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The drug and alcohol addiction issue have become a big concern worldwide. Illicit drug use, alcoholism, and tobacco use are associated with disability and premature deaths and are considered global risk factors. Data shows that in 2016 alone, 63,632 deaths were caused by a drug overdose. One of the states that continue to have a rising death toll because of a drug overdose is Texas. The drug deaths in Texas in 2017 had reached 9.7 per 100,000 of the population. The good thing is that rehab resources are available in TX including alcohol rehab in Abilene and drug rehab in Abilene to decrease and eventually eliminate the addiction problem in Texas. Rehab centers in Austin are also available to help.

Commonly Abused Substances in Abilene, Texas

Alcohol is the main substance use disorderd in Abilene, Texas. It is evident in the rate of excessive drinking in Jones (21 percent) and Taylor (19 percent) Counties where Abilene is a part of. The percentage of alcohol-impaired deaths in Jones County has reached 37 percent while it has reached 23 percent in Taylor Country.

The number of drug overdose deaths in Taylor County is reported at 57 with a drug mortality rate of 14 percent. The number of drug abuse reported by the Abilene Police Department reached 1,131 in 2016 and 586 in 2017. Marijuana is reported to be the most abused drugs.

Substance Use Disorder Issues Specific to Abilene, Texas Region

The Regional Needs Assessment of Region 2 revealed that alcohol is the most consumed substance by the youth. The 2016 Texas School Survey showed that beer, liquor, and wine coolers are the alcohol consumed in the past thirty days of the study.

The most popular drug, on the other hand, is marijuana. Around 12 percent of the students in Region 2 used illicit drug or marijuana in the past 30 days. The bigger issue is the misconception of the youth with regards to its negative effects. They consider it a natural substance especially since social media promotes it as such. It was also reported that most of those who are caught using marijuana are also consuming other substances like alcohol which is a bad combination.

In terms of prescription drugs, codeine cough syrup, other drugs, and opioids are the most consumed substances by the youth.


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Substance Use Disorder in Abilene, Texas Area, and State Colleges

The Public Policy Research Institute of Texas A&M University conducts research on the consumption of alcohol, illicit drugs, and tobacco of the college students in the campuses and universities. The study revealed that alcohol is widely consumed especially since alcohol is easily accessible. It was observed that drinking and driving among the students have decreased compared to the data in 2013. However, the report on the consumption of cocaine or crack has increased together with marijuana. Among the students surveyed, only 40 percent perceived marijuana as a very dangerous drug.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatments in Abilene, TX

Substance use disorder disorders do not choose the people it affects based on the age group or background. Once a substance is abused, the disorder causes recurrent use affecting the daily life of a person. With the increasing predicament over this matter, substance use services are constantly being improved to cater to the needs of individuals affected by this problem. Substance use services aim to reach out to people who are already addicted. They try to coordinate the provision of services through drug rehab centers in Abilene. Abilene rehab facilities, on the other hand, try their best to provide care and achieve the best possible outcome. Abilene rehabilitation centers offer an array of substance use services to encourage people to seek recovery as they work to prevent, intervene, and treat addiction. Luxury rehab in Abilene even offers more than just the basic amenities. They ensure that luxury is included in the rehab facilities in Abilene.

The most basic services provided by drug and alcohol rehab Abilene include the following:

  • Substance use disorder treatment Abilene detoxification services. Detox in Abilene is promoted to assist the person with an addiction to remove the chemical substances in the body. Medical detox Abilene services also ensure that psychological and physiological reactions are limited, if not totally eradicated.
  • Adult and youth intensive and supportive Abilene rehab residential services. Abilene drug rehab centers that accept in-house treatment ensures that professional help in rehab in Abilene is available 24/7.

An Abilene treatment center usually offers the following treatment packages:

  • 12 Step Treatment – This method is for those who need a structured, step-by-step method to keep them focused and driven. Working through the steps helps to walk along the road to recovery with a solid plan.
  • Non-12 step Rehab – Not all recovery journeys are the same and that’s why there are methods that do not contain the typical 12 steps. These methods can assist those who just don’t fit in the 12-step approach.
  • Dual Diagnosis Rehab – Dual diagnosis is fairly common. Treatment programs should help with both mental health issues and addiction. These programs help to target healing to both areas.
  • SMART Recovery Meetings – This program helps you to not only build your motivation to get sober but to help maintain it as well. It teaches you techniques to cope with urges that may come after recovery, to change your thinking, and live a life that is balanced in all aspects.
  • Holistic Treatment– Holistic treatment offers a different approach to recovery that encompasses the use of yoga, meditation, and other holistic methods.
  • Faith Based Treatment drug rehab  – Faith plays a huge role on the road to recovery and these methods help to incorporate it throughout the process.

Adult and youth outpatient rehab centers Abilene. Rehab centers in Abilene that provide outpatient services allows you to experience Abilene rehab centers treatment with your personal support groups like families, friends, and alcoholics anonymous Abileneand narcotics anonymous Abilene communities. The cost of treatment in outpatient rehabs in Abilene is lower than that of in-house rehabilitation facilities in Abilene. Outreach resources from rehab facilities Abilene are also provided to further help you handle the treatment. Abilene AA meetings and NA meetings in Abilene are always ready to be of assistance to patients under recovery.

Medication-assisted treatment. Rehab facilities in Texas also provide medication-assisted treatment wherein medications are used in conjunction with counseling and behavioral therapies to help treat the substance use disorder. It is usually employed for opioid addictions and to assist in preventing opioid overdose. Rehab centers in Arlington also offer much-needed treatment. And many count on rehab centers in Beaumont.

Paying for Rehab Center in Texas

One of the considerations of a person who wants to undergo rehabilitation in rehab in or near Abilene is the payment. That should be among the least of your worries so you can focus on your treatment. The following are the payment options you can choose from to settle your rehabilitation bills:

  • Employment insurance
  • Private medical insurance
  • Personal savings
  • Loan from the family or from friends
  • Government assistance
  • Assistance from addiction recovery programs
  • Payment plans

You can check with the treatment facility that you are considering whether they offer these payment options. Know the best offer so you can proceed with your treatment immediately.

You can choose state insurance or a private one. Ask for the assistance from the insurance professional of the rehab facility so you can know the coverage that you can avail beforehand. The payment for your bills in the rehab center in Texas is not something that should hinder you from seeking treatment. Your rehabilitation can be shouldered by an insurance plan either offered by the state or by a private firm. You can also opt for a loan or for assistance from an addiction recovery organization.

Continue on with your desire to be sober. Attend a rehab center in Texas and you are on your way to your freedom from addiction. If you think that traveling to Texas then give us a call and find out more about Willow Springs Recovery, our addiction treatment facilities in Texas.

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