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Parker is found in Douglas County in Colorado. It is the second most populous after Castle Rock town in the county. In the state of Colorado, addiction to opioids is an on-going problem and it’s the number-one reason why people seek treatment at Parker rehab centers. The commonly abused opioids include methadone, fentanyl, oxycodone, and hydrocodone. Other frequently abused substances that rehabilitation facilities in Parker deal with are marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and methamphetamine. According to data picked from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, on average one person in Colorado died every 27 hours from overdose associated with a prescription opioid in 2015. The drug epidemic has engulfed almost every part of Colorado, but most addicts don’t or cannot get help with a treatment at Parker rehabilitation centers for drug abuse and dependency.

Different Drug Treatment Methods in Parker

drug rehab in Parker needs to understand the unique needs of the patient. Different addiction and drug treatment methods are available at rehab centers in Parker, Colorado. There are SMART Recovery Meetings in Parker as well as holistic therapy and group counseling. A patient can also benefit from on-site alcohol and drug detox in Parker, dual diagnosis rehab in Parker for co-occurring mental health problems, as well as 12-Step and Non 12 step rehab in Parker. A luxury rehab in Parker is also available to provide the peace, calmness, tranquility, and privacy that drug users seeking treatment need. Alcohol rehabs in the Parker area can help those abusing alcohol while alcoholics anonymous Parker support groups can help with recovery. Those recovering from narcotics use can seek support from narcotics anonymous Parker groups. Residents who can’t access the help they need in Parker can count on drug rehabs in Colorado Springs. Fort Collins drug rehabs have also been helpful as well as alcohol rehabs in Grand Junction.

Recent Statistics on Drug Use In Parker, CO

  • In the period between 2014 and 2016, Douglas, Colorado recorded 81 deaths in every population of 100,000 from a drug overdose. This number is lower compared to counties like El Paso with 452 death and Denver with 379 deaths.
  • The percentage of adults that reported being involved in binge or heavy drinking in Douglas, CO in 2016 was 20 percent, which is relatively lower compared to counties like Denver and Boulder that had a percentage of 26 and 24 percent of binge drinkers respectively.
  • The percentage of driving deaths that were linked to alcohol use in Douglas in the period between 2012 and 2016 was 29 representing 36 percent of all driving deaths in the county.
  • According to 2015 and 2016 NSDUHs about 10.14 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 reported using the illicit drug in the previous month while 17.90 percent of adults reported the same in Colorado.
  • The 2015 and 2016 NSDUHs, it is estimated that 16.21 percent of teens in the age of 12 to 17 and 23.82 percent of adults in Colorado reported using Marijuana in the past year.
  • The 2015 and 2016 NSDUHs also indicated that 4.05 percent of teens (12 to 17 years) and 2.76 percent of adults in Colorado needed treatment for illicit drug use at a specialty facility but they were not receiving it.

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Drug Abuse Issues in Parker, CO

Data from the Federal government indicate that Colorado is the only state experiencing problems with the four top intoxicants namely: marijuana, cocaine, alcohol, and opioids including prescription painkillers and heroin. Parker drug rehab centers have a lot of responsibility to help substance use disorderrs come out of the problem. Although marijuana legalization may have seen a decline in substance use, the drug dealers have found new ways of making money. Instead of illegally smuggling marijuana, they bring in high quality, yet cheap meth and cocaine and heroin. Drug abuse in Parker, Douglas CO contributes to increased crimes, overdose deaths, unsafe sex that results in sexually transmitted diseases, alcohol poisoning, and relationship problems. Patients struggling with substance use disorder need to get professional help from a drug rehab in Colorado to begin treatment.

Substance Use Disorder for College Students

About 10.16 percent of teens aged 12 to 17 in Colorado said they had consumed alcohol in the past month while 5.75 percent of teens said they were involved in binge drinking in the past month. A 2015 Healthy Kids Colorado Survey showed that about 21.2 percent of high school students in Colorado used marijuana. Teens are highly vulnerable to drug abuse and binge drinking since their impulse control mechanism has not completely matured. Teens who abuse alcohol, for instance, may face immediate consequences like delayed puberty and brain damage. Intoxicated teens can make madcap decisions that may cause fights, driving deaths, people being hurt and sexual assaults.

How People Pay for Rehab In Colorado

Many patients seeking treatment for drug use and addiction will worry about paying drug rehab centers in Parker. There are different rehab payment options available to patients some of which can save them money. A majority of private health care plans provide coverage for substance use disorder treatment either partially or entirely. Patients can fund their drug treatment in Parker rehab facilities using Medicaid state health insurance.

The Affordable Health Care Act has enabled more people in Parker, Douglas to have insurance that can provide coverage for drug and alcohol treatment in a Parker treatment center. A patient can also pay from bank loans, savings, or borrowing from friends. Drug treatment centers in Colorado should work closely with your health insurer to see how you can benefit from the coverage and what is covered. If you’re thinking that traveling to Colorado then give us a call and find out more about Mountain Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Colorado.

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