the patient recover until they are ready for the next stage of treatment.

Once the patient has weaned off from the addictive substance, they will now undergo the recommended treatment programs, such as 12-Step, Non-12 Step, Holistic Methods, CBT, and others.


Aftercare programs are just as important as the treatment themselves. These are some management tools that help each patient as they go back to their usual lives. It can include a new health regimen, local supports, plus other recommendations to get continued care as an outpatient.

When looking for a rehab and drug detox facility in Denver, Colorado, it is best to ask about these three stages of care and how they are administered. This ensures that the rehab center will be with you every step of the way in addiction recovery.

Other Things to Look for in Drug Rehabs in Denver, CO

Aside from inquiring about their inpatient program, you should also look for these qualities of top drug rehabs in Denver, Colorado:

  • Accreditation: Make sure that they adhere to credentialing companies for high standards of care and facility maintenance
  • Facilities: Find treatment centers that have diverse and high-quality facilities for their programs and recreation
  • Environment: An environment that is conducive to addiction recovery is also a contributing factor
  • Services: Ask about additional services you may need such as meals, lodging, Wi-Fi, guest visitations, laundry, travel, and grocery assistance

How to Get Started with Drug Rehab in Denver, Colorado

Verify your insurance and financing options

The first step when considering substance use disorder treatment in Denver, CO is to ask about insurance coverage. Verifying your insurance is free of charge and has a no-commitment policy. Addiction specialists will check if your healthcare insurance has full or partial drug rehab coverage, and will also introduce you to other financing options as needed.

Prepare for your onboarding

Whether you will go to drug rehab as an inpatient or outpatient, it is best to get ready with some schedule and priority changes. Make arrangements with your employer, loved ones, and other people regarding your temporary schedule change or absence. This will help them to prepare during your leave and will free you of worries during drug rehab.

Let trusted people know about your decision

Supportive people can be a wonderful way to receive encouragement during your recovery journey. Let trusted friends and family know about your decision to start drug rehab so they can provide emotional, financial, logistical, and any kind of support as you free yourself from addiction.


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